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Published on February 5, 2008

Author: Vilfrid


Developing an Alternative Fuels Fleet: Middlesex County (NJ) Experience:  Developing an Alternative Fuels Fleet: Middlesex County (NJ) Experience Middlesex County Department of Transportation May 2007 Alternative Fuel Vehicles:  Alternative Fuel Vehicles Hybrid Sedans Hybrid Sport Utility Vehicles Bio-diesel Trucks County Commitment to Change:  County Commitment to Change Middlesex Freeholder Board commits to goal of 10% of all new vehicles being hybrid (January 2004) Delivery of first 5 hybrid sedans (July 2004) Delivery of 22 hybrid SUV and two sedans (March 2006) Order of 7 hybrid sedans (January 2007) Budgeted for 3 hybrid sedans, 1 SUV for 2007 Why Go Hybrid?:  Why Go Hybrid? Reduce total cost of vehicle operation Reduce total fossil fuel consumption Reduce air pollutant emissions State hybrid vehicle purchase rebate program County $500 hybrid vehicle rebate program 2005 Cost Comparison: Toyota Prius vs Dodge Stratus:  2005 Cost Comparison: Toyota Prius vs Dodge Stratus Toyota Prius Annual Depr: $2995 MPG: 48 Fuel($1.75) $547 Fuel($2.50) $781 Total($1.75) $3542 Total($2.50) $3776 Dodge Stratus Annual Depr: $2398 MPG: 17 Fuel($1.75) $1544 Fuel ($2.50) $2205 Total ($1.75) $3942 Total ($2.50) $4603 2006 Cost Comparison: Ford Escape vs Jeep Liberty:  2006 Cost Comparison: Ford Escape vs Jeep Liberty Ford Escape Annual Depr: $4164 MPG: 33 Fuel ($1.75) $795 Fuel ($2.50) $1136 Total ($1.75) $4959 Total ($2.50) $5300 Jeep Liberty Annual Depr: $3176 MPG: 17 Fuel ($1.75) $1544 Fuel ($2.50) $2205 Total ($1.75) $4720 Total ($2.50) $5381 1st Quarter 2007 Hybrid Performance:  1st Quarter 2007 Hybrid Performance Toyota Prius Miles: 19,686 Gallons: 453.7 MPG: 43.4 Total Vehicles: 6 Ford Escape SUV Miles: 88,270 Gallons: 3964 MPG: 22.3 Total Vehicles: 22 Greenhouse Gas Tons/Year:  Greenhouse Gas Tons/Year 2005 Toyota Prius 3.4 2005 Dodge Stratus 7.8 2006 Ford Escape 6.0 2006 Jeep Liberty 9.5 EPA Air Pollution Score:  EPA Air Pollution Score 2005 Toyota Prius 9.5 2005 Dodge Stratus 3.0 2006 Ford Escape 9.5 2006 Jeep Liberty 6.0 Middlesex County Sedan and Light Truck Fleet Mix:  Middlesex County Sedan and Light Truck Fleet Mix Total Vehicles in 2006: 664 Total Hybrid Vehicles in 2006: 29 Total Hybrid Vehicles on Order: 7 Total 2007 Vehicles to be Purchased: 35 Total 2007 Hybrids to be Purchased: 4 Projected 2007 Hybrid % of Fleet: 6% Bio-Diesel Demonstration:  Bio-Diesel Demonstration Purchased 1000 gallon tank Purchased 80/20 diesel/bio mix Operated 7 Diesel Dump Trucks State rebate covers difference between bio-diesel and diesel fuel cost per gallon 1st Quarter 2007 Results:  1st Quarter 2007 Results Miles Driven 8815 miles Gallons 1968 gallons Cost per gallon $2.16 Total Cost $4251.00 Bio-diesel MPG 4.47 Diesel Cost/Gallon $1.94 Past MPG 8 Conclusions:  Conclusions The case for hybrid is stronger for sedans than for SUV The case for hybrids is stronger as fuel cost per gallon increases Bio-Diesel at 80% diesel mix is not going to save money but no maintenance issues Alternative fuels will reduce pollution regardless of the cost scenarios

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