An Outside Industry Perspective: Optimizing Social Media with Cause, Creativity and Fervor

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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: DianeDolinskyPickar



The latest Guidance from the FDA shows key takeaways for the pharma/biotech industry, i.e. brands are only responsible for the content they produce, and third party blogging will become more important in the mix. 8 case studies from large Fortune 100 companies to teensy nonprofits, and how they used social media creatively. Covers other regulated industries like financial services, vertical social networks such as Doximity, bloggers who created a market for a product from scratch, and how-tos for mining LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and private communities to solve challenges.

An Outside Industry Perspective Optimizing Social Media with Cause, Creativity and Fervor

Why is social media so popular? Because … it connects us in an emotional, personal, possibly spiritually uplifting way Photograph by John Stanmeyer, National Geographic

Are we still afraid? We shouldn’t be … this guidance shows five key takeaways Hyperlink to Original PDF

5 Key Takeaways from the FDA’s Draft Guidance on Interactive Social Media  Brands are only responsible for the content that they produce, and Hyperlink to source: Jan. blog post from  Third party blogger engagements should become a larger part of the communication mix

How is social media currently being used by Life Sciences firms? A brief overview of activities/tactics (Part 1)  Highlight community activities, media, investments  Congratulate  Tweet from conferences  Infographics  Online health questionnaires  Life of medical students  Private support communities  Various videos  Career related content

(Part 2)Some specific platforms …  Primary: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … to lesser extent, YouTube … hardly anything on Google+, Flickr or Pinterest

2 examples: “Selfie” blogs and “selfie” audiofiles

Don’t forget that diverse users gravitate to certain platforms

Case studies #1: A non-profit uses Facebook to identify and evangelize their adherents  Sponsored stories and occasionally paid advertising -> +276,000 fans Children in a peddle cab take themselves to the operating room ... 6,000 likes, 2,000 shares Hyperlink to UntoldNews Website

Case studies #2: A financial services firm uses humor across channels to build awareness, buzz and market share  Online / offline campaign targets younger users … YouTube, FB, pounding the pavement in Washington D.C. Highlights video:

Case studies #3: A market research firm uses private communities to test product development  3,000 community members test ideas for new product features, feedback re advertising and spokespeople, polls Hyperlink to ThinkPassenger website

Case studies #4: A publisher uses a 3rd party blog to build subject matter expertise and a market for its product  Serious users >>> casual drop-ins Hyperlink to PerfectScoreProject

Case studies #5: A DTC entrepreneur uses YouTube to build a fandom (applicable to OTC pharma type products)  Woody’s Gamertag YouTube channel becomes the go-to place for the straight scoop on intimate relationships & dating Nearly 1.2 mill subscribers Over 150 mill views 1200 videos covering teenage boys’ concerns

Case studies #6: A global telecomm builds registrations for its Webinar via LinkedIn A combined effort: field marketing, social media agency, sales reps, B2B marketing agency  LinkedIn Groups  Leverage the network: 100 x 500  Registrants feed into a lead nurturing drip

A more in-depth look at how LinkedIn Groups work 150 of the Vodafone webinar attendees ultimately came from LinkedIn

Case studies #7: A retail bank uses Yext PowerListings for local search + crisis response   Location is broken, inconsistent and unreliable Adding rich location info and enhanced content to every search, especially MOBILE

Citibank uses Yext on 48,000 listings across 42 publishers to get more traffic and add personalized content  Hurricane Sandy, Citibank communicated branch closures, emergency messages

Case studies #8: A vertical social network for medical practitioners  The rise of Doximity … more members (250,000) than the American Medical Assn. Quantcast estimates over 200K members visit monthly

The other side of social media … you are not being social if you are not a “give back” type of person. Genuinely.

When you “give back,” keep it personal

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