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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: ivanslides


OBJECTIVES To explain the concept of alternative assessment. To identify benefits of alternative assessment. To experience and analyze some alternative assessment techniques.


CLARIFYING CONCEPTS Testing vs Assessment Formative vs Evaluative Formative Assessment Testing Where are my SS? Evaluative What decisions to make?

KEY CONCEPTS IN ALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENT • Authenticity (Real life task) • Communicative (Knowledge vs. Performance) • Clear criteria (What to evaluate) • Opportunities for self/peer assessment

SOME BENEFITS OF ALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENT • Evaluate the process and product of learning • Evaluate and monitor instruction • Support students’ psychologically • Promote autonomous and self-directed learning.


PORTFOLIO • Collection of ss’ work • Correction by teacher/classmates • A piece of work ss can feel proud of

I SAID WHAT? (recorder needed) In pairs Ss interview each other and record Ss listen to their responses Ss identify their mistakes and plan how to correct them

HOW DID YOU LIKE MY PRESENTATION? Prepare a checklist with defined criteria Option: Criteria may be negotiated with students. Ss perform their presentations A peer (friend) evaluates the presentation. ASPECT Grammar Vocabulary Fluidity Clarity TOTAL Good 5-4 Acceptable 3-2 Needs improvemen t 1-0 Score

HOW DID YOU LIKE MY PRESENTATION? Do you agree or disagree with the next idea? Teachers need to have a high level of self motivation. ASPECT ORGANIZATION Interesting intro. Clear transitions SUPPORT Adequate examples Detailed info. TIME Sticks to time limit TOTAL(max. 10) Good 2 Acceptable 1 Needs improvement 0 Score

PICTURE DISCUSSION Good for grammar Show a picture In pairs or groups Ss write as many examples as possible. In pairs or groups Ss correct their classmates’ examples

THREE-SENTENCE-SPEECH SPEAKING TEST TSSST T launches a question Ss answer the questions with at least three sentences Ss share • What’s your favorite vacation place? • • • My favorite vacation place is Paracas. Paracas is beautiful. The Candelabro is located in Paracas.

Q.E.R.O Ss write a QUESTION using a specific grammar structure Ss ask the question to one classmate plus a follow-up question for EXTRA info. Ss REPORT their first findings to a new classmate. As a whole class Ss explain their OPINIONS about the activity.

PLANNING MY LEARNING Assign homework/task Distribute an agenda with detailed steps Teach ss to use the agenda by checking on steps they have been completing Set up deadlines for the steps (Time management) Select an artist Research his/her bio Write 6 sentences Check for errors PracticePronunci ation Present it

IMPORTANT Remember to be patient when implementing the strategies. In language teaching, as in education in general, there is no “magic wand” to solve all problems at once.

REFERENCES J.D. Brown, “New ways of classroom assessment” Douglas Brown, “Principles of language assessment” Shaping the way we teach, “Module 10: Alternative assessment” NCLR “Alternative assessment” at


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