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Published on January 21, 2016

Author: brandondaffern3


1. Analysis of British Film Attack the Block is a 2011 British science fiction comedy-horror film written and directed by Joe Cornish and stars Jodie Whittaker, John Boyega, Nick Frost and Luke Treadaway. The film is set on a council estate in South London on Guy Fawkes Night, and, with some coming of age themes, the plot centers on a teenage street gang who have to defend themselves from predatory alien invaders. Released on 11 May 2011, the film achieved significant popularity, favorable critical reviews, and accolades internationally. The film has been listed as a cult film in the making by a significant number of websites In the movie Attack the Block, which is the genre of Sci-Fi and Britain aren’t known for a lot of that genre, we see all the things that makes it a British movie. Such as the British stars, for example John Voyega who went on to be the star in the new Star wars movie. They also use specific dialogue, we know this because they use a lot of England slang words. The style of camera and editing is very fast edited and also wide shot and close up are used a lot to show the tension and fear in peoples faces and to show what’s going on. The other ways you know this is a British movie is the location which is in a council neighbourhood with block flats in the south of London and this location gives away that it’s a British movie. It’s a good location to use for a sci-fi because not many movies of that genre have used this location. The props used in this movie translate to the UK film such as the cars and the police costumes and the weapons used such as cricket bats. The lighting in the whole movie is quite dark which suggests how dark the night and area was, it also gives the movie a good effect because of the situation the actors are in during the movie. England in real life isn’t really known for great colour and lighting. Uk stars need to be in UK films because if any other nationality person was in there it wouldn’t really be known as a UK film unless the other nationality person was there on purpose.

2. Mise en scene The movie shows a lot of darkness as it is a Sci-Fi thriller but the whole setting such as the block and the area around it is really quite dull. The actors do a really god job and for most of them it was there first acting job and they do great showing emotions and keeping the audience on the edge of there seats. Such as when Moses (John Boyega) is running to blowup the room of aliens, the camera is a slow motion follow shot and the music is slow paced and emotional and this gives the impressions of something’s about tot happen. Camera Editing/Dialogue The director Joe Cornish does a good job with the camera angles and cuts and the way the movie is constructed around the group of teenagers keeps it interesting and even though the dialogue is comedy like, it also is used well since some people actually speak like that in London. Though it may be over exaggerated. In conclusion the movie Attack The Block was successful because even though it didn’t make much profit. They didn’t spend much money on the movie for example they used costumes instead of CGI and they did well to make a profit and its almost known as a cult movie in the UK. Overall I liked the movie and thought the crew and actors did well.

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