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Published on November 17, 2016

Author: CyrellysGeibhendach1


1. 1 THE AMERICAN DEEP STATE AND THE RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH IN THE 21ST CENTURY OVERVIEW: THE CORPORARTIZATION OF AMERICN POLITICAL POWER ‘AMERICA’S BUSINESS IS BIG BUSINESS’ "They have pillaged the world. When the land has nothing left for men who ravage everything, they scour the sea. If an enemy is rich, they are greedy; if he is poor, they crave glory. Neither East nor West can sate their appetite. They are the only people on earth to covet wealth and poverty with equal craving. They plunder, they butcher, and they ravish, and call it by the lying name of 'empire'. They make a desert and call it 'peace'." Publius Cornelius Tacitus, a historian of the Roman Empire In American views, political power grows out of the business corporation followed by the making of guns to express that power. Since the foundation of America there have been deep periods of American history grounded in waves of populism that favored the rights and powers of the common people in their bitter struggle with privileged elites. In these terms, the common man is the New American, who is industrious, brave, self-reliant and determined to build a better world grounded on particular values such as:  Helping others in need  Personal and religious Freedom  Public education  Technical innovations  Political liberty  Owning your own land and home  Christianity  A constitution expressing certain inalienable rights These particular notions and values became part of the American social contract. They are the root of American exceptionalism, as no other people or country ever achieved them. In this regard, America and Americans were truly exceptional. Americans felt that peace and security for all were the common rights of man and sought that these values would spread throughout the world. Americans never sought their imposition on others at gunpoint. Democracy was anathema to most Americans. Americans could never be truly free under Democracy. Americans of the early period were much better educated than most realize. Many of them knew what happened when Republican Rome fell into the clutches of democracy and eventually tyranny. Original Americans were deeply wedded to the principles of limited government finding expression in a Republican format, whereby all the people had inalienable delineated rights. Contextually, the elite are the old world privileged class-remnants of British royalty that exploited America through crown corporations such as the Virginia Corporation, the British East India Company, or the Hudson Bay Company. They built

2. 2 a new empire in America based on slavery, curbing freedoms, and imposing royal prerogatives at the point of muskets and occultist rituals. Thus, entrepreneurial capitalism and cottage industry offset deeply militaristic corporate machinates devoted to acquiring monopolies and exclusive control of essential life support industries, fleecing all via the monopoly corporation and dominating politics to favor their own kind at the expense of every one else. These two profoundly conflicting and contradictory expressions of philosophy, values, and popular will have been at war with each other since the founding of America. They still are today. That they are rests with the founding and the spread of the hidden tentacles of the so-called Deep State machinate that serves as a shadow government for American politics. What is the Deep State? What does it mean for the common American man? Who are its leaders and what does it want you may ask. The answer is deeply complicated, but the short version rests with understanding that in America and elsewhere there are two forms of government and social control. One rests with the popularly elected formal government of presidents and cabinet administrators with set terms of office and perhaps expressing a popular mandate. The other is deeply secret and hidden from view. It rests on powerful corporations wedded to the political and military class of warmongers, bureaucrats and academics serving the elites and in hidden structures devoted to the continuity of government by elite policy makers. This architecture of social, financial and political control serves as a shadow government-it is the Deep State that is unelected and unaccountable to the people. It does not serve the people, but the wealthy elites in power. Its real purpose is to further that power. No politician dares contravene its hidden concordats. If they do, they risk public disgrace by a contrived scandal and removal from office by assassination. The popular sentiments of the working man and entrepreneurial or risk capitalist to rise by his bootstraps soon found himself at war with the elite oriented corporatist that was devoted to feeding at the public trough to favor his interests in establishing a corporate welfare mechanism and crony capitalist machine in America. Corporatists hate risk. And if they risk and loose in business, then they make the common man pay for their losses by “bailouts.” In other words, the people pay for their losses by the imposition of ever higher taxes on the working man. The elite political and economic machinate aimed at dominating all spheres of life in America. Later day expressions of these sentiments are grounded in the term “special interests” and special interest groups that current American politicians pay so much attention to. Essentially, through out American history these profoundly contradictory sentiments of populism and elitism warred on each other, swaying back and forth, gaining dominance in one period, and retreating in others. However, the menace of elitism overriding populism always lurked in the background. It exploded into full fury with the arrival of the monopolistic bent Robber Barons and has never retreated ever since. The Robber Barons were the founders of Fascism and later day Nazism. In fact, the arrogant American mercantilist barons financed the rise of Adolf Hitler, supplied his war machine, and then after his defeat inserted the Nazi corporation’s (the Nazi party was incorporated as a business as was the SS) war criminals, bureaucrats and academics deeply into the folds of American society. Nazi Germany may have been defeated. But the Nazi Party never surrendered. It found new life and expression in America and became the dominant power in American life. It later found expression in the so-called Deep State. We will

3. 3 examine these historical trends by exploring their origins, practice and rise in early 20th century America to the present day. PART 1: DEEP STATE ORIGINS – WALLSTREET AND ROBBER BARONS The heady 1890s saw the mercurial rise of the American corporation allied with overseas interests pursuing stakes in American mineral resources, mining, cattle, land development, railroad and shipping and stage two of the American Industrial Revolution-technology developments in propulsion, fuels, farm machinery, refrigeration, and production technologies devoted to the mass production of popular consumables. The center of American financial activity, speculation, and international business operations was in New York’s Wall Street. The Street as it was called in reference was under the domination of American banks and financial interests along with their European partners, such as the Bank of England and the German Warburg Bank. Americans is those days were boundlessly optimistic. The sun never set on American innovations, American enterprise and know how. Commerce and money making was the new religion. Americans were becoming wealthy. New doors to wealth and profit were opening up every day—especially in the sun and wind burnt American West. “GO WEST YOUNG MAN…” Horace Greely said in reference To the boundless wealth and opportunity found in the developing American West. It was a heady time as there were few rules binding the fantastic American wealth generating machine surging to fill pockets with money in a seeming never ending supply. “…Get a Monopoly Position in Business.” John D. Rockefeller said in reference on how to succeed in business Enter the Robber Barons, a secretive, arrogant, criminally inclined collective of speculators, tycoons, and opportunists, who in exclusive walnut-paneled club rooms planned collectively to strip the vigorous new nation’s wealth from ordinary Americans for their own profit and gain. The knew exactly what they were doing, when they used the corporation and monopoly as a tool and weapon; buying off willing politicians to get an iron grip on American resources, including shipping, technology, power generation, communications, arms manufacturing and fuels to dominate America and much of the world’s international business. They were called by ordinary Americans “Robber Barons,” and for good reason-for that is exactly what they were… robbers shielded by the law and lawyers, by legislators, and by the establishment. In this vein, the Robber Barons could take your land, your home, for pennies on the dollar, or if you proved troublesome, even your life to pave their way by using thugs and gunmen and the mechanism of robbery, the application of eminent domain to take your land and holdings. Americans found themselves being pushed out of lucrative businesses or off their land by faceless and ruthless corporations that used monopoly business practices, combined with crooked legislators who

4. 4 passed laws favoring the corporations, and who were paid off to favor special interests of the Robber Barons. There were few obstacles to corporate expansion or in acquiring the means to produce wealth. All a corporation had to do if you stood in their way was to get an agreeable politician to declare your land and holdings of special benefit to public interests and place it under eminent domain and you were done. Additionally, Congress gave railroads special rights to acquire land to pave the way for transcontinental railroads. Corporations treated their employees abysmally, reducing workers to the status of slaves and serfs. Thugs with guns and iron pipes or ax handles serving the Pinkertons or other private police viciously put down strikes. Corporations used the US military to machine gun strikers. The corporate owned press vilified strikers and labor organizers as scum that needed to be exterminated. Public agitators leading social and child welfare agencies in public protests calling for reforms mysteriously died or disappeared. Labor organizers and strikers were ostracized and came under the guns of political hacks in the police departments, who beat them up, jailed them, or killed them. During labor strife, militias were called out to deal with strikers. Mary Harris Jones, the famous labor organizer and family welfare advocate recalls a personal experience as a young woman… “…One night a riot occurred. Hundreds of box cars standing on the tracks were soaked with oil and set on fire and sent down the tracks to the roundhouse. The roundhouse caught fire. Over one hundred locomotives, belonging to the Pennsylvania Railroad Company were destroyed. It was a wild night. The flames lighted the sky and turned to fiery flames the steel bayonets of the soldiers.” Mary Harris Jones. Special interest advocacy became a dominant theme in American business and political circles. It was particularly sought by European cartels and corporations seeking favorable alliances with American corporations. Consequently, the American aristocracy and political class used the law, the military, and the police to consolidate their grip on American wealth and as mechanisms of power to strip whatever resources they wanted from the American land and people. There were few laws preventing corporate abuse and outright theft. People rebelled, took to horse and the Colt .45 and later to the motor car and the Thompson submachine gun, and the great American outlaw period began that did not end until after the Great Depression. The elite in control of the criminal justice system now had the power to declare anyone standing in their way “outlaws” subject to being sent to prison, or killed by a masked gunman working for the Pinkerton Agency, or by the nascent Mafia in league with crooked politicians. Consequentially, by the so-called Roaring Twenties, all the necessary requirements for the dominance of elites in politics, and in business were in place to give rise to a new political movement and business philosophy…corporatism or Fascism. Essentially, under Fascism an authoritarian hierarchical and oligarchic group of special interests corrupted American legal and political foundations to favor their interests over the common man. The following were soon banned and criminalized.  Labor organizing  Striking

5. 5  Public advocacy to regulate business A new crime, that of labor syndicalism was put on the books and used by special interests to combat labor organizing with severe penalties. Police intelligence agencies began to pursue labor organizers with a vengeance on orders from special interest groups running the mayor or county executives. The American workers whether they were garment workers, cattle drovers, railroad or construction workers or independent business men hoping to get saddles, quilts, lanterns to market rebelled when the monopolists refused to pay them decent wages or provide means to get their products to market. Rockefeller’s railroads put entire communities under the gun and drove them into bankruptcy by rising freight costs prohibitively high, or by refusing to ship their goods if he could not get a favorable split of the action. America exploded into an orgy of riots, strikes, and brutal police repression giving the man in the street the solid opinion that America’s promise was gone for the working man. Waves of unskilled and poor immigrants flooded the job market, driving down wages and making the newly arrived immigrants barred from upward mobility and totally dependent on political machines to survive. The new immigrant was forced to live in slums, paid slave wages, restricted to living in certain sections of town. These new arrivals were frequently impressed by armed gangs working for the political bosses and put to work on public works projects. They were forcibly bussed around town to vote in rigged elections or faced having their legs broken by thugs working for the political machine. That the famous American press, the so-called court of last resort ignored many of these abuses is not surprising. They had already sold out to the elite’s political machinate and now the big city press were mostly owned by elites. Those in the media that voiced contrary opinions soon found their presses wrecked, their press rooms burned, and their editors assassinated or beaten to a pulp. In fact, editors of the political machinates press in several editions of the Chicago Sun Times in the 1890s began calling for the outright extermination of labor organizers by strychnine used in killing “rats.” The condition of the masses, the greed of the elite and the financial and political power they accumulated and their outrageous crimes caught the attention of powerful American journalists and writers, who exposed their crimes and abuses in gripping stories, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, and Upton Sinclair’s unforgettable The Jungle. The Robber Barons were deservedly vilified by journalists exposing their deep corruption and criminality; however, later writers praised them as captains of industry and glorified them. Some historians, who should have known better articulated that Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler invented Fascism and Nazism. They are wrong. Mussolini or Hitler had nothing to teach us about corporatism or Nazism that is the same political ideological construct with a deep racial animosity thrown in. The Robber Barons and the KKK were already here long before Mussolini and Hitler arrived on the scene. The Hearst Newspaper chain lauded European Nazis and the Saturday Evening Post glorified fascists, such as Mussolini. America already had its coterie of Nazis and fascists and did not need lessons from abroad on how to curb civil liberties, how to break labor unions, destroy the free press and to make tons of money from the masses of blue collar workers working for a pittance in industries dominated by Hearst, Ford, Westinghouse, Carnegie, Mellon, Rockefeller, and J.P. Morgan and the Warburg’s.

6. 6 Their power as described by George Seldes (Facts on Fascism) and Gleadon and Hawkins (The Nazi Hydra in America) exposed the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) as a Nazi and Fascist front that under Sam Bush (George H.W. Bush’s grandfather) organized big business on fascist principles. Gleadon and Hawkins exposed how these fascist organizations took over the American press. Joseph Farrell in his seminal, The Nazi International describes how the Nazis infiltrated post-war America and solidified the already existing Deep State foundations under their control. American big business used their huge financial and political power in creating organizations that were used as political warfare weapons against the American people as follows-  The NAM created a strikebreaking cartel with its own private police and thugs  Business groups created the Liberty League to fight civil liberties  The NAM organized anti-labor and anti-Semitic subsidiaries of the NAM  Business associations created and funded a propaganda outlet with a yearly budget over a $1Mn (lots of money in the 1920s) aimed at corrupting the press, radio, schools, and churches  The NAM and other business groups signed pacts with Nazi agents to insert German cartels (IG FARBEN) into the United States  Business associations organized covert drives to make Adolf Hitler an American citizen and to run him as president (they attempted to do the same with Arnold Schwarzenegger)  The NAM and allied groups lobbied against the passage of laws aimed at making foods, medicines, and rugs safe for the consumer  Big business associations sabotaged the war effort in WWII in a conspiracy led by DuPont, and ITT in trading with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during the war. American directors and managers sat on boards belonging to Nazi business interests.  Big business groups organized international cartels with Nazi and Italian fascist branches that during WWII looted occupied countries of their wealth making cartel operatives billionaires NOTE: See Charles Higham’s TRADING WITH THE ENEMY, an expose of American business corporations and their managers who aided and abetted Nazi Germany during WWII. They were never tried for treason, and that includes Prescott Bush and his associates. The power of NAM was enormous. Its secretive Special Conference Committee represented the top American industrial firms such as, AT&T, Bethlehem Steel, chemical giant Du Pont, General Electric, Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Goodyear Tire, International Harvester, Irving Trust, Standard Oil of N.J, US Rubber, United Steel, and Westinghouse. These corporations prior to and during WWII supplied the Nazis with arms and technology crucial to the war effort, such as Tetra Ethyl Lead used in high powered aircraft engines, and the Norden Bomb Sight. PART II: THE RISE OF THE AMERICAN DEEP STATE Some historians trace the rise of the so-called American Deep State by studying the linkages between the English and American aristocracy in financial, business, and political circles. Much of these arcane, but deeply pertinent linkages, arrangements and accords between American and European elites rest with the practices of the Anglo-American establishment and the arrival of the Russell Sage Foundation in the United States, along with the establishment of the secret Skull and Bones society at Yale University, and the

7. 7 establishment of the American Council on Foreign relations (CFR) in 1921, which was the American equivalent of the British Imperial Council. The CFR’s principal founders were Colonel Mendel House, a British agent and Woodrow Wilson’s handler, and Walter Lipmann. The CFR is many different things with an overriding singular purpose to establish a new world order. The CFR serves American presidents as:  A highly secretive club of elites devoted to promoting American exceptionalism as a diplomatic tool, and in furthering American dominance in foreign trade.  A think tank on American foreign policy  An executive advisory group to presidents whose members are appointed to be key political cabinet members of presidential administrations CFR members serve as: 1. Secretaries of State 2. Commerce Secretaries 3. Pentagon War Chiefs 4. Attorney Generals 5. Confidential Presidential Advisors 6. Newsmen 7. Educators Members also include the predominant banks found in the Federal Reserve System in America. This is the money power representing J.P. Morgan; John D. Rockefeller’s banks; financiers like Bernard Baruch; Paul Warburg; Otto Kahn; and Jacob Schiff. The CFR’s true purpose according to its own documents is to build a world government under their exclusive control including the provision for socialist institutions. In its advisory capacity, the CFR claims that it is the real power behind the presidency. Thus, it acts as a shadow government. CFR members also hold top level posts in industry, academia and in research and development. CFR alumni are heavily involved along with the Rockefeller Family in ostensible humanitarian and philanthropy pursuits, such as the Russell Sage Foundation that was linked Nazi Germany and General Motor’s, Alfred P. Sloan. Yale University is the official residence of the infamous American secret society with ties to British and German occultism-Skull and Bones that was imported from the Bavarian Illuminati in the 1850s by William Russell. Many CFR members are also Illuminists and “Bonesmen.” John Kerry, George Bush and George H.W. Bush are all Illuminist Bonesmen. The Russell Trust Association is an Illuminist front group. It was founded in America as a branch of the Bavarian Illuminati by William Russell as its president, and Daniel Coit Gilman as treasurer.

8. 8 Gilman later became president of the University of California at Berkeley and Johns Hopkins University. He was also the first president of the Carnegie Foundation. Gilman also served as one of the first board members of the Russell Sage Foundation. As you can see, the cross linkages between Illuminist groups, secret societies, academia and foundations is very deep and prevalent. One of William Russell’s relatives, Sam Russell founded Russell and Company. Its purpose was to trade in and to import opium. Warren Delano, Jr., grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the company’s CEO. Sam Russell’s partners in the drug trade were key players in establishing American academia and academic institutions under their control. These worthies included John Cleve Green (Princeton), Abiel Low (Columbia), in conjunction with the Joseph Coolidge, the Perkins, Sturgis, and Forbes families. The Coolidge’s organized the United Fruit Company that controlled Nicaragua, and his grandson, Archibald C. Coolidge, helped co-found the Council on Foreign Relations. Moreover, railroad magnate, Russell Sage was a Robber Baron hobnobbing with the likes of fellow Robber Baron Jay Gould. His wife, Olivia Slocum founded the Russell Sage Foundation that prides itself on conducting studies in social inequalities, labor and immigration issues. There is credible evidence to support allegations that Olivia Slocum and her later husband, Colonel Slocum funded a secret group to assassinate Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa. A group of the 29 economists called the Behavioral Economics Roundtable, based at the Russell Sage Foundation in Washington DC, is a part of the Behavioral Economics Project run jointly by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Russell Sage Foundation beginning in 1986. This organization advises President Obama. The project's sponsors are the same clique of Washington and London based geopoliticians, who created the Hitler and Mussolini regimes and serve the postwar influential clique of Nazi war criminals, Nazi businessmen, militarists and intelligence officers inside the CIA and MI6. Authors Linda Hunt (Operation Paperclip) and Geoffrey Simpson (Blowback) delineate the devastating impact the whole scale importation of Nazi war criminals, operatives and intelligence personnel along with Nazi academics had on post war America’s domestic and foreign policy. What can be concluded by the interrelationships, and cross linkages, between fascist oriented businessmen, their political ideologies, and financial influence in America? One direct answer is these relationships between elites, academia, and big business groups serve as the foundation of the modern American shadow government that is the real government of the United States. This shadow government does not serve the people’s interests. It is unelected, unaccountable, self-promulgating, and operates out of secret societies and covert organizations. These covert organizations also serve as the foundation for the Rise of the Fourth Reich-in America. Before discussing the Fourth Reich, we need to look at the real origins of the European Union, the origins of Operation Gladio and the CIA, the importation of Nazi War criminals, intelligence operatives, and bureaucrats into America courtesy of Allen and John Foster Dulles, and principally at John McCloy the American High Commissioner for postwar Germany who facilitated their direct importation into America,

9. 9 but first let us look at a little known organization created by Heinrich Himmler on the orders of Adolf Hitler and established in Madrid, Spain in 1942. PART III: THE RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH IN AMERICA Hitler acted quickly when he learned that Stalin with whom he had sealed a pact to divide Europe into spheres of interest intended to stab him in the back. The issue was the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939. The Pact safeguarded the German rear in the East and allowed Hitler to move against England and the West. By 1941, Hitler had basically defeated all of the European powers and had England on the ropes. When he learned of Stalin’s aims, Hitler struck first and plunged deep into the Soviet Union and almost defeated the communists. However, he ignored several crucial issues, such as the ferocity of the Russian winter and the endless Russian mud in springtime. Moreover, Hitler left England intact enough in his rear to serve as a gigantic aircraft carrier to launch fleets of bombers against his strategic industry and as a springboard to invading the continent. He also compounded that felony by declaring war on the United States, and thus, found himself caught on the sharp tip of a bayonet in fighting the German nightmare-a two front war. However, as Nazi prospects of winning the European war dimmed with the twin defeats at Stalingrad and in North Africa, German geostrategic thinkers were already busy developing the foundations of a post war world in which they would be the dominant players. By the end of 1942, Hitler and his staff began to realize that Germany was finished, as she did not have the resources, manpower, or military power to defeat the allies now waging strategic warfare on her all over the world. Hitler in assessing the situation said to his staff that the answer to Germany’s dilemma rested on the use of her powerful high technology strategic weapons based on rocket and jet technology using the latest guidance systems. In this he was correct. But Nazi blundering, mismanagement, indecisiveness and the steady march of American airpower began to whittle away Germany now under terrific night and day bombardment. Consequently, he turned to one of his chief factotums, Heinrich Himmler. Himmler under Hitler’s express orders had created a very powerful Nazi think tank in Madrid, Spain to study geopolitical strategy and developments associated with the world war. The study group known as the German Geopolitical Center (Deutsche Geozentrale) peered deep into current issues with the war and into the future, and then began making plans based on German and allied intelligence they had gleaned from spies and from communication intercepts between Churchill, and Roosevelt (See: Gregory Douglas, Gestapo Chief… _The_CIA_%26_Heinrich_Muller_%281998%29.pdf). The outcome of several center staff studies suggested that all was not lost. First, they had originated a strategic plan based on deception to unite Europe into a single state with an integrated economy, and military under Berlin’s dominance. This plan was set into motion after the war resulting in the European Common Market, and much later in the European Union.

10. 10 One key component of postwar Nazi aims was to infiltrate Nazi sleeper agents into the West and activate them once certain American personalities in the media, the FBI and in Congress were ready to propagandize the so-called Soviet threat. The real purpose of this was to set off flurries of panic that Stalin and his NKVD troops would be marching down Fifth Avenue. To be sure, Stalin, an accomplished geopolitician in his own right had made plans to conquer Germany and to Sovietize Europe at some point after the war. However, the Red Army was exhausted and Russia was largely destroyed, and did not have the economic carrying capacity or military capability to occupy Europe. Stalin knew this and when he learned of American plans to station Atomic bomb capable B-29s in England, he knew his game was up. The Soviets would not have the Atomic bomb until much later. That the Madrid think tank’s personalities to activate the Soviet threat were used is a fact. FBI’s Hoover constantly issued tirades about commies under every bed. Senator McCarthy hurled invective and accusations about commies hiding in Ma’s Apple Pie. American security investigators went crazy searching out commies in every nook and corner. Pinko actors, writers and activists were hauled before Senate investigative committees and grilled and had their careers ruined. The military-industrial complex went into high gear and overdrive. Every conceivable American industry was harnessed in an all consuming drive to root out commies and to build strategic weapons to blow Stalin and the damnable Russians up. Americans in their frantic alarm about the communist menace agreed to rebuild Germany with their tax dollars and voila! The Marshal Plan saved Europe and Germany from Stalin’s hordes. Hitler and his inner circle must have laughed themselves silly when they saw the American response and the huge stream of dollars that poured into German banks that Nazi insiders controlled. Was there a real Russian threat to America? Yes and no. But it was more internal, focusing on subversive and political warfare than outright military means. And it was found in the fanciful posturing of Nazi connected alarmists serving their purpose in horrifying and frightening the West that Stalin was coming. The main objective was to spook the Americans that hordes of commies were about to invade and to ignore the Nazis under the table planning to do the same, and using the same methods--subversive and political warfare. The scheme worked to perfection. Most of the anti-Soviet information was supplied by Gehlen paper mill authors and by former Nazi hidden inside the United Sates undercover identity such as Heinrich “Gestapo” Muller, the former Gestapo Chief who was advising the US military and Truman on the Soviet threat. The Madrid Center’s plan was brilliant and it was wildly successful. NOTE: See Gregory Douglas’ series of books on Heinrich Muller… Gestapo Chief on Amazon. Also see the Mueller Journals, Bender Publishing. NOTE: Douglas has been painted as a fraudster and raconteur of high order. However, the contents of the books squares with other documentation found in declassified FBI and CIA files and held in certain archives. Do your own research and make up your own mind. NOTE: For the Government record-see this: records/rg-263-mueller.html NOTE: See T.H. Tetens’ obscure but very important 1953 book on German plans to Nazify Europe and the USA. Book in PDF format is in the links section.

11. 11 NOTE: German armaments industry executives set up a Spanish technical center in Madrid to plan for the next generation of German designed assault rifles that were to be made by Heckler and Koch. They planned and manufactured the successful Spanish CETME automatic riffle. See: and The Madrid center’s analysts concluded that what Hitler had to do was to buy time and relocate his forces outside of Germany to South America, and then using Argentina and other offshore bases infiltrate postwar Germany and America with deep cover Nazi agents of influence and takeover the stupid Americans. One key source of financing to make the plan work was Nazi loot confiscated from occupied countries and stolen from Orthodox Jewish interests. Another key source of financing was to infiltrate Hollywood, American oil companies and to take over the world’s drug trade. But first they had to insert their key agents into place to make this happen. They did and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The key to this was provided by Nazi agents, Allen and John Foster Dulles, Illuminist John McCloy the High Commissioner for Germany, American industry insiders, and the CIA. Meanwhile, Germany diverted money to the Madrid center and prepared for the postwar world, especially in Martin Borman’s affinity for organizing new front companies in Spain, Europe and in South America to build German power. Part of this resulted in the infamous Odessa and Der Spinne SS exfiltration and assassination cabal based in Madrid, in Buenos Aires and then in the Bahamas to send SS and war criminals out of Germany via the Vatican “rat lines” and to kill anyone in the way of building a new German order. The plan advanced light years ahead when the CIA imported in 1948 the SS intelligence section from the German Eastern Front and setup shop in Langley under General Reinhard Gehlen, head of Foreign Army Intelligence East. Gehlen employed former SS Nazi intelligence agents and thus, ironically Nazified US intelligence. However, his main job was to run a CIA sponsored intelligence paper mill magnifying the Soviet threat so as to lure Congress and Americans into supporting the covert renazification of Germany as proper and necessary to counter Stalin. This was one of the plank foundations of the Madrid Circular policy paper on postwar Nazi plans to lure the world to sleep so as to insert their operatives into the West. In fact, in accordance with NATO and the CIA’s Bill Colby, a response plan to maintain political control of Europe’s institutions through waging terrorist and unconventional warfare was formulated between Bonn and Washington and secretly put into place. Its main purpose was to wage guerrilla warfare against the Soviets and to assassinate Soviet leaders and accomplices in the West should Stalin saunter into Europe. It was code named Operation GLADIO. Arguably, GLADIO may have based on the Nazi inspired Werewolves a stay behind guerrilla and terrorist movement aimed at harassing allied troops in Germany. US counterintelligence quickly crushed the movement. Meanwhile, Gehlen inserted his chief agent into the US, Baron Otto von Bolschwing, a former SS officer and Eichmann’s superior. Von Bolschwing worked for Dulles' OSS and for the CIA. Later in his US stay he was associated with Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical, and became a consigliere of Richard Nixon. He was a Nixon insider. By 1969 von Bolschwing was in California, the CEO of TCI, a high tech firm with classified Defense Department orders.

12. 12 Helene van Damme, his secretary and Governor Ronald Reagan's future appointments secretary went on to become U.S. Ambassador to Austria. NOTE: see more on Bolschwing here from CIA files-- %20RELATED%20ARTICLES_0014.pdf). See Bolschwing’s links to Helene van Damme and assassination victim Marcus Foster and the SLA here— NOTE: Gladio was activated several times in the West to cope with alleged communist terrorism under the Red Brigades in Italy, Belgium, and in Germany during the Baader Meinhof gang’s rampages. See: and, and NOTE: There is credible evidence that the FBI and the CIA activated domestic American versions of Gladio during the turbulent 1960s and 1970s to deal with student protestors and Viet Nam War dissidents. See Operation Chaos and COINTELPRO. and and Moving forward to the early 1960s, Gehlen the director of German security infiltrated many Nazi agents into Konrad Ardenauer’s government and solidified his grip on German politics. He also did the same in the USA using Baron Otto von Bolschwing as his spymaster and resident SD (Sicherheitsidienst agent. The SD was the Nazi Party’s intelligence service… See- Consequently the center’s postwar plans were now in effect and the great deception game was about to played in earnest. A future Nazi Reich was about to rise-not in Germany, but in America under a plan known as Operation Paperclip. The Paperclip plan was deep and comprehensive and was a deception. Paperclip planners maintained the Soviet threat as justification and as a cover to import under cover names almost the entire Nazi intelligence apparatus into the United States. US intelligence agents, Congressmen and high ranking State Department Officials and powerful businessmen green lit the whole scale importation of Nazis with unique specialties and experience. Among these Nazis were persons with direct experience in-  Powerful weapons of mass destruction  Lasers, rocket and jet engines  Nuclear technology.  Police tactics. Many were very experienced police officers familiar with totalitarian surveillance and police state tactics like SWAT teams (a Gestapo innovation).  Mass murder. Many Nazis in the SS had specialties in mass production death techniques  Commando operations. Many SS special commandos went on to found US Army Special Forces cadres by serving in the US Army and popularized Nazi Einsatzgruppen tactics  Nazi Academia versed in fascist and Nazi ideology and economics. They found new positions in American academia and as government advisers

13. 13 By the 1960s the Nazi infiltration into the USA was almost complete. Nazi scientists ran our advanced weapons programs and high technology programs. They ran our space program and jet aircraft and rocket production facilities. They served in our biotechnology and bioweapons labs. Moreover, they began to influence American social programs and children as Nazi socialist constructs were introduced into the schools. Nazis took over American policing. The Block Watch program is based on a Gestapo program called Blockvarten Kapitein, whereby Gestapo block watch captains spy on the coming and going of residents in housing blocks. American community policing programs are based on Nazi constructs. The infamous use of SWAT teams by American police is a Gestapo innovation. Nazi agents in government took over our foreign policy. And they began to takeover our military. The Vietnam War was based on Nazi counterinsurgency methods and policy originating from the “Ford Foundation” experts inside Michigan State University. Henry Ford was a Nazi sympathizer and war criminal. The Vietnam War cemented the CIA’s grip on the International Drug Trade as the most lucrative business in the world. Crime is a perfect cover for the conduct of covert intelligence operations, and if something goes wrong a criminal fall guy can take the blame (ergo, Jack Ruby). The CIA used many organized crime structures and Mafia henchmen to solidify their grip on the drug trade, including distribution nodes and dealer set ups to push drugs onto the world and American kids (See Dope Inc. and the biography of Lucky Luciano, and Sterling Seagrave’s The Soong Dynasty for revelations of among who in the Anglo-American establishment were high up in the world narcotics trade). The FBI and CIA began using Nazi secret police tactics in America to break up dissident groups and student demonstrations against the Vietnam War. They created powerful drugs that sent many kids on bad trips with no return to reality. The CIA added on to the already extensive German research into mind control techniques and remote control technologies such as those featured in the powerful film-The Manchurian Candidate. Investigators later revealed the CIA’s hand in mind control application under the rubric of MK Ultra and Project Mockingbird. Finally, they began to assassinate people they did not like in America and began killing our presidents. The JFK assassination was the Nazi end game accomplishment of their penetration into American society. The formation of the Common Market and the establishment of the Nazi conceived European Union were simply kitchen duties by Nazi gatekeepers. One of the key operatives to the implementation of the center’s plans rested with none other than Nazi war criminal and arch villain—billionaire, George Soros. His most recent activities rest with the series of “color revolutions” he orchestrated in Europe with his CIA accomplices and Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State, and in the Ukraine’s ghastly Maidan revolution and civil war and finally, with his planned color revolution for the USA-the purple or the velvet revolution that is to lead to a race and civil war. Soros is also responsible with Clinton and the Obama Administration for these events--  The Arab Spring  The murder of Libya’s Gaddafi and the ruination of Libya  The destruction of Syria and the murder of half a million Syrians  The massive Muslim invasion of Europe  The riots and destabilization programs associated with the Occupy Movement and Black Lives Matter that are leading to a serious race war in the USA.

14. 14 Nazis involved with radical Muslims, you ask? Certainly. Hitler saw radical Muslims as useful allies in a global revolution where their fighting spirit, cruelty, and religion would serve Hitler as police henchmen and warders of occupied states. Moreover, they would help him rid the world of Jews. They also had something he badly needed. They had oil to drive his tanks and warships and aircraft. Moreover, there is credible evidence that key SS henchmen such as Adolf Eichman and Otto von Bolschwing acting on Hitler’s orders organized the Muslim Brotherhood as a Nazi ally. Both these officers were posted to Palestine. The Nazi International under former SS commando, Otto Skorzeny operating out of Spain and Ireland provided funds for Arab terrorists during the height of the Cold War. Hitler and his Nazis were deeply involved in the occult. They helped create the now pervasive green movement and the New Age Movement. Arguably, the Nazis aimed at using the New Age Movement to usher in an occultist based world government under their control. Nazi figures were involved along with Alistair Crowley in a deadly form of Satanism involving blood drinking an child sacrifice rituals that are now being exposed by Wiki Leaks and Anonymous as part of the Podesta Group’s apparent Satanic sexual practices involving John and Tony Podesta, Hillary and Bill Clinton, former Congressman, Anthony Weiner, and pedophile millionaire, Jeffrey Epstein. A sober assessment of the postwar Nazi off shore power base in Spain,in North and South America, and the activities of Nazi figures lead to a cold realization that Hitler and his henchmen did not loose WWII. What they did was to take a step backwards and go to ground. They faked their deaths, and then assumed cover identities and used a massive deception plan facilitated by American and British Nazi agents to quietly build power and momentum to surface as the Fourth Reich leading a new world order under their exclusive control. CONCLUSION There is credible evidence to support contentions that fascism as a political construct already existed in late 19th century America. It was espoused and modified over the years beginning with the Robber Baron era in the 19Th century, and revised in the early 21St century, and that operates intact to this very day. If we look at the occultist practices of the KKK and who the originators of the KKK were and the Masonic connections between Albert Pike and the KKK, then we can add that Nazism was invented here in America. The KKK’s Freemasons were already heavily involved in lynching blacks considered as an inferior human species well before Hitler ever arrived on the scene and started killing Orthodox Jews as inferior specimens. Nazi geostrategy mandated the evolution of a new world order under Nazi rule. Thus, only the will of one man, the fuhrer elevated to the status of a deity would determine the evolution and trajectory of global politics, commerce and who would be allowed to live and who would be eliminated by Nazi eugenicists. These very same eugenicists are alive and well in American universities and in philanthropic organizations today. Bill Gates’ father was one of them. The Nazi business model rested on the oligarchic transnational corporate monopolies structured with other firms in global business cartels. Only certain powerful families in the fascist new order would manage international and local economies. The Nazi/fascist government model rested on supreme authoritarian social, political, economic and mental controls imposed in all spheres of life. The citizenry were considered

15. 15 slaves of the state and all were used as spies (even children) against the people. No dissent was to be allowed, nor could one opt out. Only certain forms of the Christian religion would be tolerated, especially if it fit the mold of the spirit medium, Maitreya. All political dissenters were considered enemies of state and slated to be executed. Hitler chose the guillotine for this purpose. In America today, we are seeing the police arrest school children for almost every conceivable childish prank or notion. Children in America today, like in Nazi Germany are incredibly regimented. Children are required to submit reports on their parents. Teachers are used as spies on other children and on parents. Parents are ciminalized for disciplining their kids. Parents have lost their parental rights the same as in Nazi Gemany. Schools in America today resemble prisons. Armed police patrol school grounds. Block Watch Captains in American anti-crime programs spy on residents and report to police intelligence agents. Community policing teams infiltrate neighborhoods and spy out those with too many guns, who hold anti-government views, and who might possess anti-government literature. Today, American police view Christians, constitutionalist republicans, and old school American freedom lovers as terrorists... the same as in Nazi Germany. Civil rights demonstrators are pepper sprayed at random by police, beaten up, or assaulted in police cars and in police jails. Police are no longer held accountable by the courts. The very same happened in Nazi Germany. In fact, anyone carrying out the will of the fuhrer or the Nazi philosophy was above the law. In this regard, under the Patriot Act criminal suspects cannot view the evidence against them, or question their accusers. That was also true of Nazi Germany. In Germany, the Gestapo had the right to approve the hiring of defense lawyers. FBI agents raid anyone espousing anarchist views. Treasury agents raid anyone with guns considered anti-government. Elites constantly attempt to criminalize the possession of firearms and to disarm the people… the very same occurred in Nazi Germany. Only Nazi elites in the Nazi Party could have firearms. A US Senator, Thomas H. Dodd introduced the infamous 1968 Gun Control Act that was based on Nazi gun control laws. George Bush signed off on the disastrous Patriot Act that became law after the 911 incident. It contains the very same Nazi provisions giving the Nazi state total power over the people as found in Hitler’s secret Enabling Act. In this vein, Germany was considered a battleground, Germans as combatants and all were subject to arrest and secret trial and to indefinite preventive detention. Suspects could not hire lawyers without Gestapo approval. Trials were held in secret. There were no appeals and the Nazi state did not have to prove grounds for an arrest. Dissent was considered treason. Political dissenters were beheaded by the guillotine or the ax man. There is little doubt that Nazis originated the “eco-greenie” movement and spawned the New Age Movement to further their purpose of world domination. The Nazis were occultists and practicing Satanists. New Ager Alice Bailey’s Lucis Trust Foundation is a foundation member of the United Nations, arguably the prototype of the world government to be ( The Council on Foreign Relations operates in secret. It is allied with secret societies that appear Satanic in nature. Many high-ranking Nazis were psychopaths, homosexuals, pedophiles and serial killers. The CFR appears solely wedded to the interests of the Anglo-American establishment and seeks to create a world government led by CFR members. It is closely associated with transnational corporations, the military,

16. 16 globalist think tanks and economists. CFR members claim they are the real shadow government and are the President’s most trusted advisers on foreign policy. Big business rules America and always has. Its power is such that it lobbies constantly against the public’s interest in safe medicines, food (GMO), and drugs. Big business has vigorously opposed civil rights, the advancement of women, blacks and other minorities deemed nothing more than scut labor. Big business groups had little problem in vilifying minorities and barring them from upward mobility, owning homes, and higher education. Big business had many fascist and Nazi converts such as Henry Ford, and General Motors’ Alfred Sloan. In fact, big business groups and American banks such as George Bush’s Nazi connected Union Banking Corporation helped finance Mussolini’s fascist party and Adolf Hitler. The Nazi party considered Hitler the Maitreya or the godhead of the Aryan race. The Nazi inspired New Age Movement has announced the return of Maitreya to the worshipping masses of acolytes. Satanic and occultist rituals are sprouting all over the American landscape as revealed by the practice of “spirit cooking” and blood drinking in elite circles. American government groups now openly hold Satanic rituals before convening for business. The American military holds that Satanism in an acceptable religious practice. The head of the US Army’s Psychological Warfare Division, Michael Aquino, and a suspected pedophile is a practicing Satanist Hitler and the Nazis arguably knew the war could not be sustained. They and their American partners and English accomplices planned for their later revival and resurfacing as a new world order movement that sought the imposition of draconian police powers on the world, and the establishment of a one world economic system and religion. Those plans were conceived during the war, in Madrid, and set into motion prior to the end of the war in 1945. Hitler and the Nazis did not loose WWII. Germany surrendered as planned, when they realized that they could not continue with the war, but the key Nazi party leadership did not. Instead, they dispersed to important places around the world serving as a hub to mobilize neo Nazi forces postwar aiming at infiltrating key governments leading to the establishment of the European Union. Subsequently, the Nazi International under Borman’s and Skorzney’s control planned other geographic unions to emerge under their control, such as the Trans Pacific Partnership and North American Union. Once those structures emerged then their control of the world economy and politics would be complete. Nazis in the European Union plan for an eventual European army and police, abrogating the rights of member states and eliminating all member state sovereignty (see the Lisbon Treaty protocols). Nazis in the American government and the European Union planned the Arab Spring, the Libyan and Syrian civil wars and the civil war in the Ukraine. They are planning to encircle Russia and at some point in time, attack and destroy Russia and exterminate the Russian Slavs. This was Hitler’s principal planned objective during WWII. The wartime Nazis planned well. Their post war control of the world’s important intelligence agencies in the West and their dominance of the world’s most important criminal organizations, their grip on the international drug trade, terrorist groups and occultist movements positioned today’s neo Nazis favorably to control the evolution of the 21St century’s economies and politics.

17. 17 The world’s drug trade under their control is estimated to yield about one percent of the world’s total GDP or about $ 400 billion/yr. That financial cushion and the Nazi investments of plundered loot from Jews and occupied nations, and from key military industrial projects enabled the Nazis to take control of the most important American manufacturing and military oriented corporations. Moreover, it resulted in the demoralization and drug addiction of American youth and the following serious social problems.  Teen age drug addiction to hard narcotics  The rise and prevalence of drug dealing youth gangs and associated violence  The increase in taxes necessary to fund police and youth prisons for youth gangsters  The increase of youth offenders in mayhem, occultism and sex crimes  The rise of the child pornography industry  Vast unemployment and the destruction of the American manufacturing industry as it outsourced to Nazi connected entities overseas  The rise in color revolutions and the destabilization of European states on the periphery of Russia  The rise of Nazi influenced Muslim Jihadi organizations and terrorist groups in America and around the world sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood and American politicians such as Hilary Clinton and George Soros and Barak Obama  The rise of neo Nazi groups and violent organizations such as the skinheads  The destabilization of the Muslim rim states in North Africa leading to the chaos produced by the Arab Spring, the ruination of Libya, and of Syria in terrible sect driven religious civil wars The Muslim invasion of Europe has signified the death knell of Europe as a Christian outpost in view of the massive numbers of illegal Muslim immigrants overwhelming European states and European values, including Christianity. European women are raped and reviled as dogs. Christian churches are defaced and ruined by vandals. George Soros brags that his Open Society Foundations were responsible for this and adds joyfully that for a new order to appear, the old one must be destroyed. Now the Obama Administration in tune with George Soros and radical Muslims are poised to open the floodgates to a Muslim invasion of America. Moreover, in America today, Soros and his groups are poised to ignite their latest model of color revolution in America. That is intended to destroy for once and all the fabric of American life and the foundation of American values. Why George Soros and company are not under indictment for numerous crimes including murders, mayhem, assault, and for committing riots and destruction of property is anyone’s guess. Vladimir Putin is not putting up with Soros. Russia just announced that a Russian International Arrest Warrant now exists for Soros’ arrest-dead or alive. There is good evidence to suggest that Soros’ organizations, certain foundations such as the Clinton Foundation, in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee are basically criminal organizations and racketeering influenced organizations subject to American RICO laws. Finally, if we look at the covert pattern of infiltration of Nazi figures, Nazi groups, the tremendous influx of Nazi war criminals who rose to the top of American sciences, academia and industry in conjunction with Nazi methods, and philosophies, and business constructs, one can only conclude that the Fourth Reich is now rising, and it is rising in America.

18. 18 Quntius Dias, November 14, 2016 LINKS packing-industry.html drug-trade-1978.pdf blood-rituals-black-magic/ ny/ html


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