Aluka Struggles For Freedom Training 4.1.2008

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Information about Aluka Struggles For Freedom Training 4.1.2008

Published on May 15, 2008

Author: gallagher.michaelsean



The Struggles for Freedom in Southern Africa Content area on Aluka (

Aluka Struggles for Freedom in Southern Africa Training 3.14.2008 Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 1

I can change the language to English, French, or Portuguese by clicking here Public pages provide general information such as Help and background materials Menus link to related pages Exercises: 1. Explore the Menu options 2. Go to Help Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 2

Log In allows you to create an Aluka User ID and log in Getting Started Guide is available in PDF format so you can save or print it. I can find information on how to search and view materials in Aluka Exercises: 1. Go to Log In Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 3

If I log in, I can save and share all the materials in Aluka. I can also save and share measurements, views, browses and searches. Aluka Passwords are case-sensitive I can create my own User ID by clicking here Exercises: 1. Go to Create User ID Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 4

I can see that my access is through my institution I can create an Aluka User ID with this form I can see the benefits of logging into Aluka Exercises: 1. Create User ID 2. Go to Homepage Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 5

I can find training materials, including short videos, under the About Aluka>Resources menu I can access all three content areas directly from the homepage I can see a list of Partner institutions from About Partner under the Content menu Exercises: 1. Go to Regions>Africa for the Struggles for Freedom in Southern Africa content area Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 6

I can add another category to my browse at any stage I can click the number of objects next to the name to go directly to those results Exercises: 1. View Results for Namibia Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 7

I can see my Browse Path. I can return to any part of the browse simply by clicking it I can Search in these Results. This will further limit my search, but I have to be sure to click Search in Results first. In this case, I will search for “divestment” in these 916 results Exercises: 1. Search in Results for divestment Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 8

I now have 143 results I can view the object in many ways, including Download PDF, Text Pages, Larger View, and Viewer. I want to see the metadata so I click Metadata Exercises: 1. View metadata Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 9

I can information that I can use to cite this source I can see the same viewing options to the left. I want to save this object so I click Add/Edit tags Exercises: 1. Go to Add/Edit Tags Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 10

A tag is a word or phrase that you use to remember the object; in this case, I save this report with the tags Namibia and report I can see the tags that I have used before I can add comments if I want. Comments can help me organize my research further Exercises: 1. Add tags and comments 2. Save Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 11

All my saved materials can be found in My Aluka I can click the Tagging Bar to save multiple objects at the same time Exercises: 1. Go to Advanced Search Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 12

I can isolate my search in one content area Wildcards (*) can be used in your searches to produce results with related forms of words Boolean operators can be used (AND, OR, NOT) in the Search field I can see the range of materials available by using the Resource Type dropdown menu Exercises: 1. Limit search to Struggles for Freedom 2. Search for Tempo magazines from 1975-1976 Harbors Copyright 2008 Ithaka 13 3. Open result in Book Viewer

For multiple page documents, I can open the Book Viewer. The Book Viewer will also open in a separate window, but it has many different tools I can turn the page by clicking here I can see an index of all the pages in this magazine Exercises: 1. Explore Book Viewer tools 2. Zoom on image Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 14

I can zoom in and Save a Region as I did with the other Viewers To return to the original two- page view, I can click here Exercises: 1. Save zoomed Region 2. Close Book Viewer Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 15

I can always refine my search by clicking Edit search I can View my Search History to go to a previous search or browse from this session Exercises: 1. Go to My Aluka 2. What information has been saved there? Ithaka Harbors Copyright 2008 16

I can see all my tags and the number of times I have used them I can share tags, but first I have to choose which one to share. So I choose the University of Ghana tag I can see all the objects associated with my tags Exercises: 1. Click University of Ghana Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 17

I can share my tag by clicking here Exercises: 1. Go to Share this tag Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 18

I can enter up two 20 email addresses or I can copy and paste the URL into something else, like a class assignment or a syllabus I can change the message any way I would like Exercises: 1. Share tag with classmate or Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 19

I can see this is a different person. This is the person I sent the tag to My colleague can see the tag in her Community Tags. It will not interfere with My Tags She can see who shared the tag with her Exercises: 1. Explore Community Tags tab 2. Go to Homepage Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 20

If you have any questions, take a look at the Help menu or contact Aluka User Services at Any questions? Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 21

Exercises 1. Create your own User ID 2. Save an object and add comments 3. Open the Book Viewer and Save a Region 4. Use the Advanced Search to search for magazines from Mozambique 5. Save your Advanced Search 6. Share a tag with ( or a colleague Copyright 2008 Ithaka Harbors 22

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