An overview of neuropsychiatry

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Published on January 21, 2014

Author: hartgrovehospital



By Hartgrove Hospital

 Hartgrove Hospital is a psychiatric and behavioral health care facility located in Chicago, Illinois. While Hartgrove Hospital enjoys a rich history that began close to 50 years ago, the hospital has also established itself as a leader in technology and new treatment. Hartgrove Hospital’s Center for Neuroscience is an example of cutting edge technology in the behavioral health treatment community.

 Neuropsychiatry refers to the scientific study of neurological impairment and its relation to behavioral problems and mental illness. While certain medical professionals may refer to themselves as neurologists or neurosurgeons, the neuorpsychiatrist is a person who is trained in both neurology and psychiatry. A neuropsychiatrist is well versed in both understanding brain function and human behavior. The purpose and objective of neuropsychiatry is to improve our awareness of the connections between neuroscience and human behavior.

 The goal of the neuropsychiatrist is to use this growing knowledge in order to better the lives of patients and individuals who live with previously untreated neurological afflictions. Neuropsychiatry provides a medical or physical explanation for previously unexplained behavior and provides an opportunity for patients to understand that they are recovering from a medical illness.

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