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Published on January 24, 2008

Author: Hillary



Progress of Chinese DTV Standardization:  Progress of Chinese DTV Standardization AVMSC (Audio, Video & Multimedia Standardization Commission) Zhao Xinhua 2004-5 Shanghai Chinese national standardization system:  Chinese national standardization system According to the STANDARDIZATION LAW OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA: Standard layers and levels: GB, industry standard, regional standard & enterprise standard. Range covered: GB – security, sanitary, cross-industry SJ – industry standards and specifications DB – regional standards, for security and sanitary only Q/XXXX – Functionalities and performance of specific product. According to the LAW OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA ON PRODUCT QUALITY: Every product should follow its enterprise standards and the standards of the upper level. Requirement of DTV Standardization:  Requirement of DTV Standardization Market background: TV set manufactured: 40 million/year. TV set installed: 350 million. Number of manufacturers: ~ 20 enterprises, ~ 1000 upstream & downstream operations. Number of TV stations: 1074. Culture background: TV entertainment has already become one of the most popular entertaining method. Digital TV has a brilliant future in China market. Goal of Standardization:  Goal of Standardization Deliver an integrated Chinese DTV standard system. Provide technical support for DTV content authoring and service operation. Provide a scientific technical system for DTV terminal industrialization. Provide broadcast entertainment services for the end-users. Highlights of DTV Standardization:  Highlights of DTV Standardization Highlights: At the end of 2000 the special case for DTV standardization was proposed by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Standardization Administration of China. In May 2001 the National DTV Standardization Expert Commission was funded to draft the standardization requirement, software architecture and system as well as the ways of working. In Dec. 2001 the MII Standardization Meeting Initialized the standardization work for DTV terminal products Set up a standardization work team, which began developing the standards Chinese DTV Standardization Administration:  Chinese DTV Standardization Administration Standardization Administration of China SAC National Development and Reform Commission Industrialization Leading Team DTV Standardization Organization Chart:  DTV Standardization Organization Chart DTV Standardization Expert Commission National Broadcast and TV Standardization Technical Commission AVMSC Standardization working team Standardization working team SAC SARFT MII DTV Standard System:  DTV Standard System Source Channel CA Data Broadcasting Receiving Middleware Interface Display National Broadcast and TV Standardization Commission AVMSC Achievements of Standardization Work(I):  Achievements of Standardization Work(I) Source Video: MPEG 2 Audio: stereo MPEG2, surround audio format to be defined. Channel Satellite: DVB-S, for transmission and coverage. Solution for live broadcasting? Cable: DVB-C test broadcasting, time table for improvements. Terrestrial: Transmission standard still under discussion, DMB-T, ADTB-T or CDTB-T? May finally integrate into one solutions. Achievements of Standardization Work(II):  Achievements of Standardization Work(II) Conditional access: Standard has been worked out, there are still problems left for implementation. Data broadcasting: Standardization on-going. Terminal standard: Product performance and functionality standard Product testing standard Related reception standard has been drafted. Due to uncertainties in the transmission system, part of the standard will be delayed. Achievements of Standardization Work(III):  Achievements of Standardization Work(III) Middleware: The specifications for software architecture, software functionalities & performance and API has been finished. The testing suite and the software upgrade mechanisms are still under development. Interface: AV、YPbPr、RGB、AV。。。。 HDMI、DVI。。。 Interactivity interface Separation of STB and CA Achievements of Standardization Work(IV):  Achievements of Standardization Work(IV) Display: PDP, CRT, DLP, LCD and LCOS. Most of the standardization work has been finished Standardization of core components: Standardization work on tuner and display. Next steps for DTV Standardization:  Next steps for DTV Standardization Personal views: DTV return channel IP-based DTV transmission technology Open software platform New high-efficient audio/video compression algorithm standard Source copy protection standard Regional content service standard Existing problems of DTV Standardization:  Existing problems of DTV Standardization Uncertainty of transmission system which bring negative effects to the standardization. Undefined broadcasting service models Build up of technical evaluation and measurement methods The corresponding IPR protection The corresponding compulsory product certification system Conclusion:  Conclusion The Chinese DTV standardization and industrialization is making rapid progress The current work is focused on channel and display equipments. Collaboration of various resources are required to build an integrated Chinese DTV standard system by technical R&D and cooperation. An open environment is needed for foreign companies and corporations to work together and help local companies to achieve a win-win result. Slide16:  Thanks!!

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