An HDF5-WRF module

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Information about An HDF5-WRF module

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: HDFEOS



The Weather Research Forecast (WRF) model developed at NCAR is the community weather model. WRF is designed in such a way that it has standard configuration and IO common APIs to enable external IO packages to be easily added to. An application can select which IO module to use. The current WRF software package supports a netCDF WRF IO module.

This talk presents a new HDF5 WRF IO modules, The Parallel HDF5-WRF uses the parallel HDF5 library, which is implemented with MPI IO. Performance studies show that this module can improve performance for computations with large IO requirements. The sequential HDF-WRF module can support in memory compression that can save disk space.

An HDF5-WRF module MuQun Yang, Robert E. McGrath, Mike Folk National Center for Supercomputing Applications University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

What is WRF? • Weather Research and Forecasting Model – Framework for Weather Model Community • Primarily uses sequential I/O with NetCDF

Goal • Provide an optional HDF5 IO module for WRF • Investigate IO performance of WRF

Results • Map WRF data model to HDF5 • Implemented two WRF IO modules – Sequential IO module with compression – Parallel IO module – Parallel IO module is include in WRF distribution • Performance studies – Presented to WRF workshop, conferences

Findings 1. Parallel HDF5-WRF module can greatly reduce wall clock time in some WRF applications. 2. Sequential HDF5-WRF module can greatly reduce the WRF file size with szip or shuffling and deflate compression algorithms. 3. Parallel HDF5 library needs to be improved for chunking storage.

Impact • Parallel HDF5 WRF I/O is available to modelling community – Included in WRF 2.0 source distribution (May 2004) • This investigation has led to improvements in Parallel HDF5

For more information • HDF5 WRF IO: • WRF:

Acknowledgements • This work is part of NSF-funded Modeling Environment for Atmospheric Discovery Expedition (MEAD) ( Areas/MEADExpedition.html)

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