Alternative Energy Market part 2

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Information about Alternative Energy Market part 2

Published on January 4, 2016

Author: MonikaSomogyi


1. Alternative Energies in The U.S.: Investment Potential in the near Future

2. Table of Contents Page Title: Page Number: U.S. Profile 3 Alternative Energy Sources 16 Biomass Energy 18 Geothermal Energy 28 Hydroelectric Energy 39 Solar Energy 50 Wind Energy 60 Government Energy Management 75 Top Five States Using Renewable Energy 81 Page Title: Page Number: Top Five States: States Vs. EPA 99 Energy Companies in Each Sector 114 Biomass Energy 117 Geothermal Energy 129 Hydroelectric Energy 141 Solar Energy 151 Wind Energy 159 Investment Outlook 168 Work Cited 178

3. Alternative Energy Sources: The top 5 renewable energy sources used in the United States.

4. Five Types of Renewable Energy: Wind PowerSolar Power Biomass Geothermal Energy Hydroelectric Power Compiled By author from

5. Biomass Energy: Six Types- Direct Burning for Domestic Heat Electric Generation Co-generation Gastrification Anaerobic Digestion Biofuels Compiled By author from

6. Biomass Energy: Top 10 Trends- Prevents waste build up Diverts 30 million tons of organic waste Makes up 4 percent of power generation capacity Clean energy Reduces carbon dioxide Its carbon neutral Does not threaten forest Uses waste byproducts Most of it is used in the residential sector In the future incentives will increase demand Compiled by author from Sources and

7. Biomass Energy: Market Outlook-  The market suffered during the economic downturn  2010 saw more movement as co-firing coal plants began to rise

8. Biomass Energy: Market Outlook-  In 2011, the market value for electricity generated was over $45 billion  Biomass has increased with the employment of tax credits and legislation

9. Geothermal Energy: Facts-  U.S. FACT:  California has more than 40 geothermal power stations producing five percent of the state’s needs  World FACT:  Philippines, Iceland, El Salvador are generating more than 25% of their electricity needs through geothermal plants

10. Geothermal Energy: Top 10 Trends- Marginal growth and smaller projects More education on exploration Marketing is a challenge that they will be facing There will be an increase in public engagement More region events to show what geothermic energy can do Industry associations will help promote the industry More activity by larger companies There will be in increase in supply price No big financing deals for the industry Larger interest in direct use projects Compiled By author from source

11. Geothermal Energy: Market Outlook-  In 2013, investments and emerging technology continue to increase geothermal output  Low-temperature electricity generation units have gained popularity and account for a large portion of the overall geothermal market

12. Eight States Operating Large-scale Geothermal Plants: Alaska California Hawaii Idaho Nevada New Mexico Oregon Utah Compiled By author from

13. Hydroelectric Energy: Facts-  Hydroelectric provides 20% of the world’s energy needs  It is an environmentally friendly energy alternative  Resources are not depleted

14. Hydroelectric Energy- Top 10 Trends- Growth still occurring Installed capacity had a net increase of 1.48 GW Upgrades and modernizing is constantly happening Post licensing is taking longer Project size is normally small Projects in FERC amount to 331 or 4.37GW New projects need to operate in such a way so not to harm the dam Incentives have supported new projects Each state defines eligibility a certain way Operational mode of fleet is flexible Compiled by Author from source

15. Hydroelectric Energy: Market Overview-  Represents 8% of the nation’s capacity  Wind is slowly growing in Texas and Iowa  Constructing new facilities is limited since most suitable sites have already been exploited

16. Solar Energy: Facts-  The are two main solar systems:  Panels: Used to collect heat, for hot water, space heating and air conditioning  Collectors: Focuses on an intense beam on a vessel or pipe containing fluid

17. Solar Energy: Top 10 Trends- Record PV installations Approaching Price Parity Installations of Solar battery systems New financing models advance Community Solar energy system Solar tariffs are here to stay California in 2015 will become global leader in solar power penetration Very costly All though it is clean and sustainable, building solar panels isn’t Continue to grow in a vertical fashion Compiled by author from sources and

18. Solar Energy: Prices- Compiled By author from

19. Solar Energy: Growth Expected Through 2016- About 20,000 MW of solar capacity is estimated to come online over the next two years More than 16 states expected to top the 100 MW mark by 2016 The upcoming expiration of the reduction of the Investment Tax Credit is expected to lead to a 57% decline of installed solar capacity in 2017 Compiled By author from

20. Wind Energy: Facts-  Wind power contributed 4.5% of U.S. electricity demand in 2013 and was used in 39 states  The U.S. can produce more than 10 times its energy needs using wind power

21. Wind Energy: Top 10 Trends- Wind Jobs are increasing Wind installations are moving up Wind benefits every state Cost are going down Wind is a top source of new GEneration Wind is a top source of new GEneration Corporations want wind Carbon and water savings greater than previously thought New transmission opens new areas for development New Wind records show its Reliability U.S Leads World in Wind Compiled By author from source

22. Utility-scale wind deployment through 2013 Wind Energy: Market Overview- Compiled By author from

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