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Published on April 20, 2014

Author: sardire

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EDW 2014 http://edw2014.dataversity.net April 27 - May 1 in Austin @EnterpriseData #edw2014 http://www.altiliagroup.com/


www.altiliagroup.com Smart Data is the new way forward! Massimo Ruffolo, CTO ALTILIA Tuesday, April 29, 2014 03:00 PM - 03:30 PM http://edw2014.dataversity.net/sessionPop.cfm?confid=79&proposalid=6158 AUSTIN,  TEXAS            April  27-­‐May  1,  2014   ENTERPRISE DATA WORLD 2014

About ALTILIA © Copyright 2014 ALTILIA s.r.l. 3 •  Founded in 2010 as a research spin-off. •  Based in Italy with headquarters in Rende (CS), Calabria, a subsidiary in Milan, and a team of 20 high-skilled employees. •  In November 2011 won the Italian Innovation Prize "Working Capital”. •  In 2012/2013 has raised € 2,6M in a “series A” funding from Principia SGR, the most important Italian venture capitalist. •  In April 2013 one of the eight most Innovative Data Management Companies & Solutions at Enterprise Data World in San Diego, CA. •  Customers in Italy and USA using MANTRA product offering Includes Predictive Intelligence in Digital Marketing and CRM in eCommerce, Media, Finance and Risk Profiling and Cyber Security for Telcos and Utilities Founder/CTO Founder/CRO MASSIMO RUFFOLO Mail: massimo.ruffolo@altiliagroup.com  Mobile: +39 334 6792080 Skype: massimo.ruffolo Twitter: @massimoruffolo LinkedIn: it.linkedin.com/in/massimoruffolo ERMELINDA ORO Mail: linda.oro@altiliagroup.com  Mobile: +39 334 6769589 Skype: lindas2s2 Twitter: @lindaoro LinkedIn: it.linkedin.com/in/lindaoro

Key takeaways from EDW 2014 © Copyright 2014 ALTILIA s.r.l. 4 1.  Simply collecting, joining, consolidating, managing Big Data is not enough. To be useful you need semantic middleware with contextual processing (machine learning + natural language processing) with right enabling infrastructure (Hadoop + more). 2.  Context is king and as the demand for real-time business decision making intensifies, semantic middleware with cognitive analytics bridges gap between Big Data and practical decision making.

© Copyright 2014 ALTILIA s.r.l. 5 Key takeaways from EDW 2014 3.  MANTRA ‘Smart Data’ platform uses contextual workflows with explicit + implicit data semantics to unify disparate web and enterprise unstructured and structured data with a schema agnostic approach that lessens need for data scientists, information architects, ontologists, taxonomists, etc. 4.  MANTRA saves time and money for application developers enabling them to build and deploy smart applications so users can get faster business insights for more informed decisions.

CONTEXTUAL WORKFLOW DESIGNER © Copyright 2014 ALTILIA s.r.l. 6 And  you  don’t  need  to  be  a  data  scien0st,  informa0on   architect,  ontologist,  taxonomist,  machine  learning  expert   to  use  contextual  workflow  designer.  

© Copyright 2014 ALTILIA s.r.l. 7 Modeling, Acquisition, Normalization, Transformation, Actuation ARCHITECTURE CLOUD APPs ELASTICSEARCH SPARQL ENGINE CASSANDRA MONGO DB NEO4J ZOOKEEPER HDFS (HADOOP FILE SYSTEM) HBASE SPARK MAPREDUCE (YARN) PIG HIVE SQOOP MAHOUT CONTEXTUAL WORKFLOW LAYER DATA SOURCES LAYER INTERACTION LAYER SMART DATA MEMORY API for developers GUI for analysts MASHBOARD for business users </> $ EXTERNAL DATA SOURCES INTERNAL DATA SOURCES Third party e-commerce Third party Systems and Applications Data Open and Linked Data E-commerce Newsletter DB NoSQL NewSQL DBMS DMS CMS CRM SCM ERP On-Line Media Social Media MANTRA Smart Web & Document Data Capture MANTRA Smart Product, Social, Customer, Content Intelligence 3rd party applications Superior to screen scrapers, ETL tools, Connotate, DiffBot, complementary to DataSift and GNIP.   More accurate product and intelligence and customer behavior analysis with reduced churn and greater customer loyalty.

NEXTPLORA Use Case © Copyright 2014 ALTILIA s.r.l. 8 http://business.nextplora.com

CUSTOMER NEED Social Marketing research firm seeking to combine traditional opinion surveys with online and social media contents for the analysis and correlation of keywords, entities, topics, profiles, patterns, perceptions, sentiment. SOLUTION ALTILIA’s Smart Social and Content Intelligence enables to connect entities and concepts (contextual classification) with people associations (intent, interests, social behavior) to understand customers behavior and expectation. BENEFIT MANTRA contextual processing offers cost effective high precision insights and sentiment analysis for traditional opinion surveys and web social media with easy ability to add and customize web content sources. © Copyright 2014 ALTILIA s.r.l. 9

BANZAI Use Case © Copyright 2014 ALTILIA s.r.l. 10 http://www.banzai.it

CUSTOMER NEED Banzai is an Italian ecommerce player with private shopping web site saldiprivati.com for fashion, electronics, jewelry, furnitures, etc. sourced from name brands so there’s a need to monitor daily deals on competitor web sites like Amazon BuyVIP. SOLUTION MANTRA Product Intelligence contextual workflows to automatically navigate web sites and extract product category, name, price, discounted price, availability, etc. to create reports in MANTRA smart data layer that are immediately actionable. BENEFIT Banzai achieves competitive advantage for product and pricing strategies then by using historical customer data can perform targeted marketing for promotions and discounts based on predictive analysis. © Copyright 2014 ALTILIA s.r.l. 11

6SICURO Use Case © Copyright 2014 ALTILIA s.r.l. 12 http://www.6sicuro.it

CUSTOMER NEED Italian online car insurance comparison service where users submit manual web forms (user name, vehicle type, risk class, etc.) so fast accurate semantic data extraction service for pdf or images with reduced errors would be cost effective improvement. SOLUTION MANTRA Document Data Capture automatically extracts from risk statements in pdf or image format sent to 6sicuro web site servers by its users, so human don’t need to analyze and interpret the risk statements saving time and avoiding errors. BENEFIT Significant improvement in customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty, and reduction in customer churn. © Copyright 2014 ALTILIA s.r.l. 13

For more product info and other ALTILIA Customer Use Cases see www.altiliagroup.com For a discussion and demo of Contextual Workflow Designer come by Booth #18 info@al(liagroup.com   The  company,  product  and  service  names  used  in  this  presentaCon  are  for  idenCficaCon  purposes  only.  All   trademarks  and  registered  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respecCve  owners.   Copyright © 2014 ALTILIA s.r.l. - All Rights Reserved - P. IVA IT 10780921002 Thanks. Mail: massimo.ruffolo@altiliagroup.com  Mobile: +39 334 6792080 Skype: massimo.ruffolo Twitter: @massimoruffolo LinkedIn: it.linkedin.com/in/massimoruffolo MASSIMO RUFFOLO FOUNDER/CTO Mail: linda.oro@altiliagroup.com  Mobile: +39 334 6769589 Skype: lindas2s2 Twitter: @lindaoro LinkedIn: it.linkedin.com/in/lindaoro ERMELINDA ORO FOUNDER/CRO Mobile: 360  868  4435   Skype: sardire Twitter: @sardire LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sardire STEVE ARDIRE ADVISOR TO ALTILIA

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