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Published on January 22, 2008

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Slide1:  Guy Duke, DG ENV Aggregating biodiversity indicators for policy purposes-sense or non-sense? ALTERnet workshop, 28 September, Brussels . Is there a need for a European Biodiversity Index? What is expected from it? Contents:  Contents Lisbon and SD strategies Comparing indicators Comparing processes Quality requirements Next steps: a biodiversity index? EU Ecosystem Assessment Lisbon and Sustainable Development Strategies:  Lisbon and Sustainable Development Strategies Lisbon responds to the immediate threats to European prosperity and its social model by focusing on growth and jobs SDS responds to the wider and deeper threats to European and global prosperity and quality of life and trends which could prove irreversible if not tackled effectively now 2 complementary strategies Some overlap in indicators But different processes ! Biodiversity indicators: Comparing SIs and SDIs:  Biodiversity indicators: Comparing SIs and SDIs STRUCTURAL INDICATORS Population trends of farmland birds Fish catches from stocks outside 'safe biological limits‘ Protected Areas for biodiversity: Habitats Directive SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INDICATORS (inc. best needed) L1 (Biodiversity Index) Population trends of farmland birds Fish catches from stocks outside ‘safe biological limits’ L2 Sufficiency of Member States proposals for protected sites under the EU Habitats directive L3 Change in status of threatened and/or protected species Biodiversity indicators: Land use SDIs:  Biodiversity indicators: Land use SDIs (Including best needed indicators) L2 Land use change, by category Built-up area as a % of total land area Exceedance of critical loads of acidifying substances and nitrogen in sensitive natural areas L3 % of total land area at risk of soil erosion % of total land area at risk of soil contamination % of forest trees damaged by defoliation Fragmentation of habitats due to transport Processes: 2006 review of SIs:  Processes: 2006 review of SIs Eurostat Quality profiles Council Inter-Service meetings Quality criteria Information note (ISC) Council requests Commission Annual Progress Report Updated SIs Commission services proposals ESS statistical improvements Aug. 06 Sept. 06 Oct. 06 March 07 Processes: Current SDI set:  Processes: Current SDI set Eurostat Commission Technical Working Groups Commission services SDI Task Force 9 meetings 2001-2005 TF meetings IS consultation Input/co-ordination Communication Feb. 05 First monitoring report Dec. 05 Processes: 2007 review of SDIs:  Processes: 2007 review of SDIs SDI WG Current SDI list Eurostat Council ISC on new SDI list Commission Revised SDI list Communication on new SDI list MONITORING Nov. 06 Feb. 07 May 07 July 07 Sept. 07 Dec. 07 Monitoring report Progress report Quality: SI quality criteria:  Quality: SI quality criteria Unambiguous, easy to read and understand Policy relevant Mutually consistent Available in a timely fashion Comparable across Member States and with US and Japan plus Norway and Iceland if possible Selected from reliable sources / Metadata Does not impose too large burden on Member States and their respondents COM(2002) 551 final Quality: SI and SDI quality profiles:  Quality: SI and SDI quality profiles Relevance / potential restriction in use Data availability Accuracy and comparability (across time and countries) Overall technical assessment (A, B, C) Development perspective Contribution to the set Next steps: A biodiversity index?:  Next steps: A biodiversity index? 2003 General Affairs Council: indicator on biodiversity ‘could be’ included in short list 2004 Environment Council welcomes set of headline biodiversity indicators 2006 European Council: elaboration of a structural index on biodiversity 2006 Biodiversity COM: a biodiversity index developed as SI and SDI in 2007 Next steps: best needed indicators:  Next steps: best needed indicators A biodiversity index? State Response Pressure other? State indicator:  State indicator Change in status of common bird species Trends in abundance of selected species: Pan-European Common Bird Index :  Trends in abundance of selected species: Pan-European Common Bird Index Indicator ready Data collected, indicator developed/produced by NGOs 18 countries included 24 year time series State indicator:  State indicator Change in status of threatened bird species Slide16:  Europe has relatively few Globally Threatened Birds. Global RLI works less well at smaller scales because trends are driven by fewer species. Minor improvement between 1988 and 1994 due only to increase of Madeira Laurel Pigeon. More recent downturn reflects declines of a few very rare species (e.g. Sociable Lapwing). Global Red List Index for birds in Europe Slide17:  European Red List Index for birds in different habitats Farmland birds remain in dire trouble in Europe. Slide18:  European Red List Index for birds listed on Annex I of Birds Directive Status of Annex I birds stabilised during 1990s. Slide19:  European Red List Index for birds on Annex I with a Species Action Plan Status of Annex I birds with SAPs has improved. Response indicator:  Response indicator Protected areas for biodiversity Progress in SPA classification :  Progress in SPA classification Km2 Indicator ready Data collected for Natura 2000 network Indicator provided by European Commission EU 15 Member States Data since 1986 Response indicator:  Response indicator Sufficiency of protected sites Distance to target – Habitats Directive:  Distance to target – Habitats Directive Distance to target – Habitats Directive:  Distance to target – Habitats Directive Slide25:  IBA target is available – now we just need the ‘distance’ towards it. But – this is still a relatively short-term response indicator. What really counts is conservation status of IBAs and (S)PAs. Requires field-based monitoring against quantified objectives. Already underway for Habitats Directive. Needs to be extended. Pressure indicators:  Pressure indicators Land use changes Main habitats: Corine Land Cover 2000:  Main habitats: Corine Land Cover 2000 Source: EEA Slide28:  Summary statistics and graphs from CLC 1990 and 2000 Source: European Environment Agency National classification of land cover based on remote sensing images Indicator under development by EEA 30 countries included 23 countries with 1990 and 2000 snapshots Ecosystem Assessment for Europe?:  Ecosystem Assessment for Europe? Concept under discussion ENV/EEA Linked to evaluation of 2010 commitments EU Headline Biodiversity Indicators by CBD Focal Area:  EU Headline Biodiversity Indicators by CBD Focal Area + Funding to biodiversity + Public awareness & participation + Patent applications Slide31:  Have we halted biodiversity loss by 2010? Illustrative Example Set of biodiversity indicators...:  Set of biodiversity indicators... … be considered within the bigger picture Core Questions for Ecosystem Assessments:  Core Questions for Ecosystem Assessments What is the rate and scale of ecosystem change? What are the consequences of ecosystem change for the services provided by ecosystems and for human-well being? How might ecosystems and their services change over the next 50 years? What options exist to conserve ecosystems and enhance their contributions to human well-being? Slide35:  THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!

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