Amassing a Great Wine Collection Isn't Easy, Says Brandon Vallorani

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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: brandonvallorani



Brandon Vallorani is the CEO and founder of Liberty Alliance, and is a practiced entrepreneur with a background in marketing and management. Brandon graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Liberty Alliance is a network of websites dedicated to advancing Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The partners and members of this organization utilize the influence of new media to promote traditional values and generate more than 1,000,000 page views each day. Brandon Vallorani enjoys spending time with his family, hunting big game, and indulging fine cigars and wine with his partners.

It  Takes  Talent  to  Collect  Fine  Wine   By  Brandon  Vallorani   February  25,  2014       If  you  have  a  full  understanding  of  industry  trends,  it  is  possible  to  discover  great   financial  opportunities  in  the  wine  market.  Wine  is  a  drink  that  will  probably  never   go  out  of  style,  and  it  has  been  in  style  since  the  time  of  the  ancient  Greeks.  Today   the  wine  market  continues  to  be  alive  and  well.  A  bottle  of  1811  Ch.  D’Yquem   recently  sold  for  75,000  GBP.  As  this  suggests,  wine  can  reap  great  financial  rewards   if  you  invest  in  the  right  varieties.     One  important  thing  to  understand  before  you  invest  in  wine  is  that  the  market  is   always  changing.  New  trade  routes  opening  has  allowed  for  more  players  to  get  into   the  game  and  put  increased  pressure  on  stock.  The  online  trading  community  has   also  allowed  more  investors  into  the  action.  Fortunately  there  are  websites  that   explain  and  give  transparent  representations  of  wine  pricing,  like  Liv-­‐Ex  and  Wine-­‐ Searcher.      

Bordeaux  continues  to  be  the  bread  and  butter  of  the  wine  market.  The  region  has   the  best  wines  and  the  classification  system  is  easy  to  understand.  Last  year,   Bordeaux  accounted  for  60  percent  of  Satheby’s  sales  and  70  percent  of  Liv-­‐Ex   trading.  Bordeaux  remains  the  pinnacle  of  the  fine  wine  industry  and  investing  in   quality  back  vintages  can  give  great  economic  returns.     The  market  is  beginning  to  widen  with  new  popularity  in  certain  areas.  Emerging   wineries  in  places  like  Burgundy  are  good  to  keep  an  eye  on.  Keep  in  mind  though,   that  many  of  these  producers  are  not  thrilled  to  have  their  wines  used  as  investment   vehicles,  so  be  careful  how  you  approach  some  smaller  owners.     For  the  greatest  return  on  your  investment,  make  sure  you  are  investing  in  the  best.   There  are  many  producers,  vintages,  and  merchants  to  choose  from,  but  a  little   research  can  go  a  long  way  into  helping  you  find  the  best  place  to  put  your  money.   Make  sure  you  trust  your  merchant  and  you  are  on  your  way  to  a  great  investment   in  the  fine  wine  market.     Brandon  Vallorani  is  the  CEO  and  founder  of  Liberty  Alliance,  and  is  a  practiced   entrepreneur  with  a  background  in  marketing  and  management.  Brandon  graduated   from  West  Virginia  University  with  a  Bachelor’s  of  Fine  Arts  in  Graphic  Design.  Liberty   Alliance  is  a  network  of  websites  dedicated  to  advancing  Life,  Liberty,  and  the  Pursuit   of  Happiness.  The  partners  and  members  of  this  organization  utilize  the  influence  of   new  media  to  promote  traditional  values  and  generate  more  than  1,000,000  page   views  each  day.  Brandon  Vallorani  enjoys  spending  time  with  his  family,  hunting  big   game,  and  indulging  fine  cigars  and  wine  with  his  partners.    

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