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Published on April 17, 2008

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An Overview of the RDBMS Market: Latest Offerings and Trends:  An Overview of the RDBMS Market: Latest Offerings and Trends Riaz Merchant Mertech Data Systems, Inc. Overview :  Overview Database market demands Major RDBMS vendor offerings What is Mertech doing? RDBMS and the DataFlex market Q/A Corporate Database Demands:  Corporate Database Demands Integrity Availability Performance Scalability Affordability Database Demands - Integrity:  Database Demands - Integrity Once committed should always be available Data corruption not tolerable Re-Indexing Secure access to all data Database Demands - Availability :  Database Demands - Availability Businesses are running 24 X 7 Customers (internet) Organization (intranet) No room for downtime Redundancy / Fail over Clusters Replication Consolidation Business Intelligence / data mining Database Demands - Performance:  Database Demands - Performance Function of scalability Should stay the same as you scale Should increase with new hardware Multiple processors 64-bit processors Database Demands - Scalability:  Database Demands - Scalability Be able to scale as business grows Processing power Storage Be able to do so without disruption Database Demands - Affordability:  Database Demands - Affordability To have the best solution at lowest cost possible cost Best Price- Performance ratio Total Cost of Ownership Licensing cost Support cost Personnel cost Product must continually evolve Price pressures on smaller companies RDBMS Technology Trend:  RDBMS Technology Trend Self-Managing, self-tuning, easy to install Enhanced Security Better support for SOA Better support for Business Intelligence 64-bit computing Performance improvements In almost every new revision RDBMS Market Trends:  RDBMS Market Trends Open source changing the landscape Database a commodity software “Increasingly” lower prices Smaller vendors increasing prices Major vendors eager to offer “free” RDBMS Express editions Greater emphasis on integration Greater emphasis on Security The Open Source Factor:  The Open Source Factor 44% market share Two times more secure than proprietary RBDMS 25% increase during last year ½ of European local governments using Open Source software in some form Survey indicates 70% expect increase in usage 75% think it is more secure 83% use because of performance 71% based on lower prices source: a joint study from University of Maastricht and International Institute of Informatics Oracle:  Oracle Current Release Oracle 10g Release 2 Focus on grid computing selft management & tuning New entry level server Pricing Oracle Standard One $4995 / processor or $139 per user Max. 2 processors Purchased Innobase Oy in Oct 2005 Oracle 10g Express Edition is free Microsoft SQL Server:  Microsoft SQL Server SQL Server 2005 set for release in Nov. Emphasis on business intelligence New reporting services $4995 per processor, around $140 per CAL 64-bit version MySQL:  MySQL MySQL 5.0 released last month Enterprise features Views, triggers, stored procedure Better management tools, easy install $595 / server, unlimited user no restrictions! MySQL Network – annual support service IBM DB2:  IBM DB2 Current version 8.2 (formerly Stinger) Emphasis on simplifying management Recently introduced Express Edition PostgreSQL:  PostgreSQL Current release 8.0.x, 8.1 in beta Significant performance gains! Native Windows support Enterprise features Absolutely free! Pervasive Postgres Mertech Product Offerings:  Mertech Product Offerings Two product lines Flex2SQL for DataFlex to SQL DF to Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL and PostgreSQL BTR2SQL for Btrieve/Pervasive to SQL\ For non-DF users Btrieve/Pervasive to SQL Server and Oracle, PostgreSQL planned Flex2SQL for Oracle:  Flex2SQL for Oracle New Flex2SQL for Oracle 10g Changed to use OCI 8 50% less data sent over the network 100% increase in updates and deletes 40-50% increase in find operations Suport for Oracle Instant client Support for RowID Support for LOB Flex2SQL for SQL Server:  Flex2SQL for SQL Server Already support SQL Server 2005 Already support 64-bit SQL Server Support for SQL Server Express Flex2SQL for MySQL:  Flex2SQL for MySQL New product for MySQL 5.0 released Complete support for stored procedures, triggers, stored functions Complete support for Mertech Macro commands supported in other drivers Flex2SQL for PostgreSQL :  Flex2SQL for PostgreSQL Supports PostgreSQL 8.0 Currently testing beta of 8.1 Flex2SQL for DB2 :  Flex2SQL for DB2 Support for 8.2 What is Mertech Doing?:  What is Mertech Doing? Keeping pace with RDBMS vendor releases Keeping pace with Data Access changes RowID and other changes already supported Adding support for SQL.PKG Constantly testing new versions SQL Server 2005 ready MySQL 5.0 ready Oracle 10g Release 2 ready PostgreSQL 8.x ready Mertech and the DF Market :  Mertech and the DF Market Almost all major developers use Mertech Widely adopted  3000+ companies Some customers Anasazi, HCSS, USA, Venue 1, DAE, Somentec, IV, ADB, Prokonsult, KAAB, Akribi, Emma EDB, Nice, PCSchool Jasper, ExxonMobil, GMAC, Aon, TowerLife, Ezibuy, US DoD, GE Plastics, Telia etc. Open source getting wider adoption Multiple RDBMS support benefits developers Introducing Express Edition Licenses :  Introducing Express Edition Licenses Unlimited 4-user distribution Annual cost of $2995 with free upgrades and support Works only with Express Edition databases You keep the license if license not renewed Designed to reduce entry barriers to client server Currently covers Oracle and MS SQL Server Conclusion:  Conclusion Support for market leading databases will have positive impact on your business SQL databases are getting cheaper New revenue generation opportunities New partnership opportunities

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