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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: Doteasy


By Doteasy

Introduction  Through its website,, Doteasy provides web hosting and domain name services to individuals and businesses of various sizes. Doteasy allows clients to choose a new domain name or transfer an existing domain from an earlier host.

About the DNS System  The domain name system, commonly known as the DNS system, exists to ensure that each Internet web server has its own address. These addresses technically consist of a series of numbers, compiled in binary form and expressed in the traditional 10-digit system for users. Most IP addresses, as they are used, consist of four numbers with dots between each, such as “” Some newer computers and servers, however, are beginning to use a six-number system to increase the amount of possible combinations.

Conclusion  These series of numbers, however, can be difficult for users to remember. To compensate, the DNS system allows each server to choose an address that is expressed in words. This address consists of a top-level domain, such as “.com” or “.org,” while second-level domains are the more unique and ideally more memorable component. In the address “,” for example, “widgets” is the second-level domain. While top-level domains are available based on the type of organization using the name, the only restriction on second-level domain is availability.

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