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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: ShirleyGallagher



Welcome to An Charraig, Arranmore’s latest newsletter.
Failte Romhat go dti an Charraig
The newsletter is to promote the island activities with a focus on its survival and Future Job Opportunities. The newsletter will promote community events, stories and an update for islanders at home and abroad so that we can remain attached wherever we are. We hope it will be a one stop shop for people interested in Arran, its way of life and promoting its future.
The newsletter will include stories from abroad that may help the promotion of Arran and its longevity. It will link in with out, and out with in. Contact or 00353 85 8555792 or fb Shirley atsyspro.
Issued on a quarterly basis and at present it is self funded by
Shirley Gallagher, Editor, Adrian Begley, WebMaster

Welcome to An Charraig, Arranmore’s latest newsletter. Failte Romhat go dti an Charraig The newsletter is to promote the island activities with a focus on its survival and Future Job Opportunities. The newsletter will promote community events, stories and an update for islanders at home and abroad so that we can remain attached wherever we are. We hope it will be a one stop shop for people interested in Arran, its way of life and promoting its future. The newsletter will include stories from abroad that may help the promotion of Arran and its longevity. It will link in with out, and out with in. Contact or 00353 85 8555792 or fb Shirley atsyspro. Articles not credited are written by Shirley Gallagher Issued on a quarterly basis and at present it is self funded by Shirley Gallagher, Editor, Adrian Begley, WebMaster Inside this Issue 3 Public Health Crisis CoderDojo 4 Better Energy 1 Communities KickTrike 5 Gaeltacht Act 6 Foreshore plan7 ning Island Council 7 Clonmany see 8 Red Island Songbird 10 12 12 An Charraig has a Global  Distribu on‐LATEST  IE, UK, USA, ES, Ca, DE,  SE, DK, FR, GR, AU  >2000 views to date  150 ATTEND PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS MEETING SEAI Funding-Better Energy Communities-Coming Soon SEAI is seeking partnerships, e.g. public and private sectors,  domes c  and  non‐domes c,  commercial  and  not‐for‐profit,  for the delivery of energy efficiency measures.       €13.5  million  is  available  for  pro   jects in March 2014, Projects will    be required to be implemented  and  completed  by  Fri‐ day 31st October 2014.  buíochas speisialta ár gcairde i Inis   Mór chun cuidiú leis an BEC PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING on Be er Energy Community Scheme Wednesday 5th March 2014 at 4.00pm Ionad an Chrois Bhealaigh REDUCE COST, CARBON & Work with Energy Group to achieve like Aran Is. €1 million savings More on page 5 Edition 1   Marta 2014

An Charraig Page 2 Continued from front page HELP with Reducing Bills Now Available SysPro is submi ng a joint venture with CFFAM  and  Energy  Wise  Consultants  on  behalf  of  the  island par cipants.      Energy  Wise  Consultants  are  building  on  their  knowledge  from  2013  programme  on  the  Aran  Islands  recently  broadcasted  on  Earth  Horizons  ‘Eco  Eye’  with  Duncan  Stewart.    Working  with  local  consultants  to  build  on  known  issues  working  on  building  from  our  strength  as  a  community.    FUNDING Funding  will  be  available  from  SEAI  for  30— 100%  funding  depending  on  what  is  being  re‐ quested and who for.      For  example,  for  people  on  fuel  allowance,  there  is  100%  funding  available  for  certain  houses  for  certain  products.    For  public  build‐ ings, matched funding is required, therefore it is  important  to  reach  out  to  funding  bodies  to  ensure  our  energy  consump on  can  be  re‐ duced.    To  ensure  grant  aid,  different  types  of  buildings and uses will be required.      REQUIREMENTS People and organisa ons wishing to get involved will  require a minimum of a year’s worth of energy data,  preferably  3  years  data.    A  le er  can  be  wri en  to  the  electricity  supplier,  and  other  suppliers  on  their  behalf.  A er the retrofit of the building, the energy  data will be required for a further 3 years.  This will  show us, SEAI and Europe the changes that have tak‐ en place as a result of posi ve ac on towards reduc‐ ing energy costs.       Community  type  projects  which  include  domes c  upgrades on Energy Poor homes     As  the  SEAI  are  seeking  innova ve  and  pioneering  partnerships for delivery between e.g. the public and  private  sectors,  domes c  and  non‐domes c  sectors,  commercial  and  not‐for‐profit  organisa ons  and  en‐ ergy  suppliers,  we  believe  we  have  a  strong  case  to  act as a showcase for other communi es.    BEC 2013 PROJECTS can be downloaded here.    2013 Area Based Programme can  be  downloaded  here.    WHAT CAN BE GRANT AIDED? • To register your interest in The Arainn Mhor Be er Energy Com‐ muni es 2014 Programme     please contact Shirley by   or email   or a end the public informa on mee ng at    Insula on  • Solar Panel    Heat/PhotoVoltaic  Ionad an Chrois Bhealaigh   Friends of the Earth ( have began a European wide  project examining the challenges in crea ng Community Power.    Find out more at  • Transport  • Heat Pump   • Wind Turbine  • Wednesday 5th March 2014 at 4.00pm Storage    See more at: h p:// er_Energy_Communi es/ 

An Charraig Page 3 Adrian Begley Reports Ta si ag teacht agus nil si ag imeacht She is coming and she is not going Ta si ag fanacht! ‘She’s staying! Island Fights Back As Public Health Nurse Job Saved By Local Action Group The cartoon from Donegal Democrat was created by islander Chris Ward in the 1980’s regarding the issue with the delay in the ferry pier, a ferry, ‘the Misneach’ was purchased in 1979. However on Tuesday 28th January, the HSE has reversed its decision to replace the public health service Nurse Susan Garvey on the island, a loss of service which was due to come into effect on Friday 31st Jan. Local TD's Thomas Pringle (Ind) and Pearse Doherty (SF) visited the island on Monday morning the 27th, as well as RTE’s Eileen Magner who interviewed islanders Kathleen Boyle, Margaret Sweeney and Jerry Early (RTE player Six-One News Mon 27th Jan 2014 at 32.50 minutes). An action group was set up, chaired by Jerry Early, chairman of Comharchumann Oileán Árainn Mhór, one of the island's co-ops, to highlight concern for the welfare of the islands inhabitants who were strongly opposed to the HSE's initial decision. Speaking after the Saturday meeting, Jerry Early said that ‘the strength of numbers at this evenings meeting was a strong indication of the opposition there is of the HSE's plans and the campaign to fight the loss would be stepped up. Arranmore Island has had this service since 1907 and it has been and remains vital to the people of the island. We will in no way accept a reduction in this service and we plan to fight tooth and nail to save our current service. This turnout we have seen shows how important the service is both to young children and the elderly, who will suffer if this plan goes ahead as will many others including people in our community with physical disabilities and mental health issues. The island population can swell to over 1500 at certain times of the year and to not have an adequate healthcare support for the island is simply not acceptable.’ The online campaign of support indicated the community spread far and wide with its facebook page ‘Save Our Public Health Nurse Service’ with 1023 likes within 36 hours of setup. The Public Health Nurse works mainly with the youth, the elderly and the long term/chronic illnesses in a specific region. The ageing island’s population is close to 40% in comparison to the national average of 11.8% and many of the elderly are in frequent contact with the Public Health Nurse.

An Charraig Page 4 Happy Birthday to Coder Dojo Árainn Mhór by Séamus Ó Cnáimhsí We are always looking for mentors who can spare an hour    or two to help out, there are quite a few island techies  about so call in for a spell, any help would be appreciated.     Also if there are any companies or individuals who would  like to sponsor some equipment such as Raspberry Pi Leap  Mo on or some USB lanyards for the children please get  in touch!   Telephone 07495 20024.  Seamus Bonner/Séamus Ó Cnáimhsí, Bainisteoir Chomhar‐ chumann Forbartha agus Fostaíochta Árainn Mhór,   CoderDojo Árainn Mhór passed its second birthday in January, being one of the first dojos set up in the country. The CoderDojo movement has since spread far and wide and has branches around the world. The dojo is a free, informal coding club which meets every Saturday in Ionad an Chrois Bhealaigh from 1pm to 3pm where children aged 7 and upwards learn about applications, coding, scripting, hardware, software, interfaces and other fun stuff. We have around 12-14 regulars and they have been learning Scratch, HTML, Python, Raspberry Pi, UNIX terminal commands and working with hardware. If you would like to give it a try come along at 1pm on a Saturday.  Support Initiative by writing letter of support LATEST ON BROADBAND Séamus Ó Cnáimhsí, Bain‐ isteoir Chomharchumann  Forbartha agus Fostaíochta  Árainn Mhór, Seamus Bon‐ ner, CFFAM supports high  speed RuralBroadband as a  result of losing 5 residents  due to the lack of adequate  facili es on the island.  He  recently recorded an inter‐ view for ENGAGE‐Interreg  on the need for high speed  broadband for rural areas  & specifically islands,    h p://www.engage‐  Clip h p:// neWlMu15taQ     The public authori es par‐ cipa ng in the project  developed a declara on to  affirm commitment to es‐ tablishing a digital infra‐ structure in Rural Eu‐ rope that meets the  ambi ons and needs of  its ci zens, businesses,  and public authori es.    If you share our vision  for the digital future of  all of European Union,  we invite you to give us  your support.  Sign up online ‐ EN‐ GAGE Manifesto Bhí Seamus ag labhairt faoi go  bhfuil easpa seirbhís leathan  bhanda sásúil ag cur isteach go  mór ar dheiseanna fostaíochta  ar an Oileán.    RnG Link h p:// ls/ radioplayer/rteradioweb.html#! type=radio&rii=17%3A20514215% 3A1748%3A28%2D01%2D2014%3A 

An Charraig Page 5 Island gets a KickStart By Shirley Gallagher The German Constin patented KickTrike was taken on a tour of Ireland in January. It travelled accompanied by Mr Axel Pohle from Cork to Dublin Airport and onto Howth. In Howth Yacht Club it was the highlight of the conference, entitled ‘Ammunition for Success’, which was hosted by Tangible Ireland on Thursday 9 th January 2014. There were 13 speakers on a broad range of topics including Nigerian oil, Historical Irish Gun running and the energy project, ‘An Island Initiat i v e ’ . Dr Gallagher explained SMILEGOV, an Intelligent Energy Europe funded project. SMILEGOV is working together with many islands including Arranmore Island (Oilean Arainn Mhor) to enable islands to reach the European Union’s 20:20 vision. 20:20 means reducing carbon emissions, increasing renewable energies by 20% by the year 2020. SMILEGOV is an acronym for Smarter Multi Level Governance and brings all stakeholders around the table to envisage the 20:20 objective, politicians at local, regional, national and European level, investors, inventors and communities. This provides a scale not seen before on islands ranging from Malta, Sicily and of course Arranmore. Dr Shirley Gallagher presented the Island Initiative big picture vision and was followed by an exciting enterprise using a battery pack system called GreenPack and electric vehicles. Mr Axel Pohle, a German designer, presented the Kicktrike, highlighting the ease of use by demonstrating its capability. Many were most impressed at the ease of use as well as GreenPack battery replacement and the clean lines and robust feel of the KickTrike. cle. There were many questions; the most frequent was ‘how much is it?’ followed by ‘how far can it go?’, ‘how long does the battery last?’ ‘Where can I get one?’ The term ‘boys and their toys’ was used freq u e n t l y ! There was time to check out the view at Howth summit before travelling cross country to Ardee, Co Louth before arriving in Burtonport, Co Donegal. There was a contingent (20 delegates) of Donegal County Council, the local authority waiting and many test-drove the KickTrike prior to taking the ferry onto the island. Island leaders were waiting to trial the electric vehicle with many being dubious about its ability to manage the hills. Arranmore has a number of hills which are not high but have steep gradients ranging from 4065%. Whilst they proved challenging and needed some assistance from Axel, the KickTrike is after all a scooter, it was capable of both hills tested including the school and Jimmy Wards. In total, 30 islanders tried the KickTrike for ease of use. There was excitement in the meeting which increased significantly when handling the vehi- The prototype is well made, sturdy and strong, the large standing board allows the user to use it like a snow board and yet it is safe and comfortable to use on roads. During the test drive it sustained 30kph from the top of the school brae (hill) until the base of Jimmy Wards; this confirms the manufacturers guide in the brochure. Island cars generally drive at this pace as the roads are narrow and there are many children, cyclists and walkers on the road. Many were surprised that the KickTrike could be compacted so that it can fit into most cars. The demonstration concluded with many disappointed with not having seen it. The feasibility of building KickTrikes in Ireland is being examined and targeted. The return trip to Cork brought the KickTrike to a final demonstration for a Procurement Manager of a large multinational company based in Galway. Investors are required for the next stage in the KickTrike’s life and it is envisaged that ß testing a bank of KickTrikes on the island of Arranmore will provide a platform for other islands to follow suit providing a beacon for the rest of the world in our push towards a lean, green economy. Check out Group SUSTAINABLE islands on facebook/Linkedin FUNDING TO KICKST ART THE KICKTRIKE FU ND WAS REFUSED BY DONE GAL COUNTY COUNCIL RE PRESENTATIVES WHEN DEVELOPMENT FUND INIT IATIVE APPLICATION WAS TURNED DOWN ON 3RD MARC H 2014.

Page 6 An Charraig Acht na Gaeltachta 2012 by Nóirín Uí Mhaoldomhnaigh Shínigh  an  tUachtarán  Acht  na  Gael‐ an teanga atá in údáid sa phobal. Go  tachta  2012  ar  an  25  Iúil  2012.  Faoi  d   seo  bhí  stádas  Gaeltachta  Acht  na  Gaeltachta  2012,  beidh  leas‐ bunaithe  ar  ceantair  nó  teorainn  uithe a ndéanamh ar an mhiniú a bhe‐ faoi leith. Beidh an phleanáil teanga  as  ann  feasta  don  Ghaeltacht  agus  ag leibhéal an phobail lárnach má tá  beidh  leasuithe  a  gcur  i  bhfeidhm  i  ceantair  atá  aitheantas  Gaeltachta  dtaca  le  struchtúr  agus  feidhmeanna  acu faoi láthair ag iarraidh an stádas  Údarás na Gaeltachta. Beidh an Ghael‐ Gaeltachta atá acu a chosaint. Beidh  tacht  bunaithe  ar  chritéir  theageolaío‐ ar  an phobal plean  teanga a  ullmhú  cha  seachas  ar  limistéir  thíreolaíocha  agus é a chur faoi bhráid an Aire. Má  mar  a  bhí  go  d   seo.  Cialaíonn  seo  go  ghlactar  leis  an  phlean,  beidh  dul  mbeidh  stádas  Gaeltachta  bunaithe  ar  chun  cinn  an  pobail  i  dtaca  leis  na  spriocanna  teanga  a  bheas  ann  a  mheas  ag  an  Aire  Tugann  Acht  na  Gaeltachta  2012  feidhm  reachtúil  don Údarás I dtaca le cur i bhfeidhm  na  Straitéise  20  Bliain  don  Ghaeilge  2010‐2030 sa Ghaeltacht. Go d  seo,  tá sé curtha in iúl ag beagnach leath  den  phobal  ar  an  oileán  gur  mhian  leo  bheith  páirteach  sa  phróiseas  pleanála teanga.  The Gaeltacht Act 2012 by Nóirín Uí Mhaoldomhnaigh The  Gaeltacht  Act  2012  was  mi ed to the Minister for approval.  signed by the President on 25 July 2012.  Following  the  acceptance  by  the  In  accordance  with  the  Gaeltacht  Act  Minister of the plan the progress of  2012, the future boundaries of the Gael‐ the  community  in  rela on  to  lan‐ tacht  will  no  longer  be  determined  by  guage goals will be assessed. Údarás  geographical areas, but by the language  na Gaeltachta, is the statutory agen‐ of  use  of  the  community.  Amendments  cy for the implementa on of the 20  will also be made in terms of the struc‐ Year  Strategy  for  the  Irish  language  ture  and  func ons  of  Údarás  na  Gael‐ in  the  Gaeltacht  2010‐2030  .  To  tachta. In the future , language planning  date, almost half of island residents  at community level will be vital in areas  have expressed an interest in par c‐ where the community wish to retain the  ipa ng  in  the  language  planning  current  Gaeltacht  status  of  the  island.  process.  An Intelligent Energy Europe Ini ‐ a ve  GET IN CONTACT According  to  the  Gaeltacht  Act,  a  lan‐ AND WATCH THIS guage  plan  must  be  prepared  and  sub‐ SPACE   Services provided by this new  island based business includes  both commercial and domes c  cleaning and power washing   Please call Thomas M: 0878608776.  

Page 7 An Charraig SuperTrawler-Coming to a Coastline near YOU! The Lithuanian vessel, the Margaris (KL‐855) entered Irish waters approx. 60 nau cal  miles (nm) south of Cork. She is heading WSW to area outside the Irish 200nm limit  where  Norwegian  fleet  are  currently  ac ve  in  the  Blue  Whi ng  fishery.    Lithuania  have a quota for 120 tonnes Mackerel in this area (ICES V, VII, VIIa,b,d,e) along with  a quota swap giving them 5000 tonnes of Blue Whi ng in ICES XI‐XIV. . Contacts The  Skipper for News and Updates  Foreshore Development Planning Permission - by Nóirín Uí Mhaoldomhnaigh DCC Planning file no 13/51531  a place A Natura Impact Statement is now required by Donegal Co Co to as‐ sess the impact the proposed development of the shorefront at Lea‐ bgarrow  may  have  on  the  area.  Any proposal that may impact on a Special Protec on Area (SPA) or  Special  Area  of  Conserva on  (SAC)  must  be  subject  to  a  screening  process  to  see  whether  an  Appropriate  Assessment  is  required.  If an impact on an SPA or SAC cannot be ruled out at screening stage  then an Appropriate  Assessment  must be  carried  out.  These  assess‐ ments are wri en up and provided to a planning authority as a Natu‐ ra Impact Statement.   we can ISLAND COUNCIL It is proposed that the economic, cultural and rec- on Muntir na Tire council reational based on participa- concept ( together To unite Irish communities in a spirit of community service, neighbourliness and self reliance in working for the common good. To promote the welfare of the Irish people through an organisation that is non party political and non sectional. To foster a sense of responsibility to the needs and problems of the local community and to devise programmes of action and development particularly those based on co promote the welfare of their up in 1937, it was designed play tion of people themselves to This movement that was set work and Objectives of Council 1. of rural Ireland in social, island council will be based live, own community. 2. 3. to raise the standard of living SAVE THE DATE James O'Neill, Muin r  na  Tire  and  John  Walsh,  Chairman  of  Irish  Islands  Federa on/Comhdháil  Oileáin  na  hÉireann  from  Bere  Island  are  coming  to  the  island  to  share  their  knowledge  and  experience  of crea ng community coun‐ cils.  This is a result of SMILE‐ GOV ini a ve, that Arainn is  considering  se ng  up  an  29th MARCH 2014 Island  Council  based  on  Muin r    It is believed it will unite the  community  in  a  spirit  of  community  service,  neigh‐ bourliness  and  self  reliance  in  working  for  the  common  good.    It  will  promote  wel‐ fare through an organisa on  that  is  non  party  poli cal  and non sec onal. The coun‐ ISLAND COUNCIL DISCUSSION cil  will  foster  a  sense  of  re‐ Bere  Island,  who  have  ran  an  sponsibility to the needs and  elected  island  council  since  problems  of  the  local  com‐ 2004.    munity  and  to  devise  pro‐ Further  grammes  of  ac on  and  de‐ Infor‐ velopment par cularly those  ma on  based  on  co‐ opera on.    Both  Munster  men,  James  and  John    will answer  any  queries  and  ex‐ plore  the  op ons.    John  will  share  his  experience  from 

An Charraig Page 8 Edward  Gallagher  worked  hard  training  for  the  last  number  of  months  along  with  his  Clon‐ many  teammates  to  achieve  a  World  class  perfomance  in  in‐ door tugowar.  RED ISLANDER BRINGS HOME GOLD FOR CLONCongratula ons  to  Edward  Mary  Eddie  ‘RED’  Gal‐ lagher  on  winning  the  World  Championship  TugoWar  with  Clonmany  in  Castlebar,  Co  Mayo  in  February 2013  Red said ‘it’s nice to come home with this lot!!! had  the  me  of  my  life  at  the  world  championships,  it  will stay with me forever’.  WELCOME PARTY In Killeen's on EASTER Monday To Edward and Clonmany B Team from 2pm Clodagh Barry raises funds riding from Arainn to Malin BAILE SAOIRE STAFF VACANCY The  vacancy  for  cleaner/caretaker  is  be‐ ing re‐adver sed as there were no appli‐ ca ons  for  the  posi on.  Hours  of  work  will  include  evenings  and  weekends.  Up  to 25 hours per week. Rate of pay: up to  €15.00  per  hour  for  applicant  with  rele‐

Page 9 An Charraig Photo Restoration By Moira O’Brien Photographs often become damaged with age (fading, spots, etc) or with handling (tears, scratches, stains etc) and most of these problems can be overcome by scanning the photo and digitally reconstructing the image to produce a new enhanced print. Photograph © 1930 Mickey Chait Ward, na Thuarrai with Nappy Kelly on their engagement day at her house, Upper Leabgarrow. Patsy and Maureen Mc Glanaghey live there now. This is a badly damaged photo taken from another photo with tears, creases and general degradation of the surface of the photo. The most important part of the photo are the faces and that was the hardest part because of the severe damage. The creases and tears are relatively easy to reconstruct though it is time consuming. The faces however are a problem as there is a lack of information in the photo to determine what they should look like, so great care has to be taken in redrawing the features. From a photo taken 40 years later I was able to get the shape and main details of the faces. Moira O’ Brien has been taking photographs for some 45 years having started with a box Brownie camera in the late 1950's. On the introduction of digital photography, it became a passion. Moira has been a professional photographer since 2003. Prices for start from €25 for a simple restoration including the restored print together with an jpeg electronic copy plus post and packaging. In order to give an estimate of cost I need to see a copy of the photo from which I can give a guide price. Please contact for further information by E: M: 087 621 4532 W: Facebook page Moirajane Twitter MOBPhoto  

An Charraig Page 10 Island Song Bird, Brighdin Carr with 'Foireann Brí' sings ‘Ar an Oileain’ in National Championadults. Co-operative games and mixing with one another is first priority, our kids and families tend to be all about inclusion, acceptance and teamwork. This means that I've been lucky, getting to work with amazing talented children, and now lately, adults too, who not only sound and look good, but have a great camaraderie - they all look out for one another, and motivate each other to perform well. Pan Celtic is a festival between the six celtic nations of Brittany, Manx, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Ireland. The National competition is in Carlow. Where one song will be chosen to represent Ireland which will then compete in the International final on the Thursday after Holy Week in the Millennium Forum, Derry. Brighdin Carr first won the Pan Celtic with ‘Seolfaidh mé abhaile’ in 2006. Interestingly, Frances Boyle (Dungloe) was drafted in to play the bodhrán, her Mother is from also from Arran Bina (Charlie Mickey) Gallagher. Her new song is written about the island ‘Ar an Oileain’. In her own words by Brighdin Carr My dance and drama club, the Blue Ribbon Arts Club was founded after Nikki died as a coping mechanism for the kids in the school, I set it up as an affordable hobby where kids could explore and find their niche. Our ethos is 'team' which is why 'Foireann Brí' is suitable for our Pan Celtic group, which comprises of Blue Ribbon There was a documentary on BBC World as a result of winning the competition. We played live on Ardán on RTE in 2006. We have sang and danced our way from Camp Gleo, Arranmore to Harringay, London, to Paris Eurodisney and Irish pubs there, to San Remo Italy in Global Education Festival theatre show We have danced in Pineapple London, Helix, Dublin and regularly perform at Junction one, Belfast, but the highlight is always Arranmore in the Summer. I hadn't been back for 16 years since my Gran moved to Letterkenny after John's death, but my son was relentless in his desire to see the place I was always talking about. He wanted to explore my cove on Chapel Strand, and see for himself the rock in the middle of the sea which I called my island, . Blue Ribbon Arts has produced 6 CDs for charity and this Christmas, featured on Shaun Doc's Christmas Eve show with my song 'Just Believe' I was a full time teacher who took a career break to write the music programme for national schools, 'Ready to Rock' , published by CJ Fallon, a kind of 'Music for Dummies' programme of which I am really proud. There's lots of local children singing on the cds involved, a good mix of Irish and English material, and more importantly, it was an opportunity to write original material aimed for children. Speaking of family, my mum is Kathleen Greene, daughter of Mickey Greene and Bridget Kelly. There were eight in her family, Hughie, Patrick, Mick, Eddie, John, Kathleen, Madge and Annie.

An Charraig Page 11 Donegals Island Fishermen Moving Forward-Le Cheile By Adrian Begley tainable to safety. The meeting also discussed ways of moving forward and from that it was decided that the group would form to become an organisation so that Donegals native islanders and people living on the islands who had an interest in the fishing industry could join together and work for their common goal. “Following on from the report we are very positive that the government and the EU have an interest in seeing our communities survive now” Mr Early said. “The ban on salmon fishing has had a huge and negative effect on the islands communities and has caused both job losses and the forced emigration of our youth in search of work who in the past would have stayed at home and made a living from fishing. Arranmore fisherman Neily Kavanagh explaining the nature of the islands waters to Ian MacKinnon (photo. A meeting of Donegals island fishermen was held on Sunday (23rd Feb) on Arranmore Island to discuss sustainability of the industry and ideas for moving forward in the sector. The meeting came in the wake of a recent report by the Joint Sub-Committee on Fisheries which looked at promoting sustainable rural coastal and island communities. The meeting which seen up to 50 fishermen in attendance from different Donegal islands was called by an action group made up of people who work in the industry which had formed several years ago following a ban on salmon fishing that had a detrimental effect on the coastal communities of Donegal. Speaking following the meeting, spokesperson for the group and Arranmore Islander Jerry Early said he was very heartened by both todays meeting and the report by the Joint Sub -Committee on Fisheries. “Todays turnout at the meeting just goes to show the passion with which the fishing communities on Donegals islands have for what is not only their industry but their way of life. Their support to protect it and indeed see it grow shows that we can have great hope for the future and the content of the recent report by the Joint Sub-Committee also gives us great hope for the future” Mr Early said. The meeting, held in Ionad an Chrois Bhealaigh and which went through the contents of the report seen much positive interaction from those attending and the topics discussed ranged from making the industry sus- “It means a lot to us that the report acknowledges that the decisions made in the past by our governments in relation to fishing have had a detrimental effect on Donegals islands and we appreciate the fact that the authors of the report seem willing to help us re-bulid our communities once more. “The islands fishermen have always known the importance of how marine protection and sustainability of our industry go hand in hand and we are glad that the report also acknowledges that our community organising within itself to make that sustainability happen is the way forward. The report has come from the continued efforts of those in our community who have fought long and hard for several years for the government to recognise us and our requirements for survival. It has been a long hard road of meetings, both at local, national and European level. It has involved many people, not just the fishermen, but supporters within our communities and everyone from those who made space available to us to have meetings and those who simply showed up to make tea and show support. But despite many knock backs and dark days everyone stuck with it and we now see a light at the end of the tunnel.” Concluding, speaking of the new organisation called 'Donegal Islands Marine Resource Organisation' (DIMRO) Mr Early said “DIMRO, the organisation of Donegals island fishermen we have formed, will continue on now to build our industry back up and continue to fight for the rights of our fishermen, their families and communities and we hope that other fishing communities will follow suit and if so we really look forward to engaging with them also and building an even bigger support base for the fishing industry and ensuring the sustainability of that industry and our marine resources.”

An Charraig Page 12 SMILEGOV UPDATE BY SHIRLEY GALLGHER The island of Arranmore in Co Donegal has a programme of measures to ensure that it can become independent of imported energy, create and safeguard jobs on the island and keep money in the island economy. The IEE funded project Smarter Multi Level Governance (SMILEGOV) is examining the major barriers to creating a low carbon society on islands. It is bringing together the various stakeholders and the multilevels of governance required to achieve the EU target of 20% reduction in Carbon and 20% increase in renewable energies by the year 2020, ie less than 6 years from now. The crux of the project is to engage all stakeholders including islanders to agree to the Pact of Islands. The pact asks for commitment to examine and agree an island energy action plan within 12 months of signing the document. The project will showcase 50 projects during its lifetime; we want to be one of those 50. after the local elections in May. We have a strategy to work with the media, including hopefully a year long fly on the wall documentary with TV3, close contact with Irish Radio International ( and Rosses Radio http:// and our blogspot An Charraig ) as well as our facebook groups Sustainable Islands and Linkedin Sustainable Islands as well as Twitter @shirleyatsyspro. The hashtag is #cyclisle. There will be a series of academic papers based on the journey culminating in a book. An international TEDx conference with a theme of Sustainable Islands will take place during Earagil Arts Festival in 2015 ( There have been several presentations by Shirley Gallagher, on the topic of island regeneration in the last year including the following Information Gathering. Dr Shirley Gallagher has recently attended the Power Summit, CEF hosted Energy Seminar, Erasmus+ European Educational Funding, Education and the inspiring talk by Alastair McIntosh "Spiritual Resilience and Community Empowerment". Where he spoke on climate change being a major threat to planetary wellbeing and how best to strengthen our natural and human ecologies to be able to bounce back from unexpected knocks. Alastair McIntosh weaved his story based on his work in Scotland with both rural land reform and urban regeneration, forming the Isle of Eigg Trust and GalGael in Govan, Glasgow. We have engaged with Enterprise Ireland, Donegal County Council, Leargas, Templederry Community Wind Farm, Friends of the Earth, FEASTA, Environmental Pillar, SECAD, Muintir na Tire, our parish priest Fr Pat Ward and various islanders around the world and a number of private companies to drive the programme to the next phase. The format of the local authorities is changing along with the format of funding for LEADER and social inclusion projects. These multi million funds will now be managed by the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC). It is expected that the LCDC will consist of 15 people, 8 will be from the environmental, community and voluntary sector, 2 will be elected county councillor representatives. These will be responsible for the management of funds on a county level and will come into being Place  March 2013  Mullingar  April 2013  Points of Interests Date  Mullingar  September 2013  National Parliament, Aland  Arranmore Island, Co Donegal  London  November 2013  November 2013  December 2013  January 2014  Cork  Howth  In Conjunction with  Bioregions in IrelandWCD  Bioregions in IrelandWCD  IEESMILEGOV  IEESMILEGOV  Tangible Ireland  TEDx Cork Women  Tangible Ireland  Title  An Island Perspective  An Island Perspective for Stakeholders  Future Job opportunities in Arainn mhor  Future Job opportunities in Arainn mhor  Fishing for a Future  Freedom from Conformity  Promo Video nmRJPSnrdPE  Arainn Mhor, An Island Initiative  The Irish and in particular the Islands have a story telling tradition, we are using our natural talents and working with others to gain a solution to the uncertainty that awaits the world. We have arranged a meeting with respect to applying for SEAI Better Energy Communities (BEC) fund for Wednesday 5th March 2014 at 4pm at Ionad an Chrois Bhealaigh. We hope to incorporate public bodies including the local authority, the cooperatives, HSE, schools and the church along with fuel poor and private homes in the application. We are considering an application across the parish and have invited mainlanders to the meeting as well in what we hope is a joint venture. We are interested in employing locals should we receive grant aid. This journey has been made easier as a result of information gathered from Inis Mor-maith leat.

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