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Published on February 27, 2014

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This article has been written for Techkriti Blog for a Cause Contest.
The topic was:
“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children.” Keeping this philosophy into account how can we make sustainable development in the world

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‘Should I Become Fussy?’-Nature Hello everyone! This is nature. I am quite amazed at my ability of staying calm and wishing you all even after facing all the torture that you people have bestowed upon me. After all the difficult times that I have seen, I am lost into deep thought at what I should do and how I should react. Whether I must lie down on the floor and cry like a little kid or should I abuse you at the top of my voice like an energetic and rowdy teenager or should I do nothing at all. I hope you are all ears to whatever I am saying. Perhaps, I cannot say anything as I have always given whatever you wanted and never asked for anything in return. That is my nature. It does not benefit me but I cannot help it. The only thing I can do is advice you all to stop the damage that you recklessly do, else you shall pay heavily for it. Consider this as a threat if you want to. This world was a better place to live in earlier. You started damaging it and are continuing the damage. Life seems to have become easy for you but in the process

you are damaging yourselves. You started using CFC’s, depleted the ozone layer and the number of skin cancer patients went up. You suffered. You started using fuels recklessly; the number of asthma cases grew speedily. You suffered. You started using water resources recklessly; the world faces a water scarcity problem. Again, you suffer. Thanks to the ever increasing use of mobile phones, sparrows have become a rare sight. Toddlers can now see sparrows only in their amazing colorful books. The new generation suffers all the more. Many newborns have health issues related to degraded environment and bad lifestyle. It is such a pitiable sight. I would like to stress on the fact that this planet is to see many more generations of animals and plants. It is their right to live a healthy and peaceful life in this planet. You do not own this planet. No one does. It is a beautiful creation for everybody to live. Initially, it was ‘live’ now it is ‘survive’. This negative shade has come into picture-credits-Homo sapiens. It is you ancestors’ legacy that you follow and your child’s land that you borrow. Sounds quite poetic, doesn’t it? Your ancestors have done nothing to me but damage and you continue to do the same. There are several measures suggested by some

sane people. For instance, they advise you to plant three trees after cutting a tree. But people seldom understand. And it is my duty, to suggest you as I am talking, and as I have done time and again, to follow what some good-hearted humans have come up with. It is called sustainable development. It aims at development in the present without affecting the needs of the future generations. You must be following this statement partially. You aim at development in the present. None of you is bothered about serving the future generations. No one even gives it a thought. Always remember, all the wellness that you enjoy, the good health that you have, is given by the future to the present. And they do expect something in return. Something that you need to change is your mindset. Consider this world and all the living organisms as your family and your journey towards achieving sustainable development becomes easier. It is extremely difficult to achieve this mindset in the ultra-professional mindset present today. But this is what needs to be done in case you want to repay the gen-next. Next, every individual present on this planet should contribute towards sustainable development at his/her own level. Just fix the constantly dripping tap and be happy. Use a public transport to travel small distances rather than using your personal vehicle. While hanging out with friends, try to engage a single locomotive which will reduce the fuel consumption. For instance, instead of using three 2wheelers for six people, a single four-wheeler could be used. People who belong to rich backgrounds can build organizations and run awareness programs. This will be of great help to those who are not well-educated. This is also a form of charity which has a wider reach. You are not only helping yourselves but other organisms too which have a lower organization. Later, these organizations can be integrated to form one big organization which shall work at national level. You will get to enjoy a fresh environment. Similar things can be done at the international level. Certain resources such as petroleum reservoirs which are native to Saudi Arabia and are non-renewable should be preserved. An alternative to petrol and diesel must be found.

All these suggestions do not befit the selfish human nature and hence policies must be made and followed strictly. Laws protect only the threatened and endangered plant and animal species whereas all species must be protected. I have put forth some essential measures. Some of these may be improvised to suit your surroundings. Instead of land areas that you usually pass on to your children as a property, try giving a healthy atmosphere. They shall always be thankful. Again, I hope you were listening. - Alok Ayachit

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