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Information about AMSAT CARA 04 11

Published on January 13, 2008

Author: Desiderio


AMSAT OSCAR-E (“Echo”):  AMSAT OSCAR-E (“Echo”) AMSAT OSCAR-51 (AO-51) and the New Eagle Satellite Presented by Richard M. Hambly, W2GPS AMSAT President Columbia Amateur Radio Association Tuesday, August 24, 2004 Columbia, MD AMSAT Presentation:  AMSAT Presentation ☐ AMSAT ☑ AO-51 Technical Overview ☑ AO-51 Integration and Launch ☑ Operating AO-51 ☐ Planning, Strategic and Tactical ☐ What’s Next? Eagle! When in doubt see AMSAT’s new Web site at AMSAT’s New Web Site  AMSAT’s New Web Site Main Web Page The AMSAT Store is now open! Strategic Planning :  Strategic Planning February 2004 AMSAT began a new round of strategic planning. To be done by the board members, assisted by a few officers and advisors and led by an outside facilitator. Discovery process, the “State Of The World.” Decision stage, “AMSAT in 45 Seconds.” Ten Stakeholder Questions: “Who are you? What do you do? Who will care? Why will they care? How many will care? How do you get to those who do? How will you “make” money? How are you unique and how will you defend your space? Do you have the team to pull it off? How much money do you need and where does it take you?” Results were the Mission and Vision statements Biweekly teleconferences to work on the action items. Tactical Planning:  Tactical Planning It is the responsibility of AMSAT’s officers to implement the Board’s strategic planning directives. In October 2004 we changed AMSAT’s executive organization Fewer Officers and a new emphasis on teamwork and cooperation, not hierarchical reporting responsibilities. President (Richard Hambly W2GPS) Executive VP (Lee McLamb KU4OS) VP Operations (Mike Kingery KE4AZN) VP Engineering (Stan Wood WA4NFY) Treasurer (Gunther Meisse W8GSM) Corporate Secretary (Steve Diggs W4EPI) Manager (Martha Saragovitz) VP Marketing and User Services (Barry Baines WD4ASW) VP Human Spaceflight (Frank Bauer, KA3HDO). Tactical Planning:  Tactical Planning Executive VP Educational, industrial, governmental and international relations. VP Marketing and User Services Electronic communications, contests and awards, AMSAT News Service, sales, the AMSAT Journal, Field Operations and the Web site. VP Human Spaceflight This team that crosses organizational boundaries between AMSAT, ARRL and NASA. Now on the executive team, is an indication of the importance AMSAT places in our involvement in the human spaceflight program. AMSAT plans to be there when humans again travel beyond the low orbit of the International Space Station, perhaps to the Moon or Mars. Other teams are organized as in the past. AMSAT’s Strategic Plan Mission Statement:  AMSAT’s Strategic Plan Mission Statement AMSAT is a non-profit volunteer organization which designs, builds and operates experimental satellites and promotes space education. We work in partnership with government, industry, educational institutions and fellow amateur radio societies. We encourage technical and scientific innovation, and promote the training and development of skilled satellite and ground system designers and operators. 4:00-5:00 AMSAT’s Strategic Plan Vision Statement:  AMSAT’s Strategic Plan Vision Statement Our Vision is to deploy high earth orbit satellite systems that offer daily coverage by 2009 and continuous coverage by 2012. AMSAT will continue active participation in human space missions and support a stream of LEO satellites developed in cooperation with the educational community and other amateur satellite groups Tom Clark W3IWI, Gerald Youngblood AC5OG and Bruce Paige KK5DO working on AMSAT’s Strategic Plan. 4:00-5:00 AMSAT’s Eagle Satellite Project:  AMSAT’s Eagle Satellite Project 6 cu ft, ~50Kg High Elliptical Orbit About 80 Watt power budget Eagle: AMSAT’s Next Project:  Eagle: AMSAT’s Next Project AMSAT’s vision is to “deploy high earth orbit satellite systems that offer daily coverage by 2009 and continuous coverage by 2012.” HEO satellites are key to AMSAT fulfilling strategic needs Eagle Design Team met in Orlando FL the weekend of 17 JUL 04 Mechanical/Thermal design work has been done by Dick Jansson, WD4FAB over the past several years Key team assignments were made at the design meeting Eagle’s History:  Eagle’s History “So You Want to Build a Satellite” by Dick Jansson WD4FAB presented at AMSAT’s 18th Space Symposium in Portland Maine on Oct 28, 2000. Project Committee met July 14, 2001 in Denver, Colorado. Eagle Design Team met Sep 28, 2002 in Orlando FL. Eagle Design Team met the weekend of Jul 17, 2004 in Orlando FL. Mechanical/Thermal design work has been done by Dick Jansson, WD4FAB over the past several years A Requirements Specification outline was developed and key design parameters were chosen. Team leadership assignments were made. Eagle’s Specifications 1.0 Payloads:  Eagle’s Specifications 1.0 Payloads 1.1 Transmitters V band 20KHz bandwidth using SDR techniques Two S Band 100KHz bandwidth Either transmitter can be driven by SDR or analog inputs C band wideband digital which includes telemetry All bands should be capable of being operated simultaneously HEO Orbit 1.2 Receivers U band 100KHz bandwidth L band 100KHz bandwidth C band wideband digital Eagle’s Specifications 1.0 Payloads:  Eagle’s Specifications 1.0 Payloads 1.3 GPS (NASA) 1.4 CEDEX (Surrey Satellite Technology) 1.5 Cameras Narrow FOV on +Z axis Wide FOV on –Z axis Cameras should survive all beta angles. 1.6 Telemetry beacons active on all transmitters The IHU will provide digital data and clock to the transmitter. The transmitter itself is responsible for data delivery. 1.7 Command uplinks on the U and L receivers Demodulation to baseband audio is in the receiver Eagle’s Specifications 2.0 Structure and Physical Properties:  Eagle’s Specifications 2.0 Structure and Physical Properties 2.1 Mass 100Kg or less 2.2 Size 600mm by 600mm by 450 mm with fixed and deployable solar panels. 2.3 Stabilization Spin stabilized ( + Z Nadir pointing at apogee) 1-15RPM 2.4 Orbit High apogee elliptical 2.5 Attitude Control Magnetorquers and nutation dampers Sensors The Sun sensors will measure the sun at all angles and attitudes The Earth sensor will measure the attitude of the spacecraft with respect to the Earth while its distance is within two radii of the Earth’s surface. The satellite will stabilize to the desired attitude in 72 hours. Eagle’s Specifications 2.0 Structure and Physical Properties:  Eagle’s Specifications 2.0 Structure and Physical Properties 2.6 Propulsion The simplest system that will accomplish a desirable orbit and is acceptable to the launch agency. Initial estimate is 60 meters per second delta velocity. The propulsion system should be modular Eagle’s Specifications 2.0 Structure and Physical Properties:  Eagle’s Specifications 2.0 Structure and Physical Properties 2.7 Structure Aluminum honeycomb panels forming core structure supporting internal modules and integrated with separation interface. 2.8 Magnetic Environment Magnetically clean as practically achievable Eagle’s Specifications Thermal Control, Power Generation and Housekeeping:  Eagle’s Specifications Thermal Control, Power Generation and Housekeeping 3.0 Thermal Control Battery temperature should not exceed a -15 to +15C range. Electronics module environment should be from -25 to +40C 4.0 Power Generation Two fixed and four deployable solar panels with omni coverage. Fault tolerant BCR and battery system that fails in an operational mode. Buss voltage is 10 to 14 volts nominal. 5.0 Housekeeping IHU-3 CAN-Do! Information buss Eagle’s Specifications Housekeeping and Antennas:  +Z Eagle’s Specifications Housekeeping and Antennas 6.0 Antennas High Gain +Z U (435MHz), L (1.2GHz), S (2.4GHz) and C (5.6GHz) Omni Antennas, -Z (functional in all attitudes) V (145MHz), U, L and S Omni Antennas +Z U, L and S L over U S S C +Z Surface Eagle Team Leadership Assignments:  Project Manager: Jim Sanford WB4GCS Chief Technical Officer: Rick Hambly W2GPS (acting) Secretary: Stephen Diggs W4EPI Structure and Thermal: Dick Jansson WD4FAB Launch: Lee McLamb KU4OS (lead), Tom Clark W3IWI (Russian launches) Guidance and Control: Ken Ernandes N2WWD Sensors: Alan Bloom N1AL Power Generation and Distribution: Lou McFadin W5DID Propulsion: Stan Wood WA4NFY (lead), Daniel Schultz N8FGV, Ken Ernandes N2WWD Antennas: Stan Wood WA4NFY Eagle Team Leadership Assignments Eagle Team Leadership Assignments:  Housekeeping: Bdale Garbee KB0G (data interface), Chuck Green N0ADI, Lyle Johnson KK7P (IHU-3) Antennas: Stan Wood WA4NFY Payloads: Bob McGwier N4HY, Daniel Schultz N8FGV, Tom Clark W3IWI GPS: Lou McFadin W5DID CEDEX: Robin Haighton VE3FRH Cameras: Gunther Meisse W8GSM Command and Control/Telemetry: Stephen Diggs W4EPI, Stacy Mills W4SM Radiation Environment: Steve Bible N7HPR End of Life Issues: Larry Kayser VA3LK (SK 10/5/04) Eagle Team Leadership Assignments Eagle – What’s Next?:  Eagle – What’s Next? What are the Next Steps? Design Team to review and solicit comments on the specifications BOD reviews design and cost estimates Fundraising is a critical component Critical subsystems must begin design work now. Find a suitable launch (Hopefully sooner than 2009) AMSAT Needs Your Help!:  AMSAT Needs Your Help! Eagle from the User’s perspective Review the specification (see the article in the 2004 Proceedings). Volunteers are needed for key leadership and design positions. AMSAT needs your financial support Our ability to proceed with Eagle is directly dependent upon how quickly funds are donated for the project Questions?

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