An intelligent controller to guarantee power supply

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Information about An intelligent controller to guarantee power supply

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: AltonJohn


An intelligent controller to guarantee power supply The research group of Energy Core Electronics has developed a system to enhance the security and reliability of supply mains. The main purpose is to protect against overload transformer stations, regular power supply during peak demand and avoid cuts in emergency situations. The system, developed by the team of the Campus, of energy core, is based on intelligent controllers to be located in transformer, called hubs, and centralized information in real-time, state mains. These devices permit to operate a sophisticated remote communication between processing centers, substations and paid users via the low- voltage system using PLC (Power Line Communications). Hubs incorporate predictive modeling software with heating transformer, which allows anticipating possible emergencies. In addition, both read and process network data such as counters and system QNA QC (Quality Network Analyzers). This system enables intelligent demand management of partial power outage in subscribers for getting hired. As BAL cells explains, "The company will offer the user the possibility to reduce subscriber of their consumption and, therefore, the rate, at peak times, transferring the energy released to subscribers who need it most." utilities can manage consumption intervening and regulating energy flows to ensure the stability and quality of supply, so that service interruptions and network overloads are avoided. In parallel, the team Campus of the UPC in Energy core has developed new drivers for static power converters SVC (Static Var Compensators), APLC (Active Power Line Conditioners’) and STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator). With these systems can be adjusted in real time flows and balance power generation and demand for networks of low and medium voltage. The system will also provide companies with objective data on the state of the components of the distribution network to improve maintenance and to decide, in a more efficient way, your parts, preventing premature aging or early replacement of equipment. In early 2011 it plans to manufacture and commercialization of this technology, which take place in Catalunya Circuitry Company. Currently, we are installing the first Hub pilot, a simplified version for remote meter reading, waiting to implement the design of the additional transformer protection functions and demand management units.

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