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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: CrispySharp



An introduction to simple Codes & Conventions as used in media studies and how audiences understand genre and narrative

Codes On the Interpretation of Visual/Cultural codes

Aims & Objectives • Lesson Aim: o To define the system of Codes & Conventions o To apply this system to a number of images and movie trailers to reinforce understanding. • Lesson Objective: o To ask a number of questions about visual symbols o To create a table of visual, audio & technical codes

Codes & Conventions • The system we use for ‘reading’ the media is a combination of CODES and CONVENTIONS. • A CODE is a visual, audio or technical element that an audience has learnt to imply meaning. • Conventions are recurring elements that group together to make a GENRE.

A useful metaphor? • Codes are like words in a language • Conventions tell the audience what language is being spoken

Codes • All codes have a denotation and a connotation. • The denotation is the literal meaning of a code • The connotation is a symbolic meaning of a code

Interpreting Visual Codes • Facial Expressions • Body Language • Physical Appearance & Clothing • Props • Location • Colours • Graphics • Famous Stars / characters All of these visual codes are unconsciously ‘read’ by audiences who then use them to understand things like genre and narrative

An Example

Another Example

Technical / Audio Codes • • • • • • Camera Angles Camera Movement Mode Of Address Lighting Editing techniques Special Effects / CGI • • • • • Music Accents Sound Effects Voiceover Diegetic / Nondiegetic sounds

Examples • g •

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