An entrepreneurs journey: The good, bad, and the awesome

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Published on October 31, 2013

Author: rifraf


An entrepreneurs journey the good, bad, and the awesome! Steve Jennings Halloween 2013


1969: I was 9 years old when this happened

1969: this was happening

1969: and so was this

1969: and I saw this man play live (by accident)

1969: An obsession (according to my Mum)


The internet did not exist

My journey as an entrepreneur

Steve Jennings entrepreneur journey ? 2010-11 2000-01 1991-99 2002-05 2001-02 2012 2006-09 2006 2001 2010 2007 55% valuation growth 2009 2013

If there’s something you need to do DO IT

Allow yourself to be a beginner, a learner

Naturally we are scientists and explorers

We’re equipped to prototype with whatever we have

Create a company that feels like play

Play is a human super power

Create conditions in which no one is vulnerable

Create a company that can offer people jobs that are meaningful

Not all jobs are created equal

Spend your life around people you resonate with

You will pivot, be prepared to kill your darling

Your founder team are everything

Treat the people that use the product you make as a community

They’re not users or customers, they are your neighbors

Choose your investors wisely

Don’t just take the money

Invest in yourself

Believe in yourself

Seek connections between the world’s needs and your strengths

Don’t talk about what you invented. Tell people what you changed!

Bake your value system into your business plan

Build the company that you wouldn’t sell

1. I will get outside the building

2. I will test my assumptions

3. I will measure what matters

4. I will be flexible and pivot



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