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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: Qainaat


Analysis of Dementia leaflet

Dementia Leaflet • Our short film has a close up shot of a Dementia Leaflet. • As a group we decided to create the prop using Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher. • The most effective way in creating this prop was researching into the different styles and conventions of Dementia leaflets.

Dementia Leaflet Cover Conventions NHS Logo Heading of the topic ‘Dementia’ Small information on the cover An image of the patient and a carer.

The Dementia leaflet • As a group we decided to use the format and conventions of this NHS dementia leaflet. This is because it followed a consistent house style which made it look professional and a reliable source for information. It also included relative support information and an image which would make the product as a whole appeal enticing and attractive. By replicating the help leaflet we believed that it would convey a sense of realism in our film as the inclusion of the prop informs the audience of realistic ways people who are affected by dementia can deal or cope with the disease.

Our Dementia Leaflet Front Cover Back Cover

Constructing the Dementia leaflet • The house style of our leaflet was the colour light blue like our model leaflet above, we found this colour fitting as it illustrated a sense of neutrality and calmness. This is because dementia can be a stressful situation, thus if the authority is calm the patient is more likely to be. Additionally, it represented the NHS colour and logo which contributed to the realism we wanted to include in our short film. In relation to the dementia leaflet on the previous slides, we also choose to present an elderly man and a younger aged woman on the front cover which would signify a carer with a patient suffering from dementia. This is because we believed that this was a crucial component within our leaflet as it mirrored the situation of our characters. Therefore, our target audience would make a direct connection which would consume and heighten their interest in our short film.

The process of constructing our dementia leaflet. • To produce our dementia leaflet we used the software Photoshop. We used our skills from our foundation productions which helped us create a professional leaflet. • By using the software Photoshop we enhanced our Photoshop skills.

The process of constructing our dementia leaflet. Firstly, we clicked the colour tool to set a house style to our leaflet.

The process of constructing our dementia leaflet. • Then we clicked on the shape tool to create a banner on our leaflet.

The process of constructing our dementia leaflet. • After we applied text using the text tool.

The process of constructing our dementia leaflet. Following this we copied the NHS logo and pasted the image on our leaflet. We also copied an image of a carer and patient.

Final Result

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