An Insight Into 2017 Digital Marketing Predictions

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Published on December 21, 2016

Author: skybound


Slide1: A N I N S I G H T I N T O 2017 DIGITAL MARKETING P R E D I C T I O N S ~ S K Y B O U N D D I G I T A L L L C Slide2: INTRODUCTION 2017 i s knocking at the door and a challenging year for digital marketers l ies ahead . Mobile and internet usage continues to rise as usual and i t looks l ike traditional marketing methods can no longer be the sole choice for businesses to promote their brands across the globe . Here we will look at the growing technologies that will dominate the Digital Marketing landscape in 2017 . 01 Slide3: 02 THE RISE OF AR & VR Augmented Reality ( AR ) which i s quite different f rom Virtual Reality ( VR ) i s going to be the next big update for marketers and users . Pokémon Go has already given us an experience of AR and showed how marketers can benefit f rom i t . AR and VR will change the way how marketers and customers interact with each other as AR - enabled games , apps , and ads will soon be available in the near future . Slide4: 03 HIGHER ROI THROUGH LIVE VIDEOS The recent introduction of l ive video streaming through various apps and social media platforms l ike Facebook has been a massive success . People are enjoying the l ive moments l ike this year ’ s f i rst US Presidential debate . Brands are looking to come up with apps for l ive streaming options to strengthen their relationship with existing customers and to generate new customers . Slide5: 04 WEARABLES AND SMART DEVICES Wearables and smart devices are already in use but in 2017 we can expect a higher usage of such devices and a greater penetration in the areas which were not used to such facilities . Along with Apple i Watch , Google Glass a lot of other devices will soon be launched in the future which will eventually change the system of local marketing . DOMINANCE OF: 05 DOMINANCE OF INSTANT MESSEGAING APPS Text marketing will no longer be of much use for marketers as instant messaging apps l ike Whatsapp have become the primary platform for users . However , Whatsapp i s l ikely to give marketers some good news with their new option for ‘ Commercial Messaging ’ in 2017 Slide7: 06 IT ' S ALL ABOUT ENGAGEMENT Relying on influencers to channel some of their audience might end up with unfruitful results i f fake profiles and low engagement rates are not analyzed properly . Focus should be on how much engagement an influencer can actually produce rather than the countless follower l i st . Slide8: SKY LAUNCH DESIGN STUDIO BRAND GUIDELINES 2025 07 QUALITY CONTENT Quality content along with good content marketing strategies by marketers i s a must for businesses to stay in the competition . Demand for skilled content writers will surely increase . On the other side , paid digital marketing activities are a must in 2017 and hence need of quality paid contents for promotion gained high importance . SKYBOUND DIGITAL LLC: SKYBOUND DIGITAL LLC 16220 Osceola Trail , Edmond , OK 73013 , USA Call - + 1 405 - 531 - 4021 Email - marketing @ skybound . io Visit : www . skybounddigital . com

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