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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: animeangel1983



Generation 3 brings in some surprises, sorrows, glitches, and general inappropriate heartfarting...

Finally got around to playing the ever entertaining Altered Fates legacy. Both my heirs graduated with honours, though for some reason Kitian was only Magna Cum Laude and not Summa Cum Laude, that actually belongs to Jewel if you can imagine…not sure how she pulled that one off. But anyway, last chapter there was a little teaser at the end of Tybold and his intergalactic trip through the stars. Did he bring back a little green present? Wouldn’t you like to know? Ha, well you have to visit Duality A first. Which ironically I played second this time. *cough* Why are you still here? Shoo. Next slide.

Lee: So…where is that girl you’re supposed to be marrying? Kitian: Dad, it’s 3 am she’s probably asleep. Kiara: Is she nice? How come you never let us meet her before you proposed? How are we supposed to be the scrutinizing in-laws about the girl our baby boy is marrying? Kitian: Exactly why I didn’t let you meet her. I’ll call her tomorrow when it’s daylight.

Kiara: Off to hold the city for ransom again? Lee: Yep, coming back to pretend you didn’t know I was the Llama King? Kiara: Yep. Lee: I’ll make sure to leave a nice mess for you. Kiara: I’m looking forward to it.

Kiara: Just go easy on Marylena, she’s only my lieutenant. Lee: I make no promises. Kiara: I’ll sell off all your expensive “Buy Me” crap you wanted if you don’t. Lee: Touché. Well played dear.

Night wedding!! Lee actually had the night off so I used it while I could. And neither of them rolled the usual wants to “See relative get married”, not even Kiara. I was sad. And half the guests decided to raid the fridge rather than see the couple get married. Why did I set it all up if no one was going to come? Kiara: Shh, Voice. My little boy is getting married.

Steffi: Why is the background white? We blend in too well. Kitian: The curtain is just brighter because the lights are in the wrong place. Steffi: But you can hardly see my cute embroidery work on my dress… Kitian: Here, let’s do this first then complain to the Voice’s avatar after. Steffi: Okay.

And with that, Steffi Gothier became Steffi Alpha. Sounds like Stuffy Alpha sometimes, I nearly type that out. She brought like $12 000 and a crap load of Downtownie inventory items that I promptly sold. Now the Alpha house has more than $100 000 in the bank, which is making Fortune capitalist Lee drool. He wants all kinds of crap…

Kitian: Hey…whoa…nice dress. And two bolts nice…so you’re the Voice’s avatar? Ani-Mei: Aw crap…damn those bolts…yes I am. Kitian: I was going to complain about something…but I forgot what it was now. Ani-Mei: I’m so glad you’re not Tybold… Kitian: Who?

Ani-Mei: You were going to complain about the backdrop, weren’t you? Kitian: Oh yeah I was. Why was it white when our formal wear is white? Ani-Mei: Well the only other one was black and black is not you and white is nice. Kitian: There was also red…why didn’t you send that one? Ani-Mei: White is nicer.

Kitian: So is red…I like red. I like redheads too… Ani-Mei: Didn’t you just get married like five minutes ago? Kitian: What? Oh right…I did. Steffi. My wife. Ani-Mei: Yes…her. Remember her?

Ani-Mei: This is a strange coincidence…Kitian AND Tybold both like me…though Tybold has never seen me… Alternate Universes…seems to prove how alike yet different both are. Creepy. Ani-Mei: He doesn’t even match my turn ons…why the two bolts? WHY? *shrugs* Beats me. I blame karma…yeah karma.

Kiara: She’s wearing my dress isn’t she? My son is looking at her like drooling puppy isn’t he? Tucker: Golly gee Mrs. Alpha…I sure like that dress…but you suit it better, Yessirree. Kiara: You’re sweet Trevor. Tucker: Tucker ma’me. My name is Tucker.

Jewel: So Aaron, I got released from the Sim Bin just for this. Are you behaving? Do I have bimboes to kill? Aaron: *gulp* Umm of course I‘ve been good, I can’t wait for our we-wed-wedding dear…*sweats* Jewel: That’s a good boy. I knew you would behave.

Tucker: Gosh, Miss Jewel sure is purty….wait, didn’t this used to bother me? Jewel: Did you have to bring Llama boy? Aaron: He insisted. He refused to let me leave until I let him come. She’s lucky I nuked his love/crush on Jewel after she got caught “cheating” with Aaron while he was Vo Gerbitting on the Greek house lawn. I had the door locked so no slap fests ensued….but she did get all fast motion rapidy when the boings went off. It was weird to see. O_O

And no sooner than I fulfilled his want to Stargaze, they go and take my Alpha heir too. He wanted this , the fake Family sim. His knowledge half is stronger is seems. Kitian: But aliens means BAYBEEZ!! Family sim like baybeez… I stand corrected; the two work in tandem to get him platinum fast…

Four hours later: Kitian: I take it back, no baybee is worth THAT!! *rolls want to meet aliens again* You lie. You loved it. Although I had to Sim Blender him preggers since for some reason I got no chimes. I was jipped.

Steffi: Look what you missed. Now we’re going to have three babies in the house, I think I feel twins in here. Crap. >_< Kiara: Ooh, Lee is so hot isn’t he Neko? Yes he is…yes he is.

I nearly missed this…but yes, there was the infamous There’s TWO new babies in the family pop up… Steffi: Why did I want to do this again? AIYEEE!! Family sim. That’s why.

Is it just me or do those purple eyes look really creepy with Skin 4? *shivers* Steffi: Shut up Voice, my baby is beautiful the way she is!! Right, still creepy. *nods*

Steffi: Here, hold your daughter. I’m not done. Kitian: Daughter? Steffi: Yep. Kitian: She has my eyes.

Steffi: Almost there!! *huffhuff* And she gives me a boy, with Kiara’s skin and Lee’s green eyes…well I guess some CC genetics can be beat and some can’t. The first born of generation 3, Darla and her twin brother Daven. Don’t know why I picked D names, I liked the look of Daven. More interesting than just Dave, right?

Here, have some cute kitteh spam. Neko is an old kitty now, she still looks the same but the looks of her life bar give me sadness thoughts. How long do elder animals live anyway? I don’t know if I want her to go…she looks like my real kitteh who is pretty old himself. This year he’ll be 17 years old and that’s 115 in human years…

This is my real kitty. Tuna. He’s got light green eyes just like Kiara’s kitty. *luffs him*

Oh look birthdays! Yeah, kitteh spam was filler. Babies just aren’t interesting when I can’t be bothered to put them in those bouncy things. Kiara: Hold onto him Lee!! Daven is a squirmer. Lee: Take your own advice, looks like you’re barely holding onto Darla there. Kiara: I know how to handle babies.

This is Darla, and so far she’s adorable. If you don’t stare into those eyes… Darla Alpha Cancer 8/7/4/4/7 Serious, outgoing, nice , and neat but also lazy.

And her twin, Daven. Who looks a little off. Or maybe it’s just the wide eyes and the realization that the custom recoloured FT toddler table doesn’t show the blocks they play with… Daven Alpha Aries 6/10/6/4/6 Houston we have a nekkid streaker kid, repeat we have a nekkid streaker kid. Seriously, where did those outgoing points come from anyway?

And then Kit learns why you don’t Search for UFO’s at night. Yes, he’s already preggers so they can’t send him back with another…but Mr. Half-Knowledge got a nice big 8000 point boost for this, or maybe it was the toddler training…not sure. Kitian: NOT AGAIN!! You asked for it. Ask and ye shall receive.

Kitian: They still toss me out…what if the spawn got hurt? Oh don’t worry Kit honey, you bounce it’s fine. *patpat* Kitian: My ass hurts… TMI…Kit. TMI.

Kit, were you on that telescope AGAIN? Kitian: It’s not what it looks like!! I swear!! I can quit the telescope anytime I want to, yes I can!! But now…BAYBEE!! Kiara: Yay!! Grandbaby!!

Kiara: Husband is so hot!! Grandbaby!! +8000!! Kitian: BAYBEE!! +8000!! Steffi: This is so wrong… Lee: You’re telling me.

Aww, no nose, squinchy ears, no purple eyes…  Kitian: Baybee, my space baybee. *rolls want for 10 kids* Yeah…no ten kids for you. Anyway, this is Diana another girl and also named for the Roman goddess of the moon.

Wait, Kiara is that a cake? You’re still young… Kiara: Yes it’s time for my final birthday Voice. I have three grandbabies now it’s time I looked the part. How time flies huh? Kiara: Indeed.

Kiara: See? I’m still me Voice. Just a little slower now that’s all. I see…but we have better clothes for you. Kiara: Yes, I figured you would. But if you’re old then…

Oh…noes…Kitteh!! Neko!! *cries* Kiara: No, not my sweet little Neko-mimi!! She’s been with me forever!! The grandkids haven’t even played with her yet!! *cries* Kiara: Voice!! Stop her from going!! My grandbabies need to see her!! Can’t…too emotional…*bawls*

*blows nose* Well I knew it was coming, though I thought she had another day or two. Neko Alpha, founding cat, lived to be 34 days old. Saw Pink Kiara through those lonely first days as a founder just starting out and got to meet the generation two kids…but not the generation 3 ones…they never even got to play with her or scruffle her…or…*cries again*

Kitian was at work and missed it. But he came home in time for Diana’s toddler b-day. I guess circle of life and all that…let’s see the little green nooboo…

Well, what do you know? She’s cute in yellow. Diana Alpha Virgo 10/5/10/2/8 Interesting personality. I think I may have my heiress. I go by most nice points in this hood for heirs and she beat her twin siblings by one.

House filler shot!! Yes this is the updated Alpha house with a two story mausoleum and a hot spring as well as some playground stuff for the kids, a soccer net for the Sports whiners Steffi and Kiara, and another car for Kitian. I hated the helicopter that he was getting as a Top Artist. The blue Mustang is his, and the black sedan is Lee’s.

And now for some Beta boys. As I spoilered before, Tybold got probed but didn’t give me a green nooboo alert. But this time I didn’t use the Sim Blender, I have another idea in mind for my purple bad boy here. Hehe. Tybold: Not funny Voice, I wanted a vision of loveliness to greet me when I returned Why won’t you come see me? I have a fear of being perved on by Romancer nerds like you…*ahem*

But first, a detour. And Mr. Pink-Haired Goth Komei clone here greets you. MPHGKC: Pink is very manly, it goes so well with black trench coats. Yeah…sure. Anyway…

Remember Jane? Tyrone’s love? Well I had a rather disturbing glitch with her graduating. She couldn’t leave the Uni hood. Every time I made her Call cab Back to Duality B, she would glitch and drop the phone without even dialing. Moving her out after the 72 hour post-graduation days did nothing. It got suck on Returning Home and wouldn’t move. I tried to age her up to adult with Sim Blender, it worked but she was still trapped on the Uni lot…so I had a choice; nuke her or use alternate methods to free her from Uni.

Jane: How did I get here and who are you? Gabriel: I summoned you here. You haven’t met me but I am the Voice of Duality B, my name is Gabriel Angel. I run this town. Jane: I thought the Voice was female? Gabriel: She is, she orders me around. But I’m in charge here.

Jane: That doesn’t tell me why I’m here. Gabriel: You glitched; and pretty badly too. So I summoned you here, Tombstoned you to my household, and now I’m going give you some new clothes and boost to adulthood. Jane: You can do that? Gabriel: Of course, I’m awesome.

Jane: Hey wow, you are awesome. Gabriel: I know right? Now you’re an adult and glitch free. Tyrone will be happy to have you. Ani-Mei only wants one household with the Beta name in Duality B so you get to start your own house and I’ll send Tyrone along with you. Jane: I don’t know what to say…thank you.

Jane: And oh so hot too…do you feel those triple bolts too or is just me? Gabriel: Yes, I am a stud I know that. But you got a man waiting for you. So get going before I get ideas and try to keep you around for that red heart want I have for you right now. Jane: Aww…

And she did. I held a night wedding for Tyrone because Dark Kiara would bleh me if I didn’t let her see her boy get married since Tybold shows no interest whatsoever in having a wedding party or even a wedding for that matter…but he’ll get those red rings od death shackled onto him whether he likes it or not…

Jane: I was looking forward to this… Tyrone: Me too. That Family thing is messing with my head… Jane: Babies next? Tyrone: Damn, now I’m rolling that…

Tyrone: Who’s the white haired freak heartfarting you? Jane: Oh that’s Voice’s avatar Gabriel…he runs this town. Tyrone: I thought the Voice was female? Jane: She is, she orders him to do stuff. If not for him I’d be stuck with that perma-glitch back at Sim State.

Gabriel: You take care of her kid. I’ll be watching. Tyrone: Why should I listen to you? Gabriel: Because I have the powers of the Voice at my fingertips. And as a fellow Mean guy you should know what happens when you piss me off. Tyrone: I see. A battle of Mean points is it?

Gabriel: Yeah, that’s why Ani-Mei sent me here, she’s too nice to deal with you jerks . Tyrone: Hehe, well then bring it on Whitey. I love a good challenge of Mean points. Gabriel: Don’t tempt me. Boys…down. Don’t make me get the hose out…

Tyrone: Let me guess…Fortune? Gabriel: Hell no, Knowledge/Romance. Only way to go. Tyrone: I see…interesting that you mirror my twin. Gabriel: Yeah. That’s why Ani-Mei sent me, to watch her horny heir boy.

Tyrone: And who are you? Keika: I’m Keika, a fan of your mother’s. We’ve never met. Pony stole that honour… Tyrone: Who? Keika: Never mind.

Keika: Well I’ll just raid their fridge for chips…that’ll show him. *gobble* Sure, that’ll really show ‘em good. Keika: I know right? I’m a genius. K then.

Keika: I even gots me a crazy eye!! Them chips is history!! O_O? I fear for the chips… Lovely face, courtesy of Keika folks.

Dark Kiara: Ah, another minion. I love my worshippers. Keika: I know right? I mean I wanted to be first to meet you…but Pony locked me in the Simself Base and ran off laughing all the way. She and Thai are out to get me…I’m sure of it. Dark Kiara: I approve of their tactics. Keika: So when I can play with Blacky? I want to ruffle her. Dark Kiara: Not every one of my minions gets the privilege of seeing my Blacky, she is a star and has a lot of demands on her time you understand.

Yep. Still stalkers. What? Oh you want to get back to Tybold? Fine…we’ll check in on Tyrone and Jane Stacks later then.

Well I said I had other plans for a green nooboo and this is it. A Dance Sphere Abduction. I have never had one believe it or not, so I’m hoping Tybold will be the first one to give me one. Tybold: Hey babe, come see my killer bod in motion? Yeah…that’s it. *rolls eyes*

Look the Zero G!! Tybold: Naw, doll it’s the Zero T. Right, my mistake. And then I missed it, he vanished. And when he returns there’s no nooboo alert so I had to check him with the Sim Blender, he was preggers!!

And this is to show that I had to pull out the Tombstone again to get Margaret to the household. I have that NPC glitch where you can’t call them on the phone, they don’t show up in the phone list…so yeah am I ever glad I found that buyable Tombstone on MTS2 a while ago. Using Boolprop in the cheat box never works for me, the computer gets all snarly and says I can’t alter game program codes unless I’m an Administrator; which I AM but it still refuses to let me use Boolprop. I blame Windows 7, it doesn’t like me.

Tybold: So babe, now that you’re unglitched, let’s do what we love as Romancers. Margaret: You read my mind. I shouldn’t say this where he can hear me, but Tybold looks damn good in the black and purple clothing. Good thing he’s distracted with woohoo.

Tybold: My purple fauxhawk is gone!! The horror!! Douglas: Hmm? What? Damn I look good in glowing green. Tybold: DAD!! Douglas: Now, now son. You can’t rush a good primping. One must always look good.

And we have a boy…with creepy purple eyes, no nose and squinchy ears again. But the eyes…if he starts making Hannibal Lector noises and calling girls Clarisse I’m swimming for England. *shivers repeatedly* Oh, and I called him Loki. :D

And then exactly twelve hours later, I’m pulled to Margaret upstairs after I tried again to get her to stop trying to flirt with Douglas…and then the pop up: There’s TWO new babies in the family… Why me? It’s a Twin-demic!!

AHH!! THOSE EYES!! Not again…anyway. She popped out twins, another creepy eyed baby boy I named Thanos and a girl that I named Nyx. Thanos is named after the Marvel villain who was hinted at in the post credit scene of Avengers 1 as being the next major baddie for the second Avengers movie. And Nyx of course is the Greek goddess of night. She flew across the moon on a chariot.

Dark Kiara: Aww, who’s going to be grandma’s evil little green minion? You is, yes you is!! A boo!! Tybold: Let’s hope so, I’d love to see those eyes continue on and the greenness…that would be awesome too.

Oh look, triple b-day!! And Doug had better hide that thought bubble…three bolts with Margaret and Kiara…tsktsk…Tybold is busy being an Icon so he’s not here to see them grow up.

GAHH!! He looks even more creepy BALD!! And he has the Stabby Death Nose, so yay? No more Mr. Big Snozz. Thanos Beta Aries 9/10/6/8/0 Holy Terror this one…we may have generation 3’s heir…

And then we have Nyx, also sporting yellow and her mother’s /grandfather’s dark blue eyes. Nyx Beta Sagittarius 3/5/9/5/4 Four nice points??!! FREAK!! It’s unheard of in the Beta clan!! NICE points…no heirship for her.

And finally, the green space baby…what will he fair as? Swallow anything you may be drinking now because… Loki Beta Virgo 10/0/7/0/10 No. Freakin’. Way. TEN NICE POINTS!! ZERO OUTGOING??!!! And super serious? This kid DOES NOT belong with the Beta name…this family will eat him alive. Especially Thanos, our Beta Gen. 3 heir.

Nyx: It’s okay green brudder, I luffs you. Loki: T-Tank oo…sissy. Thanos: I will DESTROY you both!! You are my slaves!! OBEY or PERISH!! And now for something less disturbing…

I guess we’ll see Jane and Tyrone’s kids later because at 72 slides, and my clock telling me it’s twenty to three in the morning it’s time to stop and get this uploaded. I KNOW you’ll all be waiting with bated breath for the reign of Thanos the Terror.

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