Analysis of Social Media Strategy: BJP vs AAP vs Congress

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Published on March 6, 2014

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Analysis of Social Media Strategy: BJP vs AAP vs Congress

w Social Media Campaign Analysis AAP VS BJP VS CONGRESS Region : India Research Period: 15th Dec’13 to 22nd Jan’14 Strategies used by each party Impact of the campaigns Learnings SOCIAL MEDIA GAMUT USED BY THE THREE PARTIES Channel Distribution Images 0.15% News 0.13 Fo rums 0.9% Social Networks 25% Videos 0.41% Microblogging 74% Microblogging channels, followed by social networks contributed the maximum number of conversations around the three political parties. Microblogging Social Networks 74% 25% 1

w Top Sources Twitter 73.22% Facebook Picasa 24.60% 1% Google Plus Youtube Reddit Friendfeed Flickr 0.25% 0.13% Tumblr 1% 0.30% 0.09% Vimeo 0.05% Yahoo Answers 0.3% 0.26% Twitter and Facebook were the most preferred social media platforms. Twitter Facebook 73.22% 24.60% 2

w STRATEGY AAP Active Social Media Strategy “Thunderclap” Thunderclap, was an intelligent strategy by AAP that created a buzz across the social media. The party Used Twitter and Facebook to spread awareness using Thunderclap 10,152 Facebook and Twitter users agreed to let Thunderclap post the message on their timelines. Replicated Obama’s Campaign strategy Used Google+ Hangouts to communicate with each election booth and to reach out to the voters. 3

BJP w Active Social Media Strategy Facebook Ek hi Vikalp Apps iModi campaign- app for Apple devices Mission 272+ 11,000 downloads for BJP's 'India272+‘ Android platform Apps: iModi campaignapp for Apple devices 4

w CONGRESS Weak Social Media Strategy Congress did not have any major initiatives except it’s presence on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter India Youth Congress Congress made desperate attempts to engage with social media users. Twitter was it's best bet. The party used WhatsApp as an engagement platform to reach out to the youth. It used Twitter to propagate about the initiative. Facebook The party's weak strategy had impacted it's presence on Facebook too. The India Youth Congress page witnessed far less number of engagements as compared with BJP and AAP. 5

FACEBOOK AND TWITTER POPULARITY w BJP gathered maximum exposure on Facebook with two pages Ek Hi Vikalp Mission 272+ AAP was the most popular party on Twitter with 4,40,925 followers #VoteForAAP and Aam Aadmi Party campaigns Congress experienced low visibility across social media streams on Facebook and Twitter. 6


w GOOGLE+ POPULARITY AND CAMPAIGN STRATEGY People in Google+ circles Party Individual As a party, AAP had the largest set of engagements 1,41,366 + 2,118 + Arvind Kejriwal Narendra Modi was the most popular politician on Google+ 1,207 + 11,88,857 + 3,125 + 579 + Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi 8

w Sentiment Split for Google+ Chatter Maximum chatter around AAP. Positive sentiment around AAP and BJP strong. BJP used Google+ to reach people with its Mission 272+ campaign. Narendra Modi (BJP) had the highest number of followers. 9

NEWS THAT CREATED BUZZ w Narendra Modi is sole focus of Bharatiya Janata Party's campaign on Facebook, Twitter Bharatiya Janata Party's campaign on Facebook, Twitter After AAP, BJP and Congress launch smartphone apps to woo urban middleclass voters Why the BJP is winning the war on social media! Thunderclap: support AAP  [aam aadmi party] Now, AAP wants you to ‘donate’ a tweet, FB post AAP follows Obama's campaign strategy for Delhi polls Congress to create ‘CyberArmy’ to combat bjp ‘onslaught’ on social media Left behind too far, Congress media team trying hard to outdo Modi's campaign Congress Prepares for Social Media Blitz 10

IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS BY EACH PARTY Mention Share 48% Mention Share 36% w Mention Share 16% 82% 63% 60% 33% 20% 17% 16% 7% 2% News/ Videos/ Forums Social Networks Blogs/ Microblogs Mention Breakup Total Mentions 3,27,484 AAP - 1, 56,841 (48%) BJP - 1, 17,472 (36%) Cong - 53,171 (16%) 11

SENTIMENT ANALYSIS w Overall Positive Sentiment Despite AAP's growing popularity with maximum mentions on social media, BJP enjoyed a higher positive momentum Sentiment split for mentions around each party 12

w GENDER AND STATE SPLIT New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata Total Participation: 30,432 (Male and Female) 16,535 (55%) 11,555 (37%) 2,342 (8%) AAP Gender Male BJP Female Male Congress Female Male Total Female Delhi 4,475 671 3,431 523 610 97 9,807 Mumbai 6,409 1,144 3,426 1,015 856 150 13,000 Bangalore 2,520 378 2,266 346 447 71 6,028 Calcutta 896 42 475 72 100 10 1,595 Total 14,299 2,236 9,598 1,957 2,014 328 30,432 % 86% 14% 83% 17% 86% 14% Male contribution was higher than female in the overall chatter. Mumbai, followed by Delhi, had the highest contribution of male and female participations. Congress had the least number of mentions with only 2,342 conversations. AAP had the highest number of mentions from Delhi while BJP was equally popular across Delhi and Mumbai. 13

LEARNINGS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETERS w Innovate to Attract Social Media Influencers New ways of engagement can attract a lot more social media users and influencers. AAP’s replica of Obama’s campaign strategy in India exactly did this. The use of Google+ Hangouts gave them a huge opportunity to engage with voters and members on the booth. While, BJP’s use of Android applications was very popular among users. Use a Combination of Social Media Platforms Increase the overall impact of your campaign by combining it with multiple platforms and then linking each platform. AAP’s Thunderclap was linked to Twitter and Facebook. BJP linked Narendar Modi’s Google+ Hangouts to Twitter hashtags and Facebook pages to create a buzz and gathered over 2,00,000+ views on the hangout promotion videos. The party managed to get over 20,000 questions through various mediums including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. and websites Timing Matters If your competitors are throwing in some interesting campaigns and content, get inspired. Observe their strategy to know what’s working for their community, what’s trending in their circles and how they are implementing it. Do not hesitate to start your own campaigns . Congress, which was the least popular party on social media, missed the buzz due to lack of initiatives when AAP and BJP were very active across platforms. 14

w The Research and Study was done using the Webfluenz system To check out the 14-day free trial version of Webfluenz tool Click Here For more updates on social media marketing insights & case studies Subscribe to our blog For general sales enquiries, contact us at ©2014 Webfluenz PTE LTD. webfluenz and the webfluenz logo are registered trademarks of Webfluenz PTE LTD. No part of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent from Webfluenz PTE LTD.  All rights reserved. 

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