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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: aleksandrarusicpms


Analysis of contents pages.

Billboard Magazine. The numbers on each picture are also explained and it says what is included on these pictures. The writing follows the outline of the model making it look more interesting and stand out. There is a variety of fonts and sizes in text. The main articles are a blue colour and bold with a bigger font than other articles this shows which are more interesting or important and they attract the reader to specific articles. The house style is probably blue, black and grey keeping it consistent and in order so that it looks neutral and there is not too much going on. They have used a chart to show their page numbers and article, making it unique compared to other R&B magazines. There is limited colouring used but its not too basic as the house style seems formal and simple. 3 images so it is not overcrowded and messy, instead it is clear which page they are on The numbering of the contents is clear and does not take up too much space

Shows consistency because articles are shown from front cover and contents page. Target audience are teenage girls because there is a boy band. It is very colourful however it still follows a house style and looks neat. It looks like a magazine for girl teenagers so it is attracting its target audience. The colour pink takes up most of this contents page stereotypically showing that this is a girls magazine. Highlighted writing is more important and the and draws the readers attention to that writing. Includes the reader and makes it interactive for them making them feel as if they are a part of the magazine.

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