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Published on May 25, 2018

Author: kellyEstes


slide 1: What is Die Casting The die casting process injects molten metal under high pressure into precision steel dies. 1 These diecast dies are precision machined from high quality tool steel. 2 The tool steel is then heat treated to exact specifications. 3 The Aluminum casting China dies are normally cooled with water but they can also be cooled and/or heated with oil. 4 Movable or slide cores can be added to core details which cannot be cast with the normal open and shut function. 5 The dies are held together during injection by diecast machines rated in tons i.e...400 ton....1200 ton etc. The machine tonnage is the amount of tonnage which the machine has available to hold the die halves together during injection. 6 After the cavities are filled and pressure is applied. 7 The Aluminium casting China machine opens and ejects the casting from the die. 8 The dies are then given a light coat of release agent and the cycle is ready to begin again. slide 2: The Zinc die casting process is called the "hot chamber" process. It gets this name from the fact that the metal delivery 9 "gooseneck" is submerged in the 10 molten zinc. The zinc is forced into the die via a 11 plunger piston. Since the shot system gooseneck is submerged in the molten zinc the gooseneck is ready for the next shot as soon as the piston returns to the home position. Cycle times for hot chamber zinc can range from 100 to 400 per hour for conventional type machines and from 300 to 1000+ per hour for miniature type machines. In the aluminum casting process the 12 "Shot sleeve" is not submerged in the molten metal. Thus the term "cold chamber" is used. The shot sleeve is filled with molten aluminum by either 13 Manual ladle or automated ladle and then the material is forced into the die by 14 a plunger piston. The cold chamber process differs from the hot chamber because cold chamber requires moving metal into the injection system before each cycle. Cycle times to over 100 per hour are possible with some configurations. Aluminium die casting China can be used as cast or finished in a variety of fashions. For example Vibratory finishing wheelabrating plating chromate anodized paint powder coating e-coat etc. to name a few. Diecastings are easily machined using conventional machining methods.

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