An introduction to Apache Crunch

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Published on December 17, 2013

Author: mikejf12



A short introduction to Apache Crunch. What is it and how does it simplify and aid the
creation of Hadoop pipelines ?

Apache Crunch ● What is it ? ● How does it work ? ● Why use it ? ● Hadoop MapReduce pipelines ● Scrunch ● Joins

Apache Crunch – Pipe line ● Crunch is based on Google's FlumeJava ● Provides a Java based API for M/R pipelines ● It uses an MST ( multiple serializable type ) data model ● Good for processing complex data types ● Better for “non tuple” data types i.e. – Images – Audio – Seismic data

Apache Crunch – Pipe line ● What is a Map Reduce Pipe line ? – Map – Shuffle – Reduce – Combine ● Arranged in sequence and / or in parallel ● Potentially very long chains

Apache Crunch – Scala ● Scrunch is a Scala wrapper for Apache Crunch ● Reduced code ● Functional and OO styles ● Uses type inferencing for Map / Reduce ● Incorporates Java Materialize functionality ● Includes REPL ( read eval print loop )

Apache Crunch – Joins ● Details of Joins available in Crunch – Inner / Outer like SQL joins – Same with Left / Right / Full joins – MapSide join is an in memory join

Apache Crunch – Performance ● A light weight API that runs efficiently ● Crunch is a thin veneer on top of Map Reduce ● Two implementations available – – ● Hadoop Writeables Avro Avro implementation much faster

Apache Crunch – API ● Data Model ● Operators – Pipeline – DoFn – MRPipeline – CombineFn – MemPipeline – FilterFn – Pcollection – Joins – Ptable – Cartesian – PgroupTable – Sort – Source – Secondary Sort – Target – Pobject – Emitter – BloomFilters – PType

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