An introduction to Mongdb

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Published on September 12, 2013

Author: mikejf12



A short introduction to mongodb, what is it
and how does it work ? How can it be used
with Hadoop to process big data ?

MongoDB ● What is it ? ● Features ● Tools ● Use with Hadoop ● Hadoop Tools

MongoDB – What is it ? ● Document oriented NoSql database ● BSON schema data format ( Binary JSON ) ● Released as open source / free ● Can be used as a distributed database ● Has load balancing ● Has replication ● Written in C++ ● Licensed via Apache

MongoDB – Features ● Queries – By field – By regular expression – User defined java script functions – By range ● Indexes – Primary and secondary – Any document field ● Replication – Master can replicate to multiple slaves

MongoDB – Features ● Load balancing – Data split across multple shards – DB scales using shards – New machines can be added to running database ● Map reduce can be used for aggregation ● File storage via GridFS – Load balanced file system – File system with replication – Functions available for file manipulation

MongoDB – Tools ● Mongo – a db access shell and admin tool ● Mongostat – a status tool similar to vmstat ● Mongotop – top processes like Unix top command ● Mongosniff – low level traffic sniffing ● Mongoimport – import JSON, CSV, TSV plus others ● Mongoexport – export tool ( as import ) ● Mongodump – dump database contents ● Mongostore – reload database dumps

MongoDB – With Hadoop ● Hadoop connector available from github ● Allows Hadoop I/O ● Compiles with SBT build tool ● Supports Hadoop – 0.20/0.20.x – 1.0/1.0.x – 1.1/1.1.x – 0.21/0.21.x – CDH3 – CDH4

MongoDB – Attributes The image on the left shows how Hadoop and its tools are used with MongoDB via a connector. The image on the right shows MongoDB attributes.

MongoDB – Hadoop Tools ● The Hadoop connector supports – Map Reduce – Pig – Hadoop streaming – Flume – Hive – Hive BSON file access ● MongoDB can use HDFS for storage

MongoDB – Architecture ● A db server – has many databases ● A database – Has many collections ● A collection – Has many documents

Contact Us ● Feel free to contact us at – – ● We offer IT project consultancy ● We are happy to hear about your problems ● You can just pay for those hours that you need ● To solve your problems

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