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Published on January 21, 2008

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FILMWEB.NO A Collaborate Audience Related Initiative :  FILMWEB.NO A Collaborate Audience Related Initiative Amsterdam, June 23 – 2003 MEDIA Salles Seminar Kjell A. Orseth Managing Director Filmweb AS Slide2:  Background Filmweb AS was established 31.07.97 as the Internet company of the Norwegian film and cinema industry An extensive collaborate effort (industry ownership) The company were to: implement a film and cinema information service to build a service for distribution of cinema tickets to make extranet services for distribution of press material and for reporting purposes earn money on selling ads on the portal The base for the services was the new Internet technology Visions:  Visions Used to be very “product” oriented: To develop and maintain electronic services for the Norwegian film- and cinema industry, its audience and customers To create exciting and trustworthy services and to stimulate to increased interest in film and cinema Our new vision is more “market” oriented: We are to enhance the route to the film experience The Filmweb portal:  The Filmweb portal - launched the 30th of March 1998 Film portal and film community on the internet for: Cinemas: Approximately 60 – all major players Distributors of cinema film: All thirteen that are present in Norway Distributors of video film: SF-Video and Sandrew Metronome Film festivals: Four are included Public bodies/organisations: Norwegian Film Distribution Companies Organisation, Film&Kino, Norwegian Exhibitors Managers Association, The Norwegian Film Institute and more A total of about 90 partners is the most visited Internet portal within the Norwegian entertainment category (300.000 users pr. month) Target group:  Target group Target group for the portal – end consumer: Primary target group: Film interested youth 15-25 (30) years Secondary target group: “With children” Secondary target group: “The Industry” The portal does not exclude any group 15-25 With children The industry Norway – an interesting case:  Norway – an interesting case Internet: Availability - high Use – high Trust – high Most main local markets are under-screened 70% of the market available for ticket sale on the Internet Industry policy: no booking on the Internet available (according to Norwegian legislation, cinema owners are not obliged to refund non-used tickets) Norway – an interesting case:  Norway – an interesting case The cinema consumer: 90% uses Internet, 45% daily 75% has an own e-mail address 30% gather film information on the Internet 25% gather program information on the Internet 30% buys tickets on the Internet How to develop a joint approach towards the audience?:  How to develop a joint approach towards the audience? The audience Tickets Portal Media server Media CRM Slide9:  Strategy The audience comes to the industry instead of the industry running after the audience Joint efforts towards media to increase availability and coverage of film and cinema as entertainment Making a partnership with other Internet-based services to promote Filmweb and the cinema products Being the Gatekeeper between the Audience and the Industry Slide10:  Filmweb v/1.0 launched 30.03-1998 Filmweb v/2.0 launched 15.01-2002:  Filmweb v/2.0 launched 15.01-2002 Filmweb v/2.1 launched 15.05-2003:  Filmweb v/2.1 launched 15.05-2003 – page views / month: – page views / month The Filmweb Newsletter:  The Filmweb Newsletter The Filmweb Content System:  The Filmweb Content System One of our key success factors A collaborate solution for internet and web publishing (Content Engine) All partners have their own website but they share most of the content in the databases (text and multimedia) E-tickets:  E-tickets Distribute tickets online for the largest cinemas in Norway Now more than 1.300 transactions daily So far distributed more than 1.600.000 tickets – value of EUR 13 million Currently 20% of overall ticket sales for the largest cinemas! E-ticket sales in Norway:  E-ticket sales in Norway Slide18: launched in Nov-99 Nice increase in use of portal, but only about 350 tickets pr. month Filmweb is a member of a EU-sponsored consortium (Free-G) for further development of service Filmweb Media Server:  Filmweb Media Server Service launched March 2000 for media and public relation material such as stills, ads etc. Established with support from the industry and has proven to become a popular service with more than 700.000 downloads per month. Low development cost: app. EUR 90.000,- / yearly technical cost of maintaining EUR 45.000,- Increased availability of press material in general Improved service level towards cinema, media and PR Very cost effective – savings of EUR 1.500 pr. film Slide20:  Filmweb Media Server v/2.0 Filmweb Report Server:  Filmweb Report Server A sales (MPA) reporting system sponsored by the Norwegian Exhibitors association and the Film Distribution Companies Organisation Goal: Make a system where reports are generated directly based on electronic information from the cinemas ticketing systems or reporting through the web Increased availability of reports and statistics for the entire industry Service launched January 1st. 2003 Currently 96% penetration Slide22:  Filmweb Report Server v/1.0 Some advantages with the Filmweb-system:  Some advantages with the Filmweb-system Cost effective (sharing of infrastructure) Critical mass of know how Strong presence in the market Market power towards non-industry players (i.e. the media, other portals) The Internet:  The Internet Gives us the tool for: Communicating with each single costumer to sensible price Building strong customer databases Analyzing customer behavior Direct marketing Loyalty building Instant shopping Further information::  Further information: Please contact: Filmweb Kjell Arne Orseth E-mail: Tel: +47 21 50 48 02

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FILMWEB.NO A Collaborate Audience Related Initiative Amsterdam, June 23 – 2003 MEDIA Salles Seminar Kjell A. Orseth Managing Director Filmweb AS
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