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Published on March 4, 2014

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Luke Crumb is an Italian indie alternative pop rock singer songwriter performer composer producer researcher
Luke Crumb unveil new video Take It easy backstage Alternative Composer Luke Crumb Interviewed by Jacqueline Cassel for Luke Crumb started his career as singer songwriter in Italy in 2003, was awarded by the Song of The Year in the Rock Category for “Excellence in Songwriting” in 2005, recorded his first indie EP in 2007. After being able to reach audience from USA to Australia, he composed, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered his first full length album I.A.M., a pop/rock opera in two parts (24 tracks in total). In this album Luke Crumb introduces his “Theory of the Man Creator” which is a way to support human dreams through music. We got to know Luke better in the short interview below, enjoy! Entertwine: How did you get your start into playing guitar and singing? Luke Crumb: My Mother says I began to sing “Before speaking” and I’ve memories of me looking out the world and sing, as a matter of fact I was born the 8th of December, just like Jim Morrison. When I was 6 years old I asked for a guitar, I felt attracted and I wanted to play it, so my parents bought me a guitar but in the neighbourhood where I lived there wasn’t a guitar teacher, what a bad luck! Only at 17 I’ve learned to play guitar self-taught while watching music channel on TV. It was a continuing challenge till I played my first chord. ET: What was it like growing up and playing music in Italy? Was it hard to get your own sound out to other countries like the US? LC: As odd as it sounds, I received more positive criticism from U.S. than Italy. I always found walls when talking about my music theories, although people’s reaction at live performances was always outstanding. I grew in what I call “last Rock Era”, before the Internet took advantage of common “Fame Hunger”. Italy is a place where music and arts in general are always growing, there’s so much experimentation and will of brand-new that could fill the entire European music industry. ET: Who are some of your influences when it comes to playing music, and why? LC: The first one and constantly cultivated are The Beatles, they brought so much innovation and their melodies are almost everlasting, Twist and Shout is the song by which I first danced with myself, what a catharsis! I currently play in a Tribute band in the role of John Lennon, before I did Paul McCartney for 2 years. The second one and long lasting big influence onto my life are R.E.M., they literally saved my life, with their songs they reached places inside myself that I didn’t know before. It is understandable that at the time of composition I use to run through again their discographies to find a missing piece in the puzzle of brand-new music. ET: Tell us a little about your song, “Take it Easy.” What does this song represent, and what is the story behind the video? LC: This is the catchier, simple song that I composed when I moved to Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). I was looking for a change and signs told me that people had what I need. In Tenerife “Take It Easy” is most than a slogan, is a lifestyle. When I realized, I really have changed my life. The video has an interesting story, in fact was shooted in two different countries, yes while I was in Tenerife my girlfriend (Azzurra) stayed in Italy, we connected by video calling and we discussed about screenplay, I launched the song and that’s all… Watching the video now will be funnier. ET: You have a full length album titled, “I.A.M.” Do you plan on releasing new material in the near future? If so, what can listeners expect to hear from you? LC: I’m planning to release the full album I.A.M. in the next months. This album is what I called “a music trip” in a new style that we could call maybe “quantum rock”. Surely you will find more comfortable with the definition of “pop/rock opera”, in fact this album has two parts for a total of 24 tracks. It’s my last challenge to re-unite my two big passions: music and philosophical writing, introducing my personal “Theory of the Man Creator” which is also the results of scientific researches I personally done that conducted me to create my own style called “8HzMusic”. To conclude this album is more than a pleasant melodic pop/rock parade is the first support beyond the common five senses.

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