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Published on July 3, 2007

Author: slgavin



A presentation I pulled together to document the work of an unofficial team at a company I work with. We started the group in July 2006 and it's grown beyond our expectations. I've removed any references which identify the company, so sorry if some bits don't make sense. It's a great case study on Enterprise2.0 and I would be happy to speak to anyone about it should they want to know more.


..Q&A First up a…


What is DIGWWW?

A Discussion Group about the World Wide Web



A group of people passionate about the web, collaboration & innovation

Started in the UK at a global blue chip company


What’s the point?

We discuss web technologies & culture, their impact to work, society & the company

More specifically… Web 2.0


Anything else to know?

This is not our job..

… we do this in spare cycles & lunch hours

… because we are passionate about this stuff


12 th July 2006

The first DIGWWW session

The Topic?

The Rise of Blogging

Approx 10 people in attendance

Blogs were discussed in general So was the blog ‘scene’ within the company

Opportunities were explored and a blog platform identified

Subsequent discussions took place every 2 weeks

August 2006

Following on from the first meeting…

The first dedicated internal blog was launched…

On an open source flexible platform… Drupal

digwww.***.com A community blog for all things www and web2.0 related

Today the same blog has a global audience, 45,000 hits a month and receives contributions from a diverse user base.

Before long, a number of other blogs started to appear…

… all inspired by DIGWWW

September 2006

An idea was put forward at a DIGWWW meeting….

… hold a week of web 2.0 related workshops and seminars

At the same time a new term emerged, for web 2.0 within the enterprise…

Enterprise 2.0 aka E2

… thus was born the concept of E2 week

… & e2.***.com

November 2006

November 2006 e2 week Nov 13 - 17

A week of events

Showcasing Enterprise 2.0 technologies…

exploring the culture…

promoting what we already have within the company…

Speaker: Dr James Bellini The Future of Blogging within the company MASHUPS WIKIFEVER Speaker: Bill Thompson E2 Blogathon PODCASTS Wikipedia Blogs wikis


All sessions were podcast and made available for immediate download.

Local event. Global audience.

Thought leaders from across the org participated in our Blogathon.

An opportunity to be heard for many

it was also at e2 week we met…


Bill Thompson Nice guy BBC journalist “ tame geek” Technology critic

He thought we were interesting (?) so has been back a few times to participate in DIGWWW meetings.

Was e2 week a success?

150 blog posts


298,597 hits to date on e2.***.com

a worldwide audience

a massive success

December 2006

Conference Reports was launched


An open system for anyone in the company to post conference reports

We wanted to get the most out of the $$$ we spend sending people to conferences

Now we have a platform to share your conference knowledge with the rest of the company

RSS enabled

Blogging enabled

Subscription enabled

Tagging enabled !

Leveraging knowledge Conferencereports.***.com

January 2007

DIGWWW started looking at Social Bookmarking

that’s tagging content, and making it available online

open source and paid for systems were identified…

more on this later…

February 2007

News travels fast and far…

..and Simon Revell is asked to address an audience of business leaders in Vienna

the topic

Web 2.0 within the firewall

the response?


Pretty good!

We learnt we were ahead of the curve in the evaluation and adoption of web2.0 / enterprise 2.0

Which is thanks in part to DIGWWW

Also in February…

Attensa RSS plugin for Outlook

An RSS reader discovered by DIGWWW…

Is rolled out via the helpdesk

… so now anyone within the company can subscribe to RSS feeds via their inbox

March 2007

A broom cupboard in Sandwich was converted to a community podcast studio.

An old room… with older kit…

A perfect setting for some free innovation! podcasting!

Now anyone can create a podcast

Also in March…

Ben Gardner spoke at the IPI-ConfEX conference…

He told them about some of the DIGWWW work

and demoed some of the tools we use, including…

W.O.S aka web server on a stick

DIGWWW use it for safely evaluating new web2.0 tools

the response?

Once again we were told how ahead of the pack we were in comparison to other companies

April 2007

Another request to speak……..

This time for Scott Gavin & Simon Revell

To address the British Computer Society… … at Canterbury University

The topic

Web 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0

It was at this talk the world began to…

meet Charlie

Telling the story of how enterprise 2.0 is changing the way we work ….

the response?

a fantastic response from the BCS & the University…

plus Scott’s ‘Meet Charlie’ has been viewed by 20,000 people around the world

… and Scott ( with Charlie ) is now being referenced as an industry expert!

all this from DIGWWW beginnings…

May 2007

Remember the tagging?

DIGWWW is launching…



an invite only beta

user groups will take up social bookmarking for the first time

open source software…

… the potential for transforming info sharing and retention

June 2007

DIGWWW starts planning for an Enterprise 2.0 week in the U.S…

Securing a slot at the iLearn week…

Advising group x on e2 and its state at the company…

Talking to Group A…

More… ..Departments Another…

The freedom of information topic was started…

challenging the way we store & access our information


DIGWWW has discussed and explored the following topics


Mash Ups







Remember those sites we mentioned?

conferencereports.***.com e2.***.com digwww.***.com

Some Statistics

Conference Reports launched December 2006

93,438 hits

e2 launched November 2006

298,597 hits

digwww launched August 2006

373,434 hits

Annual DIGWWW Budget ?



It started with a..

Outlook meeting invite to some UK folk 12 July 2006

It’s fuelled by…

the desire to connect & collaborate




anyone who wants to take part

Happy 1 st Birthday DIGWWW

Slides by: Scott Gavin

The End…

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