An overview of Business Intelligence for NSW Public Schools

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Published on March 7, 2014




This set of slides outlines what Business Intelligence is, how it will be useful to Schools and various work units across DEC, and presents how the program will be delivered across DEC from 2014.

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What is Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence describes the tools, processes and outcomes of bringing together large amounts of data from various sources. Business Intelligence enables transformation into easy to understand information that is useful for:      planning, analysis, research, reporting, and important decision-making.

How will Business Intelligence be useful to DEC? An effective Business Intelligence tool will enable areas in DEC to better manage data for well-informed, prompt decision making.  pull together disparate data sources  analyse the data to provide meaningful information  deliver key information to the people who need it quickly and efficiently  enable evidence driven decision making at the strategic level  present data in a variety of output formats, tailored for target users and audiences

The DEC Business Intelligence map delivery over two years

governance Information Governance Group senior representation from across DEC chaired by Strategic Information and Reporting overall governance Project Control Group for each release executive sponsor requirements, scope, sign-offs Due process Policies Legislation User requirements Code of conduct Privacy Personal Information Protection Act 1998 Appropriate access Reporting Government Information (Public Access) 2009 Subject matter experts Audits Contractual Data owners and stewards Records Statute and Common Law Data use protocols Risk management

Key advice surrounding data ownership, governance, data quality and user support Develop detailed reports Analyse feedback and prioritise improvements Share information about effective practice  CESE  High Performance  Learning and Business Systems  School Leadership Officers  LSLD users  CESE  High Performance  Learning and Business Systems power users technical super users Who in DEC will use Business Intelligence?     DDG EDs and EDS network directors principals Planning, budgeting Support decision making Student outcomes Interpret needs and requests to understand which data best provides insights Understand decision making and reporting requirements of principals and other users Staffing needs Well informed decision making Promote benefits

some  ERN Scenario-based  Best Start real issues  School based student face to face reporting. workshop  Essential Secondary Science Assessment  CEPs, PEPS, PERS, LMS  NAPLAN  ECEC ( SU )  MyPL  HSC, Preliminary and Year 10 Student Results, Participation and Reference Files  NSW Institute of Teachers  Attendance cube data sources Business Intelligence

flexible training  The new school leadership officers and directors trained before principals  All roles on-training others, should participate in the scenario workshop Scenario-based real issues  Online modules, face-to-face, face to face workshop  Options for remotely based  Scenario based  Two-way conversations  It’s live!  Community of practice  On going person-to-person user support

Contact Information Contacts: Jenny Donovan: 9561 1220 Julie Young: 9561 8285 Duncan Auld: 9561 1064 Email Support: CESE website:

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