Amino Acid Catabolism

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Information about Amino Acid Catabolism

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: drmustansar


PowerPoint Presentation: Protein Turnover and Amino Acid Catabolism Dietary Protein Turnover: Dietary Protein Turnover Protein Turnover Rates Vary: Protein Turnover Rates Vary Dependence of the half-lives of cytosolic yeast proteins on the nature of their amino-terminal residues Ubiquitin Related Protein Degradation: Ubiquitin Related Protein Degradation Protein Ubiquitination: Protein Ubiquitination Multiple Ubiquitins can be polymerized to each other. What determines whether a protein will become ubiquinated?: What determines whether a protein will become ubiquinated? Dependence of the half-lives of cytosolic yeast proteins on the nature of their amino-terminal residues Ubiquitinated Proteins are Degraded by the 26S Proteosome: Ubiquitinated Proteins are Degraded by the 26S Proteosome 26S Proteosome: 26S Proteosome Removal of nitrogen: Removal of nitrogen Transaminase Deaminase Mechanisms to get rid of Ammonia: Mechanisms to get rid of Ammonia Urea Uric Acid Urea Cycle: Urea Cycle Urea Cycle: Urea Cycle Step 1: Formation of Carbamoyl Phosphate: Step 1: Formation of Carbamoyl Phosphate Step 2: Ornithine Transcarbamyolase: Step 2: Ornithine Transcarbamyolase Step 3: Argininosuccinate Synthetase: Step 3: Argininosuccinate Synthetase Step 4: Argininosuccinase: Step 4: Argininosuccinase Cytosolic enzyme Step 5: Arginase: Step 5: Arginase PowerPoint Presentation: Urea Cycle Glucose-Alanine Cycle: Glucose-Alanine Cycle Catabolism of Carbon Chains From Amino Acids: Catabolism of Carbon Chains From Amino Acids

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