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Published on February 23, 2014



PowerPoint Presentation:  A model from Panama INVESTMENTS IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT "I believe it to be perfectly possible for an individual to adopt the way of life of the future. . . without having to wait for others to do so." Mohandas K. Gandhi :  Altos Escondidos is Panama’s only Eco-Luxury Resort Community. Located on the Continental Divide, with pristine views of purple blue mountains rolling to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, with Gatun Lake which feeds the Panama Canal as a backdrop, the development consists of 75 secluded Eco-Luxury Residences, Boutique hotel and Holistic Spa, set in a tropical rain forest. PowerPoint Presentation: “ Sustainability is about ensuring that development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” PowerPoint Presentation: The opportunity exists to invest in a Sustainable project with a triple “ P “ bottom line PowerPoint Presentation: Project concept : How Altos is being built during the world economic crisis . Sustainable as a green development and sustainable as being frugal in cost savings during the development of the project. How the idea came up ( Location, Giving back to the community and people). How the project analysis and development is being valued to be a sustainable project and keeping the cost down and being profitable . PowerPoint Presentation: Sales and marketing ( Global sales and marketing campaign and launch from Europe ) Financial State of the project (process of capitalization of the development and management of the project without any loans.) Sustainability and value: the key to driving change in the property Industry . Altos-project is going to make high financial returns by preserving the environment , helping people and making a profit. Economic Sustainability:: Economic Sustainability: Return OF the initial investment. Return ON the investment. Residual Income from Boutique Hotel, Spa and Wellness Center. Potential Residual income from Water bottling from the 3 Aquifers on the land, for the rest of your life. Residual Carbon credit Income from the Green Areas for the rest of your life. Social Sustainability: Social Sustainability Fundación Chichibali - Agriculture, Community Center supported and funded by sales at Altos Escondidos Education & Training Stimulation of the local economy by creating green collar jobs . Incorporation of new green technologies in the local community . Preventive Health and First Aid Help Services Environmental Surroundings.: Environmental Surroundings. Design & Construction meet the highest sustainability standards New Green Cutting edge technologies (Solar, Wind & Water preservation) Direct and indirect impact of the project on the Environment Agriculture / Green Space Preservation Carbon credits Conclusion:: Conclusion: At Altos Escondidos , a positive link between sustainable and value added investment is being achieved, which has unlocked investment opportunities. The first Real Estate project in Panama to offer good quality investment marked with international sustainability standards. Altos Escondidos offers sustainable life styles. A model in peace with nature . Panama Government environmental agencies (ANAM) and environmental NGOs ( ANCON ) refer to Altos Escondidos as “a model to follow”. PowerPoint Presentation: We, at ALTOS ESCONDIDOS , believe that “the Ultimate Luxury in Sustainability is giving back to the people and protecting the environment while we make a profit “ w w w . a l t o s e s c o n d i d o s . c o m PowerPoint Presentation: By AthisayaRAJ Mahadevan CEO, Altos Escondidos S.A. w w w . a l t o s e s c o n d I d o s . c o m

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