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Published on November 15, 2013

Author: mikejf12



A short introduction to environment management. What is it and what relationship does it have to business intelligence ? How can it aid development and help keep costs and time scales to a minimum ?

Environment Management ● Software Development Environment Management – Test Environment Management ● Release management ● Change Control ● Access Control ● Benefits ● Problems

Environment Management – What is it ? ● Control of software development environments – Control access – Control change – Ensure that they are fit for purpose – Ensure systems and software ● ● ● Reflect current release Reflect stage in development Reflect current use i.e. dev / test

Release Management ● Control change by using – A backed up software repository – A dedicated change manager – A change control process and tool – Access management to ● ● ● ● Tools Environments Code Repository Data

Change Control ● A change control process ● Problem reporting via a tool ● Vetting of problems reports ● Change requests linked to problem reports ● Change requests used in testing ● Change requests incorporated into releases

Access Control ● Control access by project staff to – – Data – ● Environments Tools Control access by role – dev, test, release, analyst, project manager ● Avoid undesireable and expensive changes ● Shorten delivery times by avoiding mistakes / confusion ● Partition env usage and manage need

Benefits ● Reduced cost due to undesirable env changes ● Environments better reflect – Stage of system, stage, architecture ● Better management of time scales ● Benefits for staff morale and ownership

Problems ● Project pressures – – Adhoc access / change – Not advisable – plan for project needs – ● Need to use test for development Police usage to ensure costs / time scales Desire to “cut corners” – ● Adds to costs and increases time scales Complacency – Use process to ensure best practice

Environment Management

Diagram Details ● Environment volume decreases by stage – i.e. Need more dev envs than uat ● Processes and environments use code repository ● Dev environments can be cut down versions i.e. – May not contain all system components – Reduced volume of data ● Controlled release to environments ● Backup strategies to avoid loss

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