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Published on June 18, 2007

Author: Alohomora


Slide1:  'One of the most beautiful shows in the World' Touring the USA and Canada over the duration of four years. Investor Proposal © 2004 Equitainment Management AG (i.F.), Zug, Switzerland and Studio City, Calif. 'The Horse Prince' A Love Story The Successful and Proven, Award Nominated Equestrian European Horse Opera The story of the Equestrian Horse Opera “Le Prince”(“The Horse Prince”):  'Le Prince' ('The Horse Prince') is a wonderful Love Story based on a legend of a French Prince, Louis Henri de Bourbon, 7th Prince de Condé, who lived 300 years ago. Convinced he would be reborn as a noble horse, he built immense castle like stables next to his water castle in Chantilly near Paris. (download trailer video and press book from At the Grand Opening of his newly built stables the Prince receives guests from Kingdoms from all over the world. As a gift for the inauguration they perform very special feats with horses. Among the guests there is another Prince, who has a very special relationship with his horses. He plays with them and they play with him, as if they were children. The French Prince and all the guests are amazed by what this man does with his horses and it changes the life of the proud baroque French Prince dramatically and he becomes a modest and loving person. The French Prince dies, killed by a monster when hunting with his guests, and instead of changing into a horse – as the legend tells – he is lovingly received in heaven by a host of singing angels dressed all in white, riding amongst a herd of beautiful white horses. THE END. ©2004 1 The story of the Equestrian Horse Opera 'Le Prince' ('The Horse Prince') Slide3:  The water-castle at Chantilly near Paris is the birthplace of Louis Henri de Bourbon, the 7th Prince de Condé. He ordered the ‘Grandes Ecuries’ (far right side) to be built, the most beautiful and largest stables ever built for horses. Slide4:  ‘Les Grandes Ecuries’ at Chantilly, the largest and most beautiful stables in the world. Built 1719 – 1734 by the architect Jean Aubert for the Prince Louis Henri de Bourbon, who believed he would be reborn as a horse. This is the place, where the story of 'The Horse Prince' has its origin. Success of the Equestrian Horse Opera “Le Prince”(“The Horse Prince”):  Success of the Equestrian Horse Opera 'Le Prince' ('The Horse Prince') Performances: This Equestrian Horse Opera has played successfully 70 times for 140,000 guests at 5 different locations in Germany, Switzerland and France. Media Appearance: TV-Stations in France (Equidea, TF1), Germany (ARD, ZDF, SWR, WDR) and Switzerland (DSF2, Tele Züri, Tele Basel, Tele Bern) have broadcast over 5 hours of 'Le Prince' to millions of spectators. (see also press book on Awards: EPONA Film Festival (Cabourg, France, 2002) 2 Slide6:  Production description: The 100 minute Equestrian Horse Opera, performing with live singers, actors, horses, camels and falcons. These animals perform unique feats utilizing choreography and music. The story, the horses, the costumes, the music, the singing and magical special effects, as well as huge screen projections create a unique atmosphere in 'The Horse Prince'. The making of the Equestrian Horse Opera “Le Prince”(“The Horse Prince”):  The making of the Equestrian Horse Opera 'Le Prince' ('The Horse Prince') Music composed by: by Mike Turtle, Great Britain Story and setting by: by Equitainment Masterpieces, Switzerland Performance history: World premiere of the Equestrian Horse Opera 'Le Prince' was in March 2001 at EQUITANA (the world largest horse trade fair) in Essen, Germany (where the production received up to 20 minutes of standing ovation). 3 Vision and Purpose of the AMERICA‘s Tour of theEquestrian Horse Opera “Le Prince” (“The Horse Prince”):  Vision and Purpose of the AMERICA‘s Tour of the Equestrian Horse Opera 'Le Prince' ('The Horse Prince') The previous success of the Equestrian Horse Opera production 'Le Prince' give artistically and commercially enough strong reasons to bring 'Le Prince' ('The Horse Prince'), as a live show to a larger audience, by touring big cities in as many countries as possible. The AMERICA‘s tour will begin in Los Angeles and then tour for 4 years in the US and Canada. The Equestrian Horse Opera will play over 1,000 times on this tour. Offering a capacity of over 3,000 seats in the immense tent, the show has the ability to perform for an audience of over 3 million guests on the tour. The show will bring them moments of joy and feelings of love and respect in a very special and peaceful atmosphere. 4 A large target audience for the AMERICA‘s tour:  5 A large target audience for the AMERICA‘s tour The research made in Europe (D andamp; S Institute in Zurich) shows, that an average 65 % of the general population like horses and 22 % are horse lovers and are in some ways, actively involved with horses. In the younger age-groups these numbers are even higher and go as high as 81 and 38 % respectively. The target audience for the AMERICA’s tour shall be comprised of the following: Sample calculation of potential guests for the AMERICA‘s tour : - Total number of Americans and Canadians = 300 million - 65% of those like horses: = Potential guests of 'Le Prince' ('The Horse Prince') = 195 million - 22% are actively involved with horses = High affinity target group = 66 million horse lovers - AMERICA‘s tour seating capacity = 3 million = 1.5 % of potential guests or 4.5 % of the high affinity target group respectively - We intend to reach these groups first through a very efficient media-'attack' (e.g. we intend to hold a strong-impact media conference in LOS ANGELES) - We will then reach this target audience through TV, radio, ads, billboards, flyers, posters and our active call center. Slide10:  At EQUITANA, CSI-Zurich and BEA/Bern 'Le Prince' played in a big arena with up to 10,000 guests. In Vogelgrun (France) the Equestrian Opera played in an immense tent (picture). Slide11:  Slide12:  'Le Prince' received up to 20 minutes of standing ovation on many occasions Proposal for AMERICA‘s tour Investor:  6 Proposal for AMERICA‘s tour Investor As mentioned before, the seating capacity for the AMERICA‘s tour is more than 3.3 million seats. With each guest spending an average of 70 Dollars. (this does include income from merchandising and hospitality), the AMERICA‘s tour has the potential to produce a gross of 235 million Dollars during the 4 years of the tour. Calculated at 60 % of the occupancy of seats, the AMERICA‘s tour will gross 141 million Dollars. At 60 % occupancy the AMERICA‘s tour will generate profits of almost 60 million Dollars during the 4 years of the tour. At a higher or lower occupancy the profits will be higher or lower. Today the Board of Tour Directors of Equitainment Management invites Investors to privately invest a total amount of 12 million Dollars in the AMERICA‘s tour and to benefit in 50 % of the profits of tour (B.I.T.D.), which includes return of capital and ROI. This investment is for the tour equipment, tent-village, trucks, containers, mobile homes and for the promotion and production. The cast, comprising US citizens and residents will be trained in the Los Angeles area. AMERICA‘s tour plan of “Le Prince“(“The Horse Prince“):  AMERICA‘s tour plan of 'Le Prince' ('The Horse Prince') Year one Year two Year three Year four: Los Angeles (12) Phoenix (10) Dallas/F. Worth (8) Miami (8) San Francisco (6) Las Vegas (8) Chicago (10) Philadelphia (8) Seattle (8) Vancouver (8) Toronto (10) Detroit (8) San Diego (10) San Antonio (10) Houston (8) NYC (12) - The Number of shows per city: 'The Horse Prince' plays 7 shows p. week. Number of performing weeks is marked behind city. Possibility to add shows. Calculation based on 36 performing weeks per year. - The Venues: The venue is a special designed tent with 3,333 seats, welcome tent and other tents. - Sponsors Acquisition begins immediately after investment is made. There is room for a title-sponsor, for main-co-sponsors, media- and material-sponsors, see also title-sponsor documentation at - Company Ticket and Package Sales begin 4 months after investment is made, ticket sales system is available. - The Preparation time for the tour is 18 months. 7 Business Plan AMERICA‘s Tour:  8 Business Plan AMERICA‘s Tour Profit and Loss America‘s Tour of the Equestrian Horse Opera Years one to four in USD Year one Year two Year three Year four Total of 4 years Tour revenues 35,276,472.00 35,276,472.00 35,276,472.00 35,276,472.00 141,105,888.00 Total costs of tour 20,728,694.00 20,728,694.00 20,728,694.00 20,728,694.00 82,914,778.00 Tour Profit ('B.I.T.D.') 14,547,778.00 14,547,778.00 14,547,778.00 14,547,778.00 58,191,110.00 Investors Business plan:  Investors Business plan R.O.C. andamp; I. (Return of Capital andamp; Interest) AMERICA‘s tour of the Equestrian Horse Opera Year one* Year two Year three Year four After 4 years Investment In Dollars 12,000,000.00 … … … 12,000,000.00 Cash back in Dollars 7,273,889.00 7,273,889.00 7,273,889.00 7,273,889.00 29,095,555.00 (incl. principal) % Return on Investment 60 % 60 % 60 % 60% 242 % Note: This calculation does not contain any sponsor money. Sponsor contracts will result in higher profits. Calculation is based on 60 % occupancy at a spending average of $70 per guest (includes hospitality and merchandising, and 36 playing weeks with 7 shows a week). These figures are subject to change. 9 Board of Directors ofEquitainment Management:  Board of Directors of Equitainment Management Erich AMMANN, Chairman Oliver SCHAFFRATH, CEO Dieter S. SPEIDEL, Producer Mike TURTLE, Composer They have the VISION, the PASSION, the PATIENCE and the PERSISTENCE They have the Team of TALENTS and the KNOW HOW They have the CONNECTIONS and the EXPERIENCE They have the SKILLS and the WILLS for SUCCESS 10 Slide18:  'The Air of Heaven is that, which blows between a horse’s ears' A Proverb in 'The Horse Prince' Conctact our official Investor-Relation-Agents or: Equitainment Management Ltd. (i.F.) Metallstrasse 9B - CH – 6300 Zug, nr. Zurich – Switzerland Phone: +41 (0) 41 727 80 71 - Fax: +41 (0) 41 727 80 91 -

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