Amazing BLUE Cocktail - BlueChai color-changing cocktail made with dried butterfly pea flowers

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Published on January 31, 2014

Author: BlueChai



Having the coolest drink in the bar is sometimes a goal for some. There are all kinds of cocktails that look great in the glass and cause lots of attention. From flaming shots to the stacked liquors of a “Slippery Nipple”, cocktails have all kinds of cool looks and designs. This recipe yields one of them. This Bangkok Blush is all kinds of cool as it changes color in the glass when stirred! How cool is that!?

The Bangkok Blush took quite some time to perfect. After much trial and error and dilly dallying with the ingredients, The Bangkok Blush was created. This is a very intricate recipe that requires all kinds of ingredients and utensils. From T Dried Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers to Basil Lemongrass Syrup, it is safe to say that this is not the average cocktail. Check out the ingredients below and a detailed look into the drink and its origin on Kitchen Tables And Scraps.

Need the ingredients to make this unique cocktail? Visit to get your hands on these special dried butterfly pea flowers!

Bangkok Blush

2 oz. Blue Gin 1 oz. Basil Lemongrass Syrup 1 oz. Strained Lime Juice Blue Gin: ½ bottle dry gin 3-4 T dried butterfly blue pea flowers baking soda Basil Lemongrass Syrup: 1 c. sugar 1 ½c. thai basil (If you cannot get thai basil, just use italian basil and add 1-2 seeds of star anise. And just one prong off the star, not the whole thing.) 2 T sliced lemongrass 2 c. boiling water For Serving: Limes (1 oz. lime juice per serving) Fine-meshed strainer tea pot, creamer or other container to pour a small amount of lime juice into the finished drink. Ice I n fu se Gin One at a time, remo v e the green base leav es fro m the dried flo wers, keeping just the c o lo rful petals. Plac e the petals in a c lean jar and c o v er with gin. Y o u do n’t need to fill the jar up, just eno ugh to c o v er the flo wers. Stir to saturate the petals. Onc e they are so ftened, y o u c an c rush them lightly against the side o f the jar. This will help speed up the dispersal o f the c o lo r into the gin. Leav e the mix ture to sit fo r a day o r two , until it turns v ery dark blue-purple. Strain o ut the petals and po ur the c o nc entrated c o lo r into a c lean bo ttle. Po ur in additio nal gin until it is diluted to y o ur desired c o lo r intensity (remembering that the c o lo r will be dispersed mo re when it is mix ed into a c o c ktail.) Mo st likely , the bo ttle o f gin will hav e a purplish hue at this po int. A dd 1 / 4t. baking so da to the gin and shake to disperse. Y o u c an add mo re baking so da if it is nec essary to nudge y o ur gin into the blue range o f the spec trum. But go slo wly , and add just eno ugh to get the jo b do ne. A dd just a little and y o u'll nev er kno w it's there, but to o muc h baking so da tastes te rrib le . The c o lo r tends to hav e a mo re purple appearanc e when y o u lo o k thro ugh a greater depth. So ho ld the bo ttle to the side and lo o k at the c o lo r o f the gin at the edges to get a mo re ac c urate idea o f what y o ur gin will lo o k like when it is po ured into a c o c ktail. The infused gin c an be made well in adv anc e-- my c o lo r infused liquo rs hav e sho wn no signs o f lo sing their brillianc e after sev eral weeks. (I 'll update if there is any c hange in the shelf life o f the c o lo red gin, but the c o lo r seems quite stable.)

Mak e Sy ru p Remo v e basil leav es fro m the stems and wash. Slic e lemo ngrass as finely as y o u c an. Lightly bruise the lemo ngrass under the flat side o f y o ur knife. Plac e sugar, lemo ngrass and basil leav es (and star anise, if y o u are using it) in a heat resistant c o ntainer. Po ur in 2c . bo iling water and stir to disso lv e. Co v er the c o ntainer and let it steep fo r sev eral ho urs, until the mix ture has c o o led to ro o m temperature. Strain the sy rup and refrigerate. (Refrigerated sy rup will keep fo r up to two weeks.) Mix Coc k t ail Juic e a few limes and po ur the juic e thro ugh a fine-meshed tea strainer o r c o ffee filter. Y o u want this liquid to be as c lear as po ssible to giv e the finished c o c ktail its gem-like brillianc e. Measure two o unc es o f blue gin and o ne o unc e o f sy rup. I s the c o lo r still a nic e blue? I f so , just c harge ahead. I f it has edged to wards the purple spec trum with the additio n o f the sy rup, y o u might need to add just a pinc h o f baking so da to push the pH bac k to ward neutral. A gain, go slo w, and make sure no t to o v erdo the baking so da. Shake in a c o c ktail shaker and po ur into a martini glass. To c o mplete the c o c ktail slo wly po ur 1 o z. o f strained lime juic e into the glass. (This wo uld be the rec o mmended mo ment to sto p fo r a few minutes to bask in the the o o hs and ahs.) T ips for Coc k t ail Brillian c e. Sinc e the c o lo r is the star o f this sho w, it really pay s to hav e a white bac kgro und. (I t is muc h harder to see the c o lo r c hange against a dark bac kgro und o r c o mpeting c o lo rs.) A white tablec lo th o r plate underneath the drinks wo rks wo nders. I f y o u hav e eno ugh flo wers, y o u c an make the drink as intensely blue as y o u want. BUT I find that y o u lo se so me o f the brillianc e o f the c o lo r if it is v ery highly c o nc entrated. When the drink c hanges c o lo rs it will also appear to lighten. So ex pec t that y o ur finished purple drink will lo o k lighter than the initial blue base.

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