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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: inspiralcoaching



Amplify Your Sales, Multiply Your Referability is a customized 1-day program for ST Jobs.

This workshop is crafted from my 3rd book titled SOLD: Everything You Need to Know About Selling Anything.

You can purchase a copy of this book at

For customized sales workshop, email to


Sales Architect Business Communication Coach Author of 3 books Accredited Certified Coach (ICF) Featured on multiple media

If you want to be competent, work on your weaknesses.. If you want to be successful, work on your strengths.

ADAPTABILITY You got the capacity to adjust readily to different situations and to change your attitude and behavior to handle new challenges. You can quickly let go of the way things used to be and tailor your strategy and tactics to fit the new reality.

RESILIENCE You got the to bend but not break. In difficult times, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and persevere. When others give up, you keep trying. When others get tired, you push forward and refuse to quit.

FAITH You believe that a greater power will steer you through difficult times and guide your actions. You are never alone in your struggles. You see God as your active partner in every challenge you encounter. Faith is your greatest comfort and mightiest weapon.

HOPE You believe that no matter how bad life gets, things will turn out for the best in the end. When you have a wish or desire, you are confident that it will be fulfilled. You believe good things happen, but you are not naïve. Hope, in your opinion, is a combination of optimism and realism.

PURPOSE You have a mission in life, a reason for living that is greater than yourself. You have big goals that you strive for. They are the reasons you are alive and they make every day worthwhile. You have a passion for life and your dream.

TENACITY You got the persistence and determination to stick to it when others let go. You got the grit and toughness to hold on when others cannot take the punishment. You have an indomitable spirit and can endure real hardship. When other give up, you push yourself even harder.

LOVE You will do anything, and go to any lengths, for the people you love. Your bond with family and friends are unbreakable and give you the reason for living. In a crisis, you always think about your family and friends first. In an emergency, you would walk through fire for the people who depend on you.

EMPATHY In a crisis, your ability to help others turns out to be a very powerful way to help yourself. Your compassion motivates you to help other people stricken by misfortune. You are good at reading people, and you are always aware of your surroundings. You are a team player, and work well with others.

INTELLIGENCE You have got brains and a talent for learning, thinking, understanding, and problem solving. You see complex and dangerous situations very clearly. You examine problems from all angles in search of realistic solutions. You are able to break problems into manageable parts and find good solutions.

INGENUITY You are clever, inventive and resourceful. You know how to apply things you have learned elsewhere to overcome immediate challenges. You are good at improvising and finding answers. When others freeze or get stuck in a rut, you see new ways to solve solution.

FLOW You move forward, steadily, relentlessly, and with apparent ease and effortlessness. You do not need to make adjustment. You sail along, freely and calmly without fuss. You take adversity as it comes. Facing a crisis, some fight and others flee, but you flow.

Objections are never about you


TRIPLE D TECHNIQUES Direct inDirect Diversion

TRIPLE D TECHNIQUES Direct Use when Urgency for a reply Near to closing Need for assurance

TRIPLE D TECHNIQUES inDirect Use when Obvious signs of interest Opportunity to provide more information

TRIPLE D TECHNIQUES inDirect Provide facts and figures If your company is not using tablets to boost your productivity, you are one of the laggards; the last 16% who will accept ideas when they become mainstream. What do you think the 84% knew that you don’t?

TRIPLE D TECHNIQUES inDirect Turnaround with question I understand that Company B is offering the same service at a lower price. For them to offer you at that price, there’s definitely a catch. What do you think is the trade-off?

TRIPLE D TECHNIQUES inDirect Use analogy The product that you are using now is obsolete and primitive. It is like dressing up a modern man in caveman attire!

TRIPLE D TECHNIQUES Diversion Use when Counter smokescreens Evade tough objections Buy time

TRIPLE D TECHNIQUES Diversion Parroting Client: Let me think about it. Sales Professional: Think about it? Client: Yes, I have to work out my budget.

TRIPLE D TECHNIQUES Diversion ‘By the way’ or ‘anyway’ I’m sure you can get a better offer elsewhere. Then again, if price is a concern, we won’t be having this conversation in the first place. By the way, what key features are you looking for?




SET THE STAGE RIGHT How has your service / product benefited them? What is the risk for them to refer someone to you? How does it benefit them by referring someone to you? How can you assure them about your approach to contact their referrals?

CRAFT YOUR SCRIPT Recite how they have benefitted from your service / product. Recite how it will benefit them by referring someone to you. Tell them who you are looking for. Ask them for details about the referrals. Assure them.

What 3 things have you learned today?

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