An Astronomical Alphabetacy (Prologue)

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Published on July 28, 2009

Author: imxplosion



The prologue to "An Astronomical Alphabetacy"

Welcome to the prologue for my new alphabetacy – “An Astronomical Alphabetacy”. This is my first time using Slideshare, so forgive me if the font is too small, or the pictures are fuzzy. I will improve over time. This will mainly be an observational alphabetacy, but I have made some pans for a plot. More information will be provided at the beginning of Chapter 1.

“ What do you mean you released the sim?” Pyxis shouted at his daughter. “You were supposed to probe it!” Pyxis turned his back to his daughter and started to pace the small, confined space.

Lucine put a hand to her forehead. “I am sorry Father,” she apologized. “But the poor sim-”

“ THE POOR SIM?!” Pyxis’s shout echoed throughout the spaceship. Lucine flinched. Taking a moment to calm him self down, Pyxis continued. “Lucine, we are aliens. It is in out nature to probe sims.”

Lucine made a small, frustrated noise. “I just can’t hurt them Father.” she said, her hands clenched into fists.

“ You care too much about those sims!” Pyxis pointed an accusatory finger at Lucine. “You have failed me as a daughter, and you must be punished. A cruel grin spread over his face. “Since you like those sims so much, you can live amongst them.”

Lucine buried her face in her hands. “Please Father,” she begged. “Let me stay.”

Ignoring his daughter, Pyxis walked over to a control panel on the wall. Reaching up, he punched in a code.

The spaceship zoomed along the empty city of Astra Villa. It came to a stop over a blank lot.

A door slide open with a hiss, and a purple cloud of gas leaked out.

With a startled cry, Lucine was flung unceremoniously out of the spaceship. She landed on the road below with a quiet “oomph”.

Trembling, Lucine got to her feet. Before taking off, a voice from the spaceship called out “ LUCINE MONDAY* HOLLINTER, YOU ARE SENTENCED TO AN ALPHABETACY! ”

“ An Alphabetacy?” Lucine asked. “What’s that?” The spaceship however, was long gone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that, my readers, is where I will leave you. I’m not sure when Chapter 1 will be out, but as it is summer vacation for me, it will probably be out before September. Until then! *In my story I have decided that all aliens will have middle names named after the day of the week they were born on

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