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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: HollyEarle


Analysis Of Contents Page Holly Earle

The type of font used throughout most of the page is very urban and rugged and the white and yellow theme colours that are used are very bright, making the main headlines and main content stand out to the reader Main Content – The main content means that the reader can keep keep up to date with all the rate news, live reviews, new and upcoming albums and even test their knowledge on rock and Indie with the K! Quiz. This engages the reader as they will be interested to know about all the main content. Secondary image tells the reader about relatable articles to the main content. The secondary image links to the main content The main image relates to the obvious main article of the magazine which is “Blink 182”. Fan of the band will be drawn in to the magazine as they will want to read about the band and find out information about them. The theme colours are Black, white and yellow which are consistent throughout the magazine and the front cover

The text „CONTENTS‟ is in a bigger font than the rest of the other font on the page, this makes it clear to the reader what the page is Gutters – these separate the columns so that it‟s easier to read the individual articles that are on each page and the page numbers Pictures of another artist to appeal to an audience who may be interested in that particular article Shape placed directly in the middle of the page to draw attention that they have a „long-range forecast‟. This is used to impress the reader. Captions are use to acknowledge who the star is on the picture and also to display a little bit of information about them. A side bar is used to remind the reader to subscribe to the magazine. The word „subscribe‟ is written in a larger font and in capital letters so that that is the main word that stands out to the reader

The contents page itself is mainly taken up by photo‟s. this is used to show the reader what artists are included in the magazine without them having to read it. This is effective as there‟re a number of contrasting artists which appeals to a wider audience The page uses a lot of bright and visually stimulating colours like blue, pink and red, to make the magazine more fun and attractive to younger people Bold text is used to highlight each subheading of the contents of the magazine. This make‟s it easier for the reader to pick out which contents they want to read. Circle shapes are used to emphasise what page the artist on the picture is on, making it effortless for the reader to find out what page they are on in the magazine Gutters are used to separate the contents columns neatly and professionally so that they don‟t merge together

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