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Published on November 19, 2007

Author: CoolDude26



Amber Technology specializes in hard to find treatments for animals.:  Amber Technology specializes in hard to find treatments for animals. If you cannot find a treatment for your animal contact Pat at 877-727-8243 or Amber Technology has become the worlds leading expert in the treatment of the Parvo Virus :  Parvaid has been treating dogs Since 1997 with an 85% success rate. “Parvaid was found to have highly effective emollient properties and improved survival rate when used as a support to antibiotics therapy” (study performed in 2001 by Dr. P. K. Srivastava, Asst. Veterinary Surgeon). Amber Technology has become the worlds leading expert in the treatment of the Parvo Virus PARVAID:  PARVAID is an all natural herbal formula designed to help your animals overcome the deadly disease 'Parvo'. PARVAID Tested:  On all dogs treated with Parvaid and antibiotics, Dr P. K. Srivastava stated, “the animal was cured completely by day 3 and no relapse was there”. Parvaid has been proven to significantly reduce the threat of a relapse, which is very common with Parvo. Tested Canine Parvo Virus:  Canine Parvo Virus A highly contagious viral disease. Appears suddenly and has a high mortality rate. Canine Parvo virus strikes with severity, spreads rapidly and in most cases attacks puppies but can affect dogs of all ages. It attacks the lining of the intestinal tract causing vomiting, diarrhea, depression, dehydration and, frequently, death. Parvo can cause life long complications. Weakness in the heart is most common. Epidemic:  Epidemic In the spring of 1978, a worldwide outbreak of disease in dogs struck in epidemic proportions. Canine Parvo virus, not previously recognized, was isolated in dogs in the fall of 1978. Average Recovery Time in Days:  Average Recovery Time in Days Average Dollar Spent:  *Taking the dog to the Vet daily for I.V. treatment **Treating the dog at home with I.V. or sub-que fluids +Parvaid with Pedialyte and antibiotics Average Dollar Spent Average Survival Rate:  Average Survival Rate Parvaid Makes Healthier, Happier Puppies:  Parvaid Makes Healthier, Happier Puppies In other studies it has been shown, dogs that recover using Parvaid recuperate with no long term health problems. Actual customer photo Parvaid can also be used as a preventative.:  Parvaid can also be used as a preventative. When a dog is exposed to the Parvovirus the virus will incubate in the saliva glands and eventually separate.   Part of the virus will enter the bone marrow and destroy the white blood cells, while the remaining enters the intestinal tract where it destroys the lining. The symptoms of Parvo will begin to appear. If treated early, Parvaid can stop the virus from reaching the intestinal tract therefore terminating the illness before the symptoms appear. Amber Labs offers other quality products.:  Amber Labs offers other quality products. Vibactra Kennel-Koff Tummy-Trouble VIBACTRA:  VIBACTRA Amber Labs has now developed an herbal antibiotic for those who prefer to use a natural product. Vibactra is made with olive leaf. For many years olive leaf has been known to be a powerful ant-microbial, killing viruses and bacteria on contact. Vibactra is a very powerful anti-microbial and should not be taken more than once every three hours. It can cause swelling in the throat and severe headaches if taken more than the body can tolerate. Vibactra is a great product to have on hand.   Vibactra should not be used in addition to other antibiotics. Vibactra has a 4-year shelf life. KENNEL-KOFF:  KENNEL-KOFF Kennel Koff TM is used for treating canine Kennel Cough. Kennel cough is most commonly associated with a bacterial infection caused by the organism Bordetella bronchiseptica. The incubation period from the time a dog is exposed until clinical signs appear in general is 3 to 5 days. The infection tends to be mild except for a very harsh cough that often prompts owners to think that their dog "has something caught in his throat". In some dogs it can lead to pneumonia. Kennel-Koff can prevent your dog from developing serious side effects. Kennel-Koff has a 4-year shelf life. TUMMY TROUBLE:  TUMMY TROUBLE Tummy Trouble is used for vomiting and diarrhea. It will also ease the cramping associated with these symptoms. Tummy Trouble can also be used on other animals except cats (due to their weakness in the liver). Tummy Trouble has a 4-year shelf life. Pricing:  Pricing Parvaid Vibactra Kennel-Koff Tummy Trouble Suggested Retail $37.95 $22.31 $22.31 $11.95 MORE TO COME:  MORE TO COME Amber Labs is developing a treatment for Heartworm. WormFree is a natural way of ridding your dog of heartworm. An arsenic derivative is being used in the current treatment for heart worm making the treatment unavailable for older dogs and dogs with a compromised immune system. Amber Labs has developed a way to rid the worms slowly preventing obstruction of the arteries, decreasing the risk of damage to vital organs and making treatment available for more animals. Go to our web site at for more details. Coccidia is a parasitical infection that can mimic the signs of parvo. Coccidia can cause severe diarrhea and bleeding and can be fatal to young and small pets. Current treatment consists of raising the immune system of the animal to fight the infestation. Amber Labs is currently working on a formula to kill the parasite. Slide18:  3814 W. Scranton Dr. West Jordan, Utah  84084 801-966-8895 or toll free 1-877-PARVAID (727-8243) Fax 801-965-0156 Our business hours are 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Mountain Time (GMT-7) Monday - Friday. We are closed on all major holidays.

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