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Published on September 17, 2014

Author: smoloney


Inanimate Alice Episode 5: Paris: Inanimate Alice Episode 5: Paris By Ally Morrison 5SM PowerPoint Presentation: My name is Alice. I am 14 years old. PowerPoint Presentation: 2 months ago I moved to Paris, France with Ming and John. I am sick of moving. PowerPoint Presentation: Today Ming and John were going out. I decided to go out on my own and see the Louvre. With my best friend Jess. PowerPoint Presentation: When Ming and John finally went I got my coat, thick leggings and blue sweater on. PowerPoint Presentation: I met Jess around the corner and I had my ba-xi with me. PowerPoint Presentation: I walked in the main doors and I suddenly realized how crazy we were. We had no money and we were 2 years underage. PowerPoint Presentation: We went through the main doors and were going to lie about our age when I heard Brad, my baxi character’s voice in my head saying don’t do it, don’t walk any further. But I did. PowerPoint Presentation: We snuck through then cashier entrance and realized to late we were breaking the law. A buzzer went off and I froze. PowerPoint Presentation: My heart sank. PowerPoint Presentation: 3 seconds later a grip tightened around my wrists. Then everything went black. PowerPoint Presentation: When I woke up, nothing seemed normal. I heard Ming and John yelling at each other and saying that it was all their fault but I knew it was mine. PowerPoint Presentation: Jess called me that night but I didn’t answer. PowerPoint Presentation: She then texted me saying that she was in the deeps and her parents were saying that I was a bad influence on her. I probably was too. PowerPoint Presentation:   Ming and John forgave me and said they were sorry that I lost my one and only best friend. PowerPoint Presentation: I didn’t mind although Ayesha was coming to visit. PowerPoint Presentation: I felt a warm feeling of happiness. Everything would soon be back to normal. Credits: Credits A special thanks to: Mia for her great advice Madi for her excellent help in ICT Also thankyou to 5SM for listening

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