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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: Danielle


Slide1:  Let’s Learn North American Culture Slide2:  What’s up, man! Yo! Man! Whatchup wit chu? Slide3:  A term of respect   Do you think English is rude? We say ‘you’ to teachers and parents in English. This may sound very rude, but there are ways of showing respect in English. You should never say, “What’s up!” to elders. When you talk to elders, you should say “Excuse me, Mr~” When you are asking for something you should always say ‘please’, ‘May I ~’, ‘Would you~’. Slide4:  Hehe! I got you! Slide5:  April Fools’ Day April Fools’ Day is on April 1st. It’s not a holiday. In the spring people want to play jokes on each other. So, they tell a lie to their friends. If the friend believes the lie, he/she will be an “April Fool”. Slide6:  TV Guide Friends, ABC 8pm ET/ 5pm PT Movie: Terminator, Fox 9pm ET/ 8pm CT Slide7:  Different Time Zones   America is a big country so there are different time zones. There are Eastern Standard Time (ET), Central Standard Time (CT), Mountain Standard Time (MT) and Pacific Standard Time (PT). There is a 3 hour difference between the East and the West. Slide11:  Halloween (October 31st) This is the holiday that children like the most. Children carve out the pumpkin and make scary faces. They also dress up in costumes and walk around the neighborhood asking for candy. They first knock on the door and say “Trick or Treat!” Slide12:  Summer Slide13:  Summer Slide14:  Indian Summer  America has 4 seasons. The weather gets cold at the end of fall. But from the end of October to beginning of November a warm weather lasts for about 2-3 weeks. This period is called ‘Indian Summer’. During this time, people wear shorts and T-shirts. Slide16:  Potluck dinner  There are various parties in America. Formal dinner party: The host prepares everything. Casual get-together: The host prepares some food and the guests can bring some too. Potluck dinner/lunch/picnic: All the invited guests bring one dish. Slide17:  I don’t like these wings. Can I get a full refund? But you used them already! Slide18:  I love you~~~ Slide19:  Valentines’ Day In America, Valentines Day is on February 14th. St. Valentine was a minister in Rome. He married many couples and was sent to prison. Those married couples sent him letters to prison. In prison, he fell in love with a girl. He wrote a letter to her and he ended the letter saying “From your Valentine”. Slide20:  Only $2? It’s so cheap! Slide23:  Garage Sale People in America don’t throw out old things. They either give to others or sell them at a cheap price. They put up a sign in the neighborhood about the garage sale. Neighbors can look at the sign and stop by the garage sale to buy things they need at a cheap price. When people are moving to another place, they have ‘Moving Sale’. Slide24:  How old are you? Are you married? How much money do you make? Slide26:  Rain Check When you are watching a sports game at a stadium and it rains, what do you do? You get a ‘Rain check’. You can watch the game next time with this ticket. When you are invited to your friend’s house and you have another appointment, what do you say? You can say, “Can I get a rain check?” This means, “Can I go next time?” Slide27:  I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Slide28:  I’m sorry When do you say I’m sorry? Americans say I’m sorry in 2 situations. First is when they do something wrong. Second is when they hear a bad news from others. Slide29:  I want my steak medium rare. Salad with Italian dressing on the side. Baked potato with sour cream on the side, but with bacon on the potato. Slide30:  Ordering Food When you order food at the restaurant it is okay to give detail description of what you want to order. You can ask the waiter/waitress to cook your food in any way you want. It’s not rude. When you are calling the waiter, you should make an eye contact. Slide31:  What do you think???

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