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Published on August 5, 2009

Author: djakes



This is a simple presentation that introduces people to the concept of a CMS. The slidedeck precedes two days of establish a course presence in Moodle for Glenbrook South High School Teachers. The course presence is only one component of a multidimensional learning space (MDLS) that supports the interactions in the brick and mortar school. The MDLS is constructed of a course space for teachers, a student space for content creation, hosted in Google Apps, and then a knowledge commons, where other groups associated with the education of students (library, guidance, etc)at GBS can contribute learning objects that support the other two components.

An Introduction to Moodle David Jakes


Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment CMS, LMS or VLE? Open Source Large User Community

64% Content Creators | 30% active blog 54% read | 25% produce video 75% view | 25% Podcast consumers | 60% Post Photos | 73% have mp3 players | 33% share files peer to peer | 68% use IM | 75% have a cell phone | 97% play video games Source: PEW, January 14, 2009

What will be possible for this child? Image from Flickr: aaronfreimark

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Students: 1.0? 2.0? What do you think?

Do we a gap to negotiate?

Are there new literacies? | Is this about tools? | Blogs and Wikis vs …..? |Skills vs. Literacy vs. Fluency | Context

Do you see the Internet (and Web 2.0) as “a context in which to read, write, and communicate?” Leu et. al 2009 “Being literate in a real-world sense means being able to read and write using the media forms of the day, whatever they may be…” Jason Ohler

What does it mean to be well-educated in the 21st Century?

How does this influence teaching and learning?

Course Learning Space Student Learning Space

What we will do now Start machines Login with Active Directory credentials Go to Moodle Login to Moodle with your Active Directory credentials Do not click on any of the Google Tools...yet.

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