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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: animeangel1983



The rest of college for the Duality heirs...

Back for more? Of course you are. This is the last of college for the generation two Altered Fates heirs Kitian Alpha and Tybold Beta. Filled with spouse hunts, lots of term papers and class-getting-to and of course the never ending drag of college… Let’s go.

Why am I showing you Julien Cooke’s spawn? I promise it makes sense later. Bunni: You seriously like wearing that? How embarrassing… Bradley: I’m allowed, and I’m the oldest. Bunni: You’re a twin, you’re hardly the oldest… Draciniion; WOO!! Burning Chef is on again!!

Siliel: Leave him be Bunni. Bradley: Really? Thanks sis. Siliel: Oh don’t thank me yet brother, never underestimate the power of fashion.

Melaithalda: I’ll just sit back here…out of the way. There’s a good girl. *pat-pat* The triplets, (though Mel here was a singlet) look exactly like my simself with black hair…

And now to the kids, in Sophomore year for some odd reason I decided to give the Alpha twins a Greek House. This is called Annya Nagard Oresha. But ask them and they’ll tell you it’s the A.N.O. (Alpha is Number One) Yep, didn’t plan that it just looked good on the blue stucco in gold… Then I watched as all four of the Urele Oresha frat boys came by, scrutinized the house, and left, then Brittany Upsnott comes by and steals their paper…no lies people. So Kitian build a Sentry Bot called Cow Killer Mark. 2.

First Floor: Living Room, Front Hall, Kitchen, Bathroom, Greenhouse, and the garage with Kitian’s cool yellow car. The hall has two closets and the fireplace is in the living room.

Second Floor: Jewel’s room (red), Kitian’s room (blue), bathroom, and party room over the garage. Complete with the date gifted DJ booth. Kitian’s room got the balcony much to Jewel’s displeasure.

I lack pictures but this is one of the pledges Jaiden who was influenced to kiss Kitian by Jewel. She is legal for a spouse though…even Kit only has two bolts with her. Jaiden: Ooh, well built arms… Kitian: Umm thanks?

Which ended with this ^ ^ Jaiden: Kit honey!! I love you!! Kitian: Feeling’s mutual Jaiden, but got class see you. Jewel: Damnit, I thought he’d reject her…foiled again.

Jewel continued being Jewel, and seducing illegal NPC’s like Llama Boy Trent Alioto. Jewel: Mask…choking off air supply… Trent: Oh gee gum dee drops…hot…hot girl macking on me..*wheeze* Oi…

And then this lovely specimen that I made along with two equally “interesting” brothers in CAS then Townied…don’t know why now but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Jewel: Mmm… fodder… CAS’d Townie: Hot girl…

Then Junior year reroll made Jewel here a Popularity sim…but she still had Romance secondary. And now the reason why I showed Julien Cooke’s spawn at the beginning. Draciniion here became another notch in her belt. Jewel: I like him. But he’s my simself’s son…poor Drace… Jewel: He’s yours Voice? Even better…

Draciniion: Woo!! Hot spare!! My poor baby…*sniff* Jewel: Come, let’s make the Voice even more uncomfortable. Draciniion: Woo!! Innuendos!!

Draciniion: WOO!! Losing the V-Card!! She…she deflowered my baby boy!! *whimpers* Jewel: Mission accomplished. That’ll teach you to pass me over for heirship Voice.

I did get the nice Dance Kiss Twirl though…but still my baby…*sigh* Jewel: Yeah, fitting revenge. Draciniion: WOO!! Revenge!! Let’s go see what my NICER heir is up to…

Kitian: I missed you Steffi. Steffi: Me too. Kit…is that three bolts I see? Kitian: Yep, Junior Year reroll made me a Family guy. Steffi is Family too!

Steffi: Who were you talking to? Kitian: Oh that’s just Voice, she’s like our Goddess or something. Steffi: Ah, I see. Okay, well…three bolts is three bolts. Now marry her quick.

Kitian: As you wish. Good boy. Well since this same clone was Nox’s second wife in my now dead Starhealer ISBI, I know she has a LTW of being Captain Hero…looks like she’s another one that Lee has to hide from. Lee has his work cut out with avoiding TWO Captain Heroes in the family now.

And as for her…she WILL NOT get near my baby boy. I nuked her crush/love with my Drace too HEHE!! So as punishment I made her propose to her First Kiss Abjheet Turner, whose name I changed to Aaron with the Sim Blender because I can never remember how to spell that other name…he’s a ROMANCE BV Townie and has already shown he wants to be the typical unfaithful type. Also he’s another member of A.N.O. therefore playable…and spare legal. Jewel: I hate you. Yeah well, that’s what you get when you mess with this mother hen’s chicks…*hiss*

This is out of order but Kitian did get my youngest baby Melaithalda from the Well…and as much as I love Kit, she’s playable and not legal for the Alpha heir.  They both had five lovers in the Well drops, but sadly I had to nuke his love/crush on her too. Steffi is nice and they have three bolts, the only one of his lovers that he has three bolts with, even Mel here only has two. Sorry baby girl…not this one.

Then it was graduation time, and Kit here got a rather flattering outfit. The FT male Dancer outfit, and it looks pretty damn good on him so he can keep it. Kitian: *sigh* If I must… But you look so good Kit honey…

Jewel: Care to dance the Flamenco brother? Ole!! Kitian: Shut up… Jewel: Why it’s too damn funny!! AHAHA!! Kitian: Let’s see if you fare worse then we’ll see who gets the last laugh.

Jewel: Oh I will…Aaron honey, try not to cheat on me while I’m gone. Aaron: Oh sure honey, whatever you say babe. Jewel: I changed my mind, can I castrate my fiancé before I go? No. Get.

Jewel: Eww… AHAHAHA!! Who’s laughing now??AHAHA!! Jewel: You are going to let me change right? Voice? Benevolent, kind, generous, Voice? AHAHAH, oh sorry did you say something? Sim Bin limbo for you. Aaron still has two years to go.

And now off to Duality B…hey, wait… is that the Diva? Tyrone: Oh damn, not you again. Oh…  but the Diva? Diva: Oh yes, you do have the best of your father in you…*sigh* Oh Dougie… Tyrone: I’m not my father.

While Tyrone obviously still doesn’t like me, Tybold here seems to have moved on to what he does best…anything female. Tybold: Yeah baby, I am Creative in ways you can only imagine in your wildest dreams. Jan: Oh I don’t know, I can imagine a lot… Tybold; Now you’re talking… *retch* Oh sorry. I choked on that crappy line…

And as soon as the well cools off, Tybold is at it again with another ineligible spouse AL townie Sandy Fairchild, post make over. Tybold: I love the hair Sandy babe… Sandy: Teehee, thank you. That purple faux hawk is soo sexy. I want pet it. Tybold: No can do baby, no one touches the faux hawk.

Look a soccer ball!! One of the few FT things I use but since this household is full of sports, film and lit, and game nuts….they wanted it. Again this house is important later.

“High corner!!” Guessed who this is yet? She loves the soccer net…and is really good at it too.

Still no idea? Well maybe this pic will help you…

“He’s talking to me? Me? Shy, forgettable, fat Jane Stacks?” *Squeak* Tyrone: You’re far from forgettable Jane…because I can’t get you out of my mind. Must be that Junior Year reroll that made me a Family guy… Jane: Really? But…legacies never go for my type. Tyrone: I am a spare I can have a playable if I want one. And I do…you.

Jane: But…why? Tyrone: Do you have to have a reason? Jane: No… Tyrone: Good. Because I like you, a lot.

Allegra: Jane, really. He obviously likes you the way you were. Jane: Yeah, I know but what if his family doesn’t? I mean I want to make the best impression I can on them. Allegra: I see, well I have heard that the matriarch despises pink, much like me… Jane: I heard that too, so I went and bought new clothes for us all.

Allegra: Your turn in net. Jane: Bring it, I own this net, nothing gets in. Allegra: We’ll see, we’ll see. Martin do something more than standing there. Martin: Like what?

Allegra: Like get me a tall glass of WIN because that went IN!! Yeah baby!! Jane: Lucky shot…won’t happen again. Allegra: Yeah, yeah, I pwned you. Jane: You wish.

Martin: CHOKE!! Jane: I can’t hear you!! That ball is NOT getting in again.

Turns out little Plain Jane here has a very good reason for wanting to make a good impression on Dark Vampire Mistress Kiara and Atrociously Evil Warlock Dougie…Tyrone is serious about her. And the Beta boys have a Greek house too, Hoh Urele Var. I would make a good acronym for that… but H.U.V. is harder than A.N.O. And black looks cool on the glass backing with bamboo in the middle.

And my Beta heir, you know the one who needs to make the next generation…is spying on Cyd Roseland with the telescope again… Tybold: Hey baby, just seeing what that weird freak is up to. Yeah…and there wouldn’t be another reason you’re trying to build SCIENCE enthusiasm would there?

Tybold: Who moi? No…no reason at all… You want to be probed to avoid marrying don’t you? Tybold: Perish the thought… Yeah, yeah you like a rug Mr. Half-Knowledge.

Annoying Goopy Faced Cheerleader (AKA Trina Walsh): Like, wow…that was so hot. Tybold; Of course baby. I am one hot tamale. Trina Walsh, the third and probably last member of the H.U.V. Greek House…and not the gen. two spouse either.

And …you only get to that now? In Senior year? What kind of Romancer are you? Tybold: The best, though most chicks can’t handle my studliness. *cough* Sure…

Oh and then the Cow Killer Mark. 1 went amok and went after everyone EXCEPT the one who actually made it, Tyrone…first up was Trina…

Trina: Like OWWW!! EIII!! YARGH!! Like this hurts!! I just watched…quietly…and then…

It went after my heir!! TWICE!! Tybold: TYRONE!!!

And then again when he tried to escape…by now, if I had not put in my maxmotives mirror he would probably be dead… I’m sorry Tybold honey…it’s had too much fun trying to kill the cow Destri lately… Tybold: I could have been killed, and I would never get to see your beautiful face…you should let me see you just for that alone. Sorry…no can do.

So anyway, my heir did finally find a proper NPC to marry. And he didn’t fear it either. This is another Animal Control NPC named Margaret Schele post make over. I know she has the female face of the Stabby Death Nose, I’m kinda hoping it will even out the Mr. Big Snozz that Douglas inflicted on them…

Yeah, Romancers my ass. Those are twin BLUE rings I see above their heads…but also Romancer triple bolters.

Then it was graduation time for the Beta twins. Here’s hoping that they don’t have horrid transitions. Tybold: Yeah, I ruined my freedom with the red ring of death and nearly died three times…time to head home and ruin it even more with m—m—marriage and squalling brats. What? Just give me a cab back to Duality B already.

Tyrone: Awesome bro. You rock the General Buzz/Nervous Subject look, very cutting edge. Tybold: If you ever mention this to anyone, I’ll kill you. My image is ruined… Aww…the purple faux hawk doesn’t like transitions… boo.

Tyrone: Yeah, the Beta Greek House again…it’s my turn to go. Let’s hope you do better. Tyrone: Yeah…no, no one is talking to me. Just a crossed wire that’s all. Mean.  And I was being nice too…

Wow, good job Tyrone. It suits you. And just goes to show that the heir of Duality A got good clothes, and the spare didn’t. While here the heir of Duality B got BAD clothes and the spare DIDN’T. Somehow I think the game knows this is an Alternate Universe legacy…spooky.

Just a teaser for next time.  Tybold: I have seen things…that NO ONE can ever UNSEE… You asked for it.

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