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Information about An Established Online Seller Will Give You the Best Quality Regalia

Published on March 20, 2014

Author: macklin123


PowerPoint Presentation: An Established Online Seller Will Give You the Best Quality Regalia PowerPoint Presentation:  Regalia is a word that is derived from the Latin adjective regalis, which means regal. There are various items that fall under this category that are used to add further fervor and charm to some memorable and momentous occasions. PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Regal Items Gloves: Gloves are usually made of leather, rubber, latex, neoprene, rubber, and felted wool, among others. They serve a variety of functions for different group of people. They are worn by healthcare professionals to protect themselves from harmful chemical and substances. PowerPoint Presentation:  Gloves are also worn by monarchs, police force, and other men of distinction to represent their rank and certain cultural tradition. You can get white or black premium gloves made of the finest material from a reputable online seller. Lanyard: These are another important regalia items. They are decorative cord worn on the shoulder to complement the overall uniform. These cords can be worn in several different ways and come in a variety of colors like yellow, red, blue, black, and green, among others. PowerPoint Presentation:  All these and other different regalia items like citation cords, lanyards, dress, and gloves can be bought from Stokes International at the most competitive rates. Stokes has the best sales team. They understand your needs perfectly and help you in making the best choices. PowerPoint Presentation: 2. Police Equipment Police forces of any country perform some very important functions and often in trying conditions. It is, therefore, imperative that they be supplied with the best possible equipment that will help them carry out their duty with maximum efficiency. There are different types of police equipment . Police personnel carry them according to the rules and regulations of their agencies and their own duties and responsibilities within the force. PowerPoint Presentation:  It is generally seen that a police personal in Canada or for that matter in different countries of the world are usually equipped with handcuffs, handgun, baton, flashlight, and other restraining devices like pepper spray. They may carry additional equipment like ropes to ward off a crime scene or a radio to communicate with other police officers. Body armors, superior and more powerful weapons, and tactical vest, among others may be issued under certain circumstances. PowerPoint Presentation:  In addition to few of the above mentioned important items and accessories, there are certain other equipment that the police officer may not carry in person, but they nevertheless prove to be of invaluable help to police personnel. These include equipment for maintaining a crime scene like road flairs, portable barricades, and tapes to ward off the crime scene, among others. PowerPoint Presentation:  You can order various items and accessories like holsters, shoes, torches, badges, caps, buttons, and belts, among others to suitably equip your police force and other professionals engaged in the work of saving public property and life. These items made of the finest material and state-of-the-art technology proves to be extremely helpful for police and fire department. Highly effective and efficient, they allow the service personnel to carry out their duties without any trouble or hassles. PowerPoint Presentation:  Stokes International is the best and most reputable supplier of various regalia items as well as other military and tactical gears in Canada. Whether its ammunitions, vests, helmets, or any other tactical equipment, you can rest assured of getting everything under one roof and at the most competitive prices. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Stokes International Stokes International 5225 Orbitor Dr., Unit 6, Mississauga, Ontario Canada L4W 4Y8 Phone : 800-361-2277 Fax : 866-286-2618 Website :

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