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Published on March 11, 2008

Author: Raulo


Slide1:  ALQUIMIA Preparing for 2012 Monte Albán Slide2:  Our aim: a New World. Our focus: the year 2012. Our wish: to guide you to a more fun and creative way to live, where all your individual efforts contribute to a positive transformation of the world. Oaxaca City Slide3:  It is already possible to feel these changes, and we are approaching new ways of perceiving reality. 2012 This year was predicted by the ancient Mayas as a time of change and transformation. It is time to make new choices: we now have the opportunity to enter a New World. Mazunte Slide4:  Get in touch with Who You Really Are Come to Mexico and start preparing for 2012! Free yourself from what you no longer need Get ready for a new world! Palenque Slide5:  It is easy to tune in to other dimensions and access ancient knowledge and energies. Healing and spirituality are part of every day life since the times of the Toltecs and Mayas. It is a land of magic where many different realities already coexist side by side. The Alquimia programs take place in Mexico because: Yagul Slide6:  ALQUIMIA offers preparatory programs for the year 2012! Mazunte Slide7:  Open up to new ways of perceiving reality Strengthen your connection with Who You Really Are Expand your consciousness GOALS: Improve your manifestation skills Pacific Coast Slide8:  Manifesting the life and the world you want RESULTS: Making more conscious choices Living with more trust Experiencing a freer expression of yourself Mazunte Slide9:  Oaxaca City Consciously begin creating the life and the world you want The Yohoneza Program - an inner and outer journey TWO WEEKS Leave what you no longer need behind Aim: Clear individual and collective blockages in order to express more freely Who You Really Are Slide10:  1. Start at an individual level First week is spent in Mazunte on the Pacific Coast and the second in Oaxaca City The Yohoneza Program - an inner and outer journey TWO WEEKS Pacific Coast Method: 2. Move the focus towards the group 3. Complete the program on a collective level through the healing of some specific Power Places. Slide11:  Connect with sacred energies Misol-Ha FIVE DAYS The Tzak-Be Program a healing trip to the ancient Mayan Power Places Meditations and group healings During five days the trip goes to Toniná, Palenque and Misol-Ha. Tools: Energetically clean and clear the Power Places Working with healing on a collective level Aim: Slide12:  What makes our programs unique? Monte Albán Our programs have been developed by a professional team with a long experience of working with people of all ages and backgrounds. The programs are led by reliable and skilled international coaches that combine modern and Mexican ancient knowledge. The programs provide the participants with a range of concrete and practical tools, so that they can continue manifesting and preparing for a New World at home. Rebecka, Astrid and Anna Slide13:  Oaxaca State OMIECH, the Organization of Indigenous Medicinmen of Chiapas. A collective of woman curanderos (medicine women/healers) in Oaxaca. Piña Palmera, a rehabilitation center for disabled persons on the Pacific Coast. 10 % of our profit goes to different civil Mexican organizations:

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