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Published on May 15, 2008

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Aluka training for, a digital library by and about Africa

Aluka Training 3.14.2008 Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 1

I can change the language to English, French, or Portuguese by clicking here Public pages provide general information such as Help and background materials Menus link to related pages Exercises: 1. Explore the Menu options 2. Go to Help Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 2

Log In allows you to create an Aluka User ID and log in Getting Started Guide is available in PDF format so you can save or print it. I can find information on how to search and view materials in Aluka Exercises: 1. Go to Log In Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 3

If I log in, I can save and share all the materials in Aluka. I can also save and share measurements, views, browses and searches. Aluka Passwords are case-sensitive I can create my own User ID by clicking here Exercises: 1. Go to Create User ID Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 4

I can see that my access is through my institution I can create an Aluka User ID with this form I can see the benefits of logging into Aluka Exercises: 1. Create User ID 2. Go to Homepage Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 5

I am logged in as myself I can click Advanced Search I can enter the library by clicking on any of the browse categories for that content area Exercises: 1. Go to Uses in African Plants 2. What can we expect to find there? 2008 Ithaka Harbors Copyright 6

I can browse further into the collection by choosing a category I can click on the number of objects to go directly to that results list I can Add another category if I want to narrow my browse further Exercises: 1. View Results for Medicines Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 7

My Browse Path is beginning to take shape I can limit the objects per page to 20, 50, or 100 I can click on the Species page link to go directly to the Species page Exercises: 1. Go to Species Page 2. What kind of information is Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors collected there? 8

I can explore the Species Page by clicking on any of the tabs Species Pages contain a host of information, including Family and Genus Types, Accepted Names and Synonymy, Specimens, Use information and Flora Exercises: 1. Go to Specimens 2. Open Specimen in Viewer Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 9

The Viewer always opens in a separate window and can be resized The Viewer has many powerful tools. I can drag my cursor over each tool to see what it is I have many different ways to view this specimen Exercises: 1. Explore tools 2. Zoom in and measure scale Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 10

The measurements are not calibrated yet. I can fix this by clicking Calibrate. Each specimen has a scale so that I can calibrate measurement. The Measurement tool allows me to measure the specimen Exercises: 1. Go to Calibrate Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 11

I can read the instructions on how and when to calibrate I enter the new measurements and click Calibrate. Every measurement I take thereafter will be calibrated Exercises: 1. Enter new measurements and click Calibrate 2. Measure specimen and click Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors Measurements 12

I can save my Measurements. I can enter Comments as well My new measurements are calibrated to centimeters Exercises: 1. Enter Comments and click Save 2. Zoom in on Specimen and click Regions Ithaka Harbors Copyright 2008 13

I can also Save the Image to my computer I can also Save Regions of the specimen by clicking Regions. I enter Name and Comments to save it for later Exercises: 1. Enter Name and Comments and click Save 2. Where is this information saved? Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 14

I can Close the Viewer by clicking here I can save as many regions as I want Exercises: 1. Close Viewer window and go to Homepage 2. How can I get to the Homepage? Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 15

Everything I save is saved in My Aluka If I want to see the full browse page, I can click Explore More There are many more types of African Plants materials than specimens Exercises: 1. Go to letters for African Plants Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 16

There are many viewing options for each object, including Download PDF, Larger View and Viewer I can click Add/Edit tags if I want save an object Exercises: 1. Click Add/Edit tags Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 17

All materials are saved in My Aluka A tag is a word or phrase I use to save my object. It can be any word or phrase. I use University of Ghana so I can remember later. I can add Comments if I want. Comments will help me remember why I saved this object Exercises: 1. Enter tags and comments and click Save 2. Where is this information saved? Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 18 3. Go to homepage

I can change the language to English, French, or Portuguese at anytime I can see some of the browse categories for the Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes content area Exercises: 1. Go to Sites in Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 19

I can always see how many objects are left to browse I can also view Rock Art sites by clicking this tab I can go to any of these Heritage Sites by clicking the name or by clicking the number of objects next to the name Exercises: 1. Go to Elmina 2. Click See Site Page Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 20

This is a Site Page. I can see all the tabs across the top Each Site Page will have an introductory essay written by a scholar in the field. These essays are excellent introductions for students and teachers to the importance of the site. Exercises: 1. Explore the tabs for the Site Page 2. Go to Diagrams Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 21

A Diagram map will outline all the scanner, camera and video renderings of the site. I can click on any part of the map to see an image taken from that location I can always View last Browse Results at anytime Exercises: 1. Click on part of the map to find images taken from the site 2. Go to Documents Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 22

How can I save the book? The Documents tab has textual materials, including these books. I can see some information about the book. If I want to see the complete information, I can click on Metadata. I can download the entire book in PDF form if I want If I have a slow Internet connection, I can click Text Pages to see a text only version of the book Exercises: 1. Click Add/Edit tags Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 23

If I want to use the same tag again, I can just click it here I can enter tags and comments to save the book Exercises: 1. Enter tags and comments and click Save 2. Where is this information saved? Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 24

Site Pages also have 3D Objects, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Video I can click on the Aluka logo at anytime to go directly to the homepage Exercises: 1. Go to the Homepage Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 25

I can access the Rock Art sites directly from the homepage Exercises: 1. Go to Rock Art Sites 2. View Results for Namibia Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 26

I have the same viewing options as before The metadata is very important for Rock Art; often, there is a description of the Rock Art itself Exercises: 1. View the metadata for Rock Art 2. What kind of information is Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors in the metadata? 27

I can see that the man is carrying a bow and arrow I can open multiple Viewers and compare them side by side Exercises: 1. Open two Rock Art examples in the Viewer and compare them Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 28 2. How do I move the Viewer?

I can drag the Viewers into any position I want them. Viewers open in separate windows so they never interfere with my browse The same tools are available. I can zoom in to see the Rock Art more closely Exercises: 1. Zoom on object 2. Click Regions and Save Current View Ithaka Harbors Copyright 2008 29

I can make separate comments for this image as well. What is painted on his chest? I can Save Regions. I can use Comments as my notes. I want to know what kind of animal is this and why is it so important Exercises: 1. Enter name and comments and click Save 2. Close Viewer windows Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 30

I can Save my Browse so I don’t have to create it again. This will save me some time later I can see the name of the Collection above the examples I can see the Advanced Search on the left Exercises: 1. Go to Save Browse Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 31

I can save a browse the same way I saved other materials; I add tags and comments as I did before Exercises: 1. Enter tags and comments and click Save 2. Go to Advanced Search Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 32

I can isolate my search in one content area Wildcards (*) can be used in your searches to produce results with related forms of words Boolean operators can be used (AND, OR, NOT) in the Search field I can see the range of materials available by using the Resource Type dropdown menu Exercises: 1. Limit search to Struggles for Freedom 2. Search for Tempo magazines from 1975-1976 Harbors Copyright 2008 Ithaka 33 3. Open result in Book Viewer

For multiple page documents, I can open the Book Viewer. The Book Viewer will also open in a separate window, but it has many different tools I can turn the page by clicking here I can see an index of all the pages in this magazine Exercises: 1. Explore Book Viewer tools 2. Zoom on image Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 34

I can zoom in and Save a Region as I did with the other Viewers To return to the original two- page view, I can click here Exercises: 1. Save zoomed Region 2. Close Book Viewer Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 35

All my saved information can be found in My Aluka I can View my Search History to go to a previous search or browse from this session Exercises: 1. Go to My Aluka 2. What information has been saved there? Ithaka Harbors Copyright 2008 36

I can see all my tags and the number of times I have used them I can share tags, but first I have to choose which one to share. So I choose the University of Ghana tag I can see all the objects associated with my tags Exercises: 1. Click University of Ghana Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 37

I can share my tag by clicking here Exercises: 1. Go to Share this tag Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 38

I can enter up two 20 email addresses or I can copy and paste the URL into something else, like a class assignment or a syllabus I can change the message any way I would like Exercises: 1. Share tag with classmate or Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 39

I can see this is a different person. This is the person I sent the tag to My colleague can see the tag in her Community Tags. It will not interfere with My Tags She can see who shared the tag with her Exercises: 1. Explore Community Tags tab 2. Go to Homepage Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 40

If you have any questions, take a look at the Help menu or contact Aluka User Services at Any questions? Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 41

Exercises 1. Create your own User ID 2. Save an object and add comments 3. Open the Book Viewer and Save a Region 4. Open the Viewer and investigate a specimen 5. Share a tag with or a colleague Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 42

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