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Published on April 21, 2014

Author: Sophie102


Analysis of Double page spreads

Title takes up most of page Title is a quote Red used to pick out certain words and matches her shirt Only 3 prominent colours Small description before interview Picture covers most of page

Picture takes over most of page. 3 prominent colours 3 clear columns Interviewers questions clear Titles a quote Border around the edges Photo is on top

Large letters in the back ground Part of title Behind the picture Clear colours used and matched Picture takes up whole page Lots of text 3 clear columns Small description

Picture takes up most of page Clear quote 2 main colours used Large title Two clear columns Interviewers question clear Clear description Blends in with background

Picture takes up whole page Clear quote 2 main colours Large title Description Large amount of text 3 clear columns

Pictures blend into background 3 clear colours used Small amount of text Iconic image recreated Picture takes up most of page Quite a lot of empty space.

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